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Democrats vs Republicans vs You

Updated on March 20, 2017

The President vs The Media

Let me start off by saying that I don't think any deserves death over job although also do believe that incompetent actions should result in a reprimand fitting for a president. Now as surprising as it that Trump has been exercising his executive order let us not forget that it's only good for as long as he is president. That being said lets also put into light media's role in whats been going on. It seems as though that all media whether conservative or liberal is spending all of there time insulting the opposite party. Discrediting your opponent is a great tactic to win an argument but when both side use the same tactic it becomes a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils when there both at the same level of said evil. While the liberal news media does everything in there power to destroy Trumps reputation they neglect disaster and catastrophes over a petty feud with Trump. So who is the winner? There is none we're all losing because we would rather argue about skin color and race instead of trying to find solution. I know a few people who say that Donald Trump is the reason why the division of american are increasing but he's not doing it alone the news media is just as much to blame as Trump and should be vilified all the same.

Now we as people need to be aware that politicians are merely gangs without the violence and should be cautious of there brainwashing and deceit or be swept into the shenanigans of those who only seek to control us rather then help us.


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