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Democrats are Celebrating

Updated on May 22, 2016

Rand Paul, please help us!

Today CNN reported Libertarian governors have decided to pursue a third party candidate for president.

Are you kidding me? If Rand Paul couldn’t do it, no-name governor libertarians will not be successful. The only thing they will be successful in is handing the presidency over to the Clinton Dynasty or to the Socialist. Come on, people, we cannot afford increases in spending. CRAZY. This plot smells like it must be backed by a big, nasty Clinton PAC. Nothing else makes sense!

Libertarians are fiscally conservative, Trump is the GOP (i.e. conservative) presumptive nominee. Clearly any libertarian votes will migrate from the GOP camp to the spending party. Trump is not the first choice for many, but he is better than the alternative. Additionally, at least the GOP will do their best to guide their candidate/president. This reasoning is not rocket science, so the real question is, so why are the Libertarians pro-Clinton/Sanders?

Rand Paul, please help these idiots to understand their plan equals potential disaster for our country. They are too little, too late.


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