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Democrats Don't Care About America or Americans or Legal Immigrants [F2 109]

Updated on June 18, 2019

Now that the democrats have shutdown the government over DACA

This is old news, but where are the democrats on DACA on June 14, 2018?

This is just more proof that the democrats don't really care about illegal immigrants other than as potential democrat voters.

Here are some of the left on hubpages trying to defend the Schumer Government Shut Down.

"On the flip side, what measures do you take when those in the majority ignore the concerns of your constituents? Tax bill process being the example given.
You reap what you sow."

  • B:-----
  • The republicans may be in the majority, but they don't act as a majority. Some of the republicans think they are democrats.
  • But more importantly, the TAX bill was about the Country and the people. The democrats didn't have a better tax plan, so Trump got his plan passed.
  • The current Schumer Shutdown is over DACA not something that is even in the budget. To hold up the budget on an item that is not a budget item and is not due until March 5 of this year shows how ridiculous are the democrats and Schumer.
  • ------------------------

"The GOP is running ads saying anyone who dies due to a stoppage in Govt. services is the fault of the Democrats. Sounds like something straight from Fox and Limbaugh."

  • B:--------
  • The democrats chose to shutdown the government over DACA and that doesn't help the Country and the people. It is so that these DACA children will get the right to vote, and who will they vote for. Yes, the Democrats. Because the Democrats cared more about them and their voting rights, than they did for the Americans and legal immigrants that voted for them. Now, the democrats turn their back on them, and go all in for illegal foreigners.
  • ---------------------------------------

"If how the Tax bill passage is the example of real, honest negotiation, then is it any wonder Dems felt the need to fight now?"

  • B:------
  • How lame is this excuse. The democrats have spent the last year "Resisting" Donald Trump and all they he is trying to accomplish for America and its people.
  • Why didn't they fight for their own TAX bill, probably because they didn't have one. Can you believe them using the word "honest" in conjunction with Democrats.
  • The Bottom Line is that the Democrats and some Republicans chose giving the rights of US Citizenship to Illegal Aliens and their children instead of the American People and the US.
  • I hope that those that voted democrat in 2016 will look at the Schumer Shutdown and think about what more democrats can do to hurt the country, for the benefit of foreigners.
  • ----------------------

Well to be really honest neither do the Republicans.

But maybe it is possible that president Donald Trump really cares about America, American Citizens, Legal Immigrants, and maybe even other immigrants.

The Democrats

The big question is what are the democrats doing for the people, and for America?

  • The simple and real answer is absolutely Nothing!

The problem that I see with the Democrats is that they want to give non Americans, and especially illegal aliens all the benefits of pseudo American Citizenship. They have spent more money on these illegals and the illegals that have committed felonies and were convicted and sent to prison.

All that money could have been spent on the Wall, on Infrastructure, and other things that could benefit America and its people.

An extreme example of that is the democrats in CA, they spent most of their money on giving illegal immigrants Welfare, free education, free medical and even driver licenses. While they were doing that the infrastructure in CA was not being addressed or funded. The Orville DAM spillage last February damaged a lot of people and land, and sparked over 500 lawsuits against CA, and all of them were rejected. What a surprise.

The Republicans

The Republicans are not doing much either as there are some Rinos that keep the republican control of congress negated.

Don't want to spoon feed the illegals they want these immigrants to go through the legal immigration process like those from around the world have done. It is not fair for these illegals to jump in front of the line just because they can cross an unprotected border.

While the republicans want a Wall, want to stop Chain Migration, and develop a merit based immigration process, they still could do more for the people in the country.

While both the republicans and democrats have forsaken the victims of the 2008 economic meltdown by helping the banks that caused the collapse at the exclusion of helping the victims. How much of the $1.5 Trillion from Bush and Obama administrations went to the victims?

The Border and the disorder

Democrats don't care for America, Americans or Legal Immigrants

It has always been clear that the democrats and the republican parties have a different view of how to run the country. The old adage of "The democrats are for the poor and republicans are for the rich" is still alive and active even today more than one hundred years later.

Beyond that adage it is more like the democrats are trying, very successfully to get democrat voters. After all who is not going to vote for the party with all the handouts. In this century, the democrats have gone even further, as they now pursue the illegal aliens. That is right "Illegal Aliens", and not the watered down democrat reclassification to "Undocumented Workers".

DACA and the Government Shutdown

Tomorrow night as it falls into Saturday the federal government may shutdown, over DACA. The democrats want everything in DACA but they only want to give president Trump a pittance of what he wants for the country.

The democrats have not done anything beneficial for the country or its people in this almost completed first year of president Donald Trump. They have boasted of their resistance to president Trump, and many have declared him not their president.

The problem with the shutdown is that it adversely affects the United States Military. How does shutting down the US military make any sense. It is dangerous in these times of Terrorism both domestic and foreign.

They are doing this for the illegal aliens that they have encouraged by not protecting our borders to come into the country. DACA is about their children, not our children being used as a political advantage in shutting down the federal government to protect these children.

While president Trump has stated that he and the republicans want the DACA deal, it has to come with Border Security from the Wall, and reforms in the immigration policy to stop chain migration. You know that is what happens one person illegally gets into the country across an open border for example, and then brings in the rest of the family.

As for the government shutdown, it doesn't really affect the civilian government workers, because even though they didn't go to work, they get retroactive pay when the government shutdown is finally over.

This is one thing that has to change. If you are not coming into work then you don't get paid, and the time off doesn't count for your retirement. Maybe then these government workers might has some empathy for the country.

Reasons for the WALL

The democrats don't think that we need a border because the border crossings have dropped since Trump became president. Illegal immigration is only one of several reasons why we need the wall. A WALL and not merely a fence as the democrats want to go cheap on our National Security.

  1. The top of the list for the Wall is to try and keep out an easy way for the Terrorists to get in and out of the country.
  2. The Drug Cartel ships over $20 billion dollars of illegal drugs across the border and into the states every year. This is a problem within a problem. The real issue here is that we have people in this country that not only use these drugs but who want these drugs. The drug use by these people leads to crimes, and suicides. The Drug Cartel kills US Border Agents if they are caught bringing them into the country. The Drug Cartel also have gangs in the US to protect their illegal drugs. The gun control people in the US don't want to factor in that suicides account for half the gun deaths in the US. Stopping the people from having guns in the US will not stop the suicides, as there are other devices that can be used for it. These connected problems with Drugs coming across our unprotected borders cost the US taxpayer billions of dollars every year. While putting up a Border Wall is a one time cost. And cutting down drug use can also reduce our costs for these problems.
  3. Criminals that are embedded in the flow of illegal immigrants also cause not only pecuniary costs, but also in the loss of life. This is also true as with the Drug Cartel illegal activities. While some of these are associated with the Drug Cartel business other are just independent criminals. Like the one recent, Illegal Alien who had been committing crimes and deported several times killed two officers. At his trial, he smiled and said he would have liked to have killed more of them.
  4. Human Trafficking
  5. Gun Running. If the democrats are successful in taking away Legal gun ownership, this is where the illegal gun ownership will come from.

But the democrats don't think these are a problem. They are more interested in giving pseudo American Citizenship or at least the rights of citizenship to illegals. They don't care about the National Security, or protecting the Americans and legal immigrants in the US.

Sanctuary Cities and States in the United States

It is one thing to be humane about unwilling pawns like the DACA children, but how do the democrats in this country justify protecting known Felons that have already been tried and Convicted.

We already have immigration laws, and president Obama refused to enforce them. He used his Executive Order powers to change the laws in favor of illegals, and unvetted immigrants.

We have had the democrats and their democrat biased judges of the 9th Circuit to also prevent president Trump to use his executive orders to protect the countries from terrorists getting in to the country bypassing the vetting process.

Can anyone justify why Illegal Aliens that have committed Felonies in the US be protected by these democrat Cities and now State of California.

On top of that, they also give them Welfare, free education, free medical and driver licenses. The democrats keep talking about the cost of the Wall which is a one time cost but what about all the recurring costs from these illegals.

The US prisons and jails are filled with these illegals. There are over 2 million people incarcerated in the country and a substantial number of them are illegals. We have gangs from south of Mexico like MS 13 that have killings as their right of passage.

The cost of keeping these illegal and criminal aliens can be saved and used to pay for the wall. The same is true by stopping the illegal drugs and contraband of the Drug Cartel.

We can save lives of the US Border Patrol and Law Enforcement. The wall can be the cheapest cost compared to what an open border has and will continue to cost the country in both dollars and lives.

Improve the Immigration Laws

It is time that the immigration laws be changed so that we don't keep getting the worst through the current lottery system, but to a merit system where the immigrants can help the country rather than be another mouth to feed.

Canada and Australia have a merit based immigration policy, so why shouldn't the US?

Are the democrats afraid that a merit based immigration system might be in immigrants who wouldn't vote Democrat?


The Democrats have shown themselves to be the enemy within the country. From resisting the president who is trying to protect the people and the country. To their ignoring the people that voted in our elections expecting them to keep them safe and make the country prosperous.

Politics used by the democrats have been weaponized and it is making the country not safe, and it is doing more for the illegals than it is for the American Citizens, and Legal Immigrants in the country.

Sanctuary Cities and States exist because democrats would rather have convicted felons on our streets, than law abiding people of all kinds.

There is no justification for Sanctuary of Convicted Felons!


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      23 months ago


      Sorry, I got lost in your comment, and didn't know what was your point. You didn't mention my question on sanctuary cities.

      And did Donald Trump illegally cross the border to get into the US?

      To All

      This was a forum question

      "What do YOU think will happen to America if the new Democrats take over America? The Democratic Party is FAR MORE RADICAL than the Democratic Party of prior generations? Do you PORTEND that these new Democrats will further bankrupt America with their more fantastical social programs that they intend to implement?'


      My answer would be that it would be the same as California is today. Not a real good example to emulate.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I could careless what they decide. The problem was created by wealthy people with the power to determine immigration policy. It was not created by everyday people. I hear countless times a day by average people who base this entire debate on discrimination. Discrimination will not fix the problem because public opinion has never mattered and discrimination is not policy. I am not calling you a racist but have no doubt that some elected officials are with out quetion racist. My point is if both houses and the President control the vote then they should get what they can, while they still have the power to do so. The fact that they can not is because they are divided on their own agendas on the issue. From what I can tell you and I will change nothing because our opinions have never mattered. Your HUB makes claims that the Democrats do not care and you cite plenty of debate on other issues. If the Republicans in power can not even write a bill or practice Democracy do they care? Is the plan to kick out all immigrants? The last time I checked the Trumps were from Germany and he claims he was Swedish. His wife became a citizen after he married her and he employs countless people from other nations and brings them to America. My comments are not personal attacks on you, just the facts. How else do you beat Russian bots and fake news?

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago



      I will have to say that your approach to commenting rides on the side of personal attack, and it doesn't make any of your arguments compelling.


      To deal with immigration you have to know how the problem started and walk it back to a solution. It started when corporations claimed people were not avaliable to do the work, or the desire to keep wages low, your choice. Its a claim they still make and will make if they sent everyone home tomarrow.


      I will have to say that you missed the point. In the last fifty year we have accumulated more than 10 million illegals in California alone. So we have a base of cheap labor with those illegals and legal immigrants in the US. President Trump has put a deal on the table that more than doubles the 800,000 DACA illegals. And that should be taken by the democrats to fund the wall, replace the lottery, with merit based immigrants. And limit immigration to immediate family, curbing the chain migration.

      We don't have to accept immigrants that are not even wanted in their own country. We also need a commitment from those immigrants that do come in that they want to be American Citizens and not just a surrogate country that would be like their country.


      The part that bothers me is you have to correct 30 years of immigration policy and have a fair result realistic result.


      I just outline the solution


      What I do not understand is how being a racist solves the problem. I doubt that this problem has political lines.


      I will let this "Racist" attack go this one time. But, I won't let you do it again. This has nothing to do with RACE but it does have everything to do with politics. The democrats want new people that will vote democrat. The old legal immigrants and those that have been in the country a decade or more start to vote republican. To ensure that especially in CA that the democrats don't lose their majority, they want and need new democrat voters.


      If your state is big agriculture I bet you want labor to stay cheap and someone to do the work.


      What you are missing here is that a lot of the agriculture in CA has been modernize to where the same number of workers needed decades ago aren't needed now. In addition, a lot of produce comes from Mexico, and other countries around the world.


      Then their are those who our just racist, why else does the Republicans who control both houses and the Presidency fail to make a bill they can agree on?


      There you go again calling names, Racist. In fact, you are the Racist to make these factless, and baseless inflammatory accusations. Everyone that disagrees with you or the democrats are not racist, they don't care about race, they care that Illegals are coming into the country, draining our resources, and getting free medical, free education, welfare and even driver licenses.

      All these freebies add up to billions, and so much for your cheap labor.

      It also costs the US money to incarcerate the criminals that come across our open borders. The prisons have tens of thousands of these illegal felons, and our jails and prisons are fulled with over 2 million criminals. We don't need to have more come. And we certainly don't need to have convicted felons, who have proved they don't deserve to be in the country, and the country is not better for having them here. And that is why it doesn't make sense to have Sanctuary States or Cities.

      As far as the Republicans, the United States has ONE Congress, and it takes TWO political parties to work together for the benefit of the country and its people. The Democrats haven't done anything for the country in the last 9 years.


      No more personal attacks or inflammatory accusations.

      Non negotiable.


    • profile image


      2 years ago

      To deal with immigration you have to know how the problem started and walk it back to a solution. It started when corporations claimed people were not avaliable to do the work, or the desire to keep wages low, your choice. Its a claim they still make and will make if they sent everyone home tomarrow. The part that bothers me is you have to correct 30 years of immigration policy and have a fair result realistic result. What I do not understand is how being a racist solves the problem. I doubt that this problem has political lines. If your state is big agriculture I bet you want labor to stay cheap and someone to do the work. Then their are those who our just racist, why else does the Republicans who control both houses and the Presidency fail to make a bill they can agree on?

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago


      Thanks for jumping in here. The bottom line is that the democrats put illegals, and not foreigners ahead of Americans.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Have to jump in here Brad.....I see in the comments to your article that some a jumping on the tired old line "more people are here illegally because they overstay their visas than are here because they cross our borders illegally". I say So Freakin' What? People that are here on visa overstays have at least been vetted, and they came here initially LEGALLY. Those that come in under the radar are illegal from the get go - they've NEVER been vetted. And as you point out, all kinds of undesirables come in with illegals that violate our borders. This kind of disingenuous argument is helping to keep our borders open, and the result will be the loss of a city or two when some things go BOOM.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago


      So true, that is why I am not a loyal party voter for either party. The problem lies in that both parties are diametrically opposed in their goal of how to run the country. This is why they are always in gridlock.

      To me the Democrats and what they stand for are more Deplorable than those from the Republicans. The Democrats are patently more interested in giving rights to illegal aliens that in helping America and American Citizens as well as legal immigrants.

      California democrats are the worst, instead of taking care of the state and its citizens they squander their enormous TAX Revenues on Illegal Aliens. They even made the entire state a Sanctuary for known and convicted illegal alien felons.

      What sane government would want to not only keep but protect Convicted Felons that came into the US Illegally? The democrats keep saying they doubt the mental health of president Trump, but why have they ignored the mental health of CA governor Jerry Brown.

      Instead of spending the Tax Revenue on repairing and rebuilding or at least making them safe, he spends it giving freebies to Illegal Aliens. These Illegals have even been seen in the middle of Los Angeles burning American Flags while flying the Mexican Flag.

      The democrats have held the government positions for at least three decades, and they have bankrupted the state. Businesses are fleeing everyday while they are being replaced by illegal aliens.

      Look who CA sends to the US Congress to represent us. Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, and Kamala Harris.


      I stocked enough Jelly Donuts and Coffee at the Inn to get us through even the longest government shutdown.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago


      You jest of course. Demoganda

      Illegal immigration is only one small part of why we need the WALL. The Drug Cartel brings in over $20 billion dollars worth of illegal drugs. And the bigger issue is that the people in this country eat it up like candy. Half of the gun deaths in the US are suicides. The question is how much of these illegal drugs are responsible for these and other methods of suicides.

      The other thing that can cross porous borders are Terrorists. Canada at least patrols the border, the only border that Mexico protects is their southern border. They only allow gangs like MS13 to get into Mexico but for only 30 days. That is the time that they allow for these criminals to get into the US.

      Gun running and human trafficking are another of the criminal activities from the Drug Cartel.

      As for Cuba, the Wall is not effective there and that is why we have the Coast Guard.

      I guess I misjudged your common sense and intelligence. It won't happen again.

      BTW, good job by your democrat buddies to shut down the government over DACA. Picking Foreigners over the American people and legal immigrants is that really why you are a democrat?

      The DACA deal has 60 more days, but the budget needed to be dealt with now. Even Bill Clinton when he was president said that it wasn't right for the illegal aliens to manipulate our country, and he not only spoke of protecting our S Border he actually implemented it.

    • ptosis profile image


      2 years ago from Arizona

      Actually Brad, if they come by water (Cuba) they are accepted, except Haitians - they go to a deferment camp. Only those entering by land are denied - unless they come from Canada. Canadian Immigrants Lead World In Illegal U.S. Visa Overstays ...Now that we have relations with Cuba, I guess Cubans are now no longer accepted by water?

    • breakfastpop profile image


      2 years ago

      The bottom line is that the Dems and some of the Reps care only about themselves. Once they get elected, it's all about them and to hell with those they are supposed represent.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago


      I like the fact that Trump tweets, and it is necessary because of the bias from the media.

      As for the budget this isn't the first time that the republicans and democrats have shutdown the government.

      And DACA doesn't need to be involved at this time. DACA versus America and its citizens and legal immigrants, shouldn't the latter be given preference?

      The republicans are just as much fault as the democrats in not pulling in the same direction. What does CHIP have to do with the Wall, Chain migration and merit based immigration.

      The republicans and the democrats agreed back when Clinton was president and then again in 2006 when they built 700 miles of the wall.

    • ptosis profile image


      2 years ago from Arizona

      The real problem is Trump's tweets, and it not just on the budget. This is a chronic problem.

      #1 The Don tweets regarding FISA during Congress voting.

      #2 Republicans already HAD an attached a six-year extension of CHIP to their current government funding bill to win over Democrats. Then Trump's tweet appears to contradict GOP leadership's strategy. Does Trump want a shutdown? (Great ratings!)


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