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The 99% must unite to stop the GOP.

Updated on April 27, 2016
The 99% must unite to stop the GOP.

The 99% must unite to stop the GOP.

Hillary Clinton has helped the 99% for generations and voters realize this. Who doesn’t love Bernie Sanders? I’d vote for him over Hillary Clinton, but I want the Democrats to win so that 99% can have their lives improve. Democrats are going to need Bernie Sanders’ voters to win the Senate and House. Let’s get together and vote for Hillary Clinton and fight the GOP.

The Koch brothers can’t stomach these GOP candidates. People who are enamored with Bernie Sanders must vote for Hillary Clinton, otherwise some GOP candidate, either Trump, or an unknown appointee of the GOP establishment at a brokered GOP convention, most likely Paul Ryan, will make you rue the day you didn’t vote for a serviceable Democrat, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has helped the 99% for generations and voters realize this.

The article “Hillary holds own with the 99%. Blue-collar vote shows Hillary not Wall Street candidate.” states “The blue-collar primary vote so far belies the idea that Clinton is Wall Street's candidate….But that could be the opposite of the truth. According to exit polling, a majority of working-class voters in battleground states prefer Clinton. Sanders' call for revolution, moreover, appears most appealing to those with the power and resources to withstand radical change — those with college degrees and good jobs.

These are people who don't need revolution to get on in life. To working-class Americans, however, a revolution might be a luxury they can't afford.

Funny, that, that the people who LEAST need a revolution, those with steady jobs, those who have not much to lose either way are the most vocal about “revolution”, the most likely to embrace Bernie’s ideas.”

The charismatically challenged Hillary Clinton appeals to those who need help as the article states “Hillary does exceptionally well with voters who make less than $30,000 across the board. Those are the most vulnerable, those with the most to lose. They have no appetite to experiment with someone like Bernie, they want the steady hand, the person they know has fought for them for decades. Bernie has not been able to get them on his side, and that is in turn why he struggles so much with minority voters (both African-American as well as Hispanics/Latinos), as they are most likely to be among the poor, the unemployed, the underpaid.

This poignant article then goes on to explain that Hillary has a broad coalition, especially with those who make up the 99%, encompassing voters of various economic and racial backgrounds, while Bernie’s coalition is much more narrow.”

Other GOP candidates’ and Trump’s failings.

The articles “Trump is a danger to us all.”, “Trump, Cruz and Rubio would decimate the U.S”. and “Trump and his unsafe USA” delineate how horrible Trump and the other GOP candidates would be for the 99%.

The Koch brothers can’t stomach these GOP candidates.

The article “Koch brothers will skip Republican National Convention as one of the GOP mega-donors blasts BOTH Trump and Cruz” states “Charles and David Koch have put hundreds of millions of dollars into Republican politics. But they're not fans of Ted Cruz or Donald Trump so they're steering their funding network away from the GOP convention.”

An unknown appointee of the GOP establishment at a brokered GOP convention, most likely Paul Ryan, would hurt 99%.

Paul Ryan has already stated that he wouldn’t allow himself to be named the 2016 GOP Presidential nominee if at a brokered GOP convention they select him. Ryan also said he would not want to be Speaker of the House, but he is. Ryan is the most likely guy they’d nominate if they can ditch Trump. Suppose they nominate Paul Ryan? How would his policies impact 99%?

The APRIL 1, 2014 article “Ryan’s Budget Would Cut $5 Trillion in Spending Over a Decade” regarding Representative Paul D. Ryan’s 2014 Republican states “Mr. Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman and a possible White House contender in 2016, laid out a budget plan that cuts $5 trillion in spending over the next decade. He said it would bring federal spending and taxes into balance by 2024, through steep cuts to Medicaid and food stamps, and the total repeal of the Affordable Care Act just as millions are reaping the benefits of the law.

Defense spending would increase. Domestic programs would be reduced to the lowest levels since modern government accounting. And Medicare would be converted into a “premium support” system, where people 65 and older could buy private insurance with federal subsidies instead of government-paid health care.”

Ryan would destroy the 99%. If not Ryan, any other person the GOP would nominate would devastate the 99%.

The 99% and Democrats must unite to stop the GOP.

We know what the GOP would do to our 99%. Ryan’s 2014 budget is an example of their thinking. We need all the support we can get. The 99% is going to be helped by the Democrats. All of you Bernie Sanders fans are smart, compassionate and energetic people. Do the right thing for the 99% by supporting Democrats.


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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Bob, I admire your passion, but you're wrong on Hillary Clinton and on the GOP

      1. The Kochs have not donated to any Presidential candidate this cycle. Also, if the Koch brothers have so much influence, why have we lost the last 2 Presidential elections and the Senate is now in doubt? Their "power" is a myth. Even Charles Koch has admitted that they don't get much return for their Superpac investment. The Kochs are libertarian, not social conservatives and do a lot of good with their $$.

      2. Hillary Clinton will do absolutely nothing for the average American. I'm not sure exactly why her supporters think things will change. Mystified on that point.

      3. Paul Ryan is a good guy. That budget proposal is a starting point in an election year. He has bucked his own party on a number of issues and even the Tea Party on occasion (anther group who has very little influence).

      4. Defense Spending: We've been in sequestration and the military is burdened by the belt tightening. A lot of that is my own party's fault for forcing that through. But don't fight an increase. They are having big procurement problems with parts for high end fighters and other complex systems. Not to mention pay and veterans' issues.

      5. Hillary has the support of union leaders, not necessarily the rank and file.


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