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Black Coral, My Memoir Short Stories~ "Denmark, Why Am I White Too?"

Updated on August 20, 2018

My haplogroup mDNA L3D~Danish West African

Black Coral, The Memoir

Black Coral: A Daughter's Apology To Her Asian Island Mother by C.D. Holmes Miller
Black Coral: A Daughter's Apology To Her Asian Island Mother by C.D. Holmes Miller | Source

My Sewer SOWAH Ga Family

The head of the Family, Nii Adjei NKPA Sowah IV and Nii Larry Sowah. Larry has just completed his sacred introduction through the Libation process to the Ancestors who graced them through the ordeals of the Passage and other hardships.
The head of the Family, Nii Adjei NKPA Sowah IV and Nii Larry Sowah. Larry has just completed his sacred introduction through the Libation process to the Ancestors who graced them through the ordeals of the Passage and other hardships.

Cousin Larry Sewer Explains Further

@ Larry Sewer FB

It is called Sowah Helping Sewer. The Ancestors still watch over us. Waldemir Westergaard in his book Danish West Indies under Company Rule, Stated, "If they knew how great they were, We would never control them". That is why the spelling of many names were changed. They forgot that we were the masters of Phonics. the word which come from our people the Pheonicians or Ethiopeans.

Look closely at the number of letters in Sewer and Sowah, in Sin Jan the Sound remained. While teaching in the School system, My students from Dominica and the Dominican Republic called me as too the Ghanaian sound and the Sin Jan sound Sowah, which is both the Spelling and the relative sound in Ghana. Ther ancient saying says: "And a child will lead them."


Black Coral, The Memoir

Black Coral: A Daughter's Apology To Her Asian Island Mother by C.D. Holmes-Miller
Black Coral: A Daughter's Apology To Her Asian Island Mother by C.D. Holmes-Miller | Source

Denmark, Why Am I White Too?

C.D. Holmes-Miller

Knowing specifically my Danish West Indian Slave descendant heritage has offered me a peace unspeakable. Recently, thanks to Facebook's social new media technology and a little perseverance, I found my U.S. Virgin Island, maternal cousin Larry Sewer. After a few clicks and a squaring of family names we knew we were cousins and not far down and around the mango tree.

We quickly reviewed our DWI slave history, the facts of the 1733 St. John slave insurrection at Coral Bay, our St. John Family tree and oral traditions as well as my haplo mDNA L3D West African results (mDNA is maternal DNA passed to the females maternally). Connecting all the dots confirmed our tribal heritage directly to the shores of the Gold Coast, Ghana.

Larry having traveled to Ghana is the first SEWER family member to have returned to Ghana specifically to the SOWAH Ghanian family and the Ga tribal family. They received him with open arms. I always have known of my Danish West African great grandmother, Frederica Dogherty, Coral Bay, St. John's 19th Century fisherman, carpenter, Martin Sewer, Sr.'s great granddaughter. I knew she had passed to me my one drop of African blood. Such incredible healing to know specifically my Danish West African surname, tribal origins, even to the port of exportation to the island of St. John. My maternal mDNA did not travel to me on a Carnival Cruise.

I look NOTHING LIKE my great grandmother, Bada! She offers to me my one drop of America's 1930 U.S. Census enumerating guideline which has classified me a black woman since I was born and until Census 2000. In the land of my mother's culture, I am a "clear, whitey woman;" looking Anglo but not European. In the land of my mother's race, I am MESTIZA, mixed Filipina. In my father's hometown, Washington, D.C. we were black folks-light skinned Negroes.

I chuckled at a recent visit to the my New England downtown mall. A kiosk vendor caught my family's attention as we were strolling along and window shopping. She approached my husband first. A young Israeli descent woman was selling beauty products from the Dead Sea. She offered us samples of body scrubs, soaps and lotions, etc. As she completed our trial sampling she looked up at us both. "Where are you guys from?" she spoke in an Israeli accent. She was from a different world and culture. She thought my husband to look Arab-like and she couldn't figure where I might have been from.

"I am writing a book, so do this for my research please. You can choose a few places, where do you think I am from?" I gave her permission to try to guess my race. I even suggested she try to put a few countries together. "Hmn, I don't know maybe Mexico, Central America; I can't tell. Spanish somewhere, I think." She was seeing the Spanish imperialist origins of my Filipina racial descent. She didn't see Bada's one drop in me at all; we called my great grandmother Bada. I told her I was Mestiza, mixed Filipina but the visit was too short for me to furhter explain my dominant culture is African American and further culturally Danish West Indian before the era of Carnival Cruises!

She resonated with my answer and that "What are you frown???" :(( -- never appeared once on her face! Well sah or Praise the Lord, or however you want to say AMEN for me, I have been delivered from racial misidentification! All to say, it has taken a lifetime to discover the truth. I do have a mystery question left to discover about my racial background!

Only having a few fractals of pictures passed to me which survived hurricane Hugo in the Caribbean, a type written family tree from my mother, lots of prayer, research, the Internet and Danish translation online sites, I have solved my racial mystery. I have been able to do what the Danes couldn't and wouldn't do for me--explain and tell me who I am racially. My family really became mixed rooted in this shared Danish DWI history of slavery. Guess what, I didn't even know I needed to know the truth; the truth sought me out! I had been comfortably drowning in America's one drop ruling of racial identification for its multiracial citizens since I was born. "We are just black folks," Poppa tried to convince us of even his own mixed race heritage dogma.

I have recently learned of Shelley Moorhead's activism in orchestrating a reparation movement and addressing the Danish Government regarding the human rights violations due to the DWI slave trade. Moorhead contends the history of the slave trade is common legacy between Denmark and the Danish West Indies, now known by Carnival Cruise Lines as the U.S. Virgin Islands-the land of my maternal family. Shelly Moorhead is the president of ACCRA, Inc. ~African-Caribbean Reparations & Resettlement Alliance (ACRRA). The historical legacy must be rehearsed by both the oppressor and the oppressee. Moorhead's Reparation Movement and activism is a three point agenda toward, reconcilliation, restoration and healing. I submitt even to the healing of racial misidentification and family legacy, the lack there of.

Well, Mr. Moorhead, I have a human rights violation issue that may surprise you and many others. I didn't know my family in it's entirety and I didn't know my true racial identity. There are no words to explain not knowing your family, family origins, your racial identity and the DWI cover up of secrecy about intimacy has been an emotional nightmare! Therefore, I have a regard for Denmark and for ACCRA to consider racial misidentification and ignorance of family heritage because of it's DWI slave trade as a human rights violation and social disease.

Therefore, I do have a question for the Danes, "Denmark, Why Am I White Too?" Who was Charles Collins and why was he in the islands definitely in the 1850s giving Amelia Heyliger of St. Eustacia white children? Denmark, how did Charles' son Edward meet Bada and to give her so many half cast Collins children? Where are his footprints as a mariner and trader in the 19th century Danish West Indies. Denmark, there are DWI island descent families and children who want to know who they are. Being racial disenfranchised is an illness, a disease which silently kills the soul; it is a human rights violation just as those that are more apparent.

So, we want to know why there is Caribbean island havoc on the beachs these days; the travel industry will be effected greatly if there is not a calming of the island waters. Disturbing the waters of the Caribbean travel industry will cause an economic Tsunami. Everywhere around the globe, life is the same. The core of human issues comes down to a simple question "Who are we? and What are we here for?" When we discover our truths, we are healed, have peace and can get on with the precious gift of life.

Well, I am almost healed completely! Denmark has the answer somewhere in the mystery of archival records and stories of spy espionage, trading, slavery, piracy, convenient "lost at sea" relationships of European colonizers and a foreign language of documents I cannot read.

As I am looking for my great, great Irish grandfather, Charles Collins found in the DWI and not on the Royal Caribbean cruise liner , I have one question for Denmark.

"Denmark, Why Am I White Too?"

Oh, I almost forgot!

"America, Woodrow Wilson's Decision Made Me Filipina, TOO!

C.D. Holmes-Miller, Sabino's own aka "Bishop"

"Black Coral!"

C.D. Holmes-Miller Family Collection
Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved.
Reposting With Permission Please!

Danish Magazine @ DWI Transitional Sale To US 1917

In the Danish national media April 1, 1917, the day after the Danish West Indies & more than 100k African inhabitants were sold to the US for $25,000,000 in gold. "St. Thomas, St. Jan, and St. Croix" scribbled in the the "skirts" says Moorhead
In the Danish national media April 1, 1917, the day after the Danish West Indies & more than 100k African inhabitants were sold to the US for $25,000,000 in gold. "St. Thomas, St. Jan, and St. Croix" scribbled in the the "skirts" says Moorhead

No Way Could Momma Be A Black Woman!

Momma was an island woman, YES! "Ma'an, I t'aint black, me 'chil!" Well, Momma, "What are you?" She could NEVER ANSWER! Maybe DENMARK CAN!
Momma was an island woman, YES! "Ma'an, I t'aint black, me 'chil!" Well, Momma, "What are you?" She could NEVER ANSWER! Maybe DENMARK CAN!

I Told The Truth, Census 2010

I'm celebrating the races of my mother and the culture of my maternal family, TOO!     I marked my 2010 Census, white, black and Filipino; Poor Momma came to U.S. as a white woman and was marked "BLACK" on her death certificate!
I'm celebrating the races of my mother and the culture of my maternal family, TOO! I marked my 2010 Census, white, black and Filipino; Poor Momma came to U.S. as a white woman and was marked "BLACK" on her death certificate!

Denmark Sold My Family To The U.S. Too! " America, Woodrow Wilson's Decision Made Me Filipina, TOO!

When I saw this Danish magazine cover from @ Shelley Moorhead FB Photo Albums, I never thought that the people were sold too! I just thought the land was sold...I never considered the people being sold also--or my family, as well!

Can you imagine, my "whitey, clear woman" grandmother was 17 years old and sold along with everyone else to the U.S. They were offered U.S. citizenship in 1927; my mother was born as a Danish woman. She left the islands as a white woman and died in America a black woman!

Not me meshon, I marked my 2010 Census, white, black and Filipino; When it's my time, I am going to GLORY the way my mother never could...mixed race Asian of African descent!

Never thought about it that way! I was, "Passin' Black, Until Now!"

Can't wait to share what Woodrow Wilson has to do with my Asian descent in the Danish West Indies, but he does!


#2~ Reparation: To Tell The TRUTH! Even Racial Truths!

Momma A Black Woman? Oh, PLEASE!?! Denmark, Who Made Me White, TOO? Why Am I White, TOO? An American War Decision Made Me Asian TOO!

Does Momma look like a black woman to you? America said she was! You can't imagine what happened to me as I was, "Black Coral"
Does Momma look like a black woman to you? America said she was! You can't imagine what happened to me as I was, "Black Coral" | Source

Danish Newspaper POLITIKEN Reports:

Slavedescent: Denmark should see its past in the eyes.
Article in Danish newspaper Politiken sat. 17.7.10

"Exploitation. The Slave descendant Shelly Moorhead, here in Amalie Garden, feels pride when he sees Amalie Castle. A long number of the mansions in Copenhagen was build thanks to the huge amount of money, danish cooperations was earning from his forfathers.

A dark man with dreadlocks pressing his lips together agains a big white conchshell.

With the full power of his lungs, the 37 year old slavedescendant Shelley Moorhead, blows a tune, wich can be heard several 100 meters from the Assistens Graveyard, where he is standing in front of Peter von Scholtens grave, saturday morning 3. og july.

Within a few minutes a puzzled and curious group of Danes gather around him. None of them knows the melody or understand why the dark man subsequently lay some flowers and pours rhum onto the grave.

The 3. of july, 162 years ago, is the day when Peter von Scholten repealed the 175 year long slaveperiod on the ealier dansih Vestindian Islands, where the slaves was forbidden to assemble and had to communicate with conchshells.

That is the reason why, Shelley Moorhead, who is præsident for the humanrights organisation African-Caribbean-Reperations and Resettlement Alliance (ACRRA), has travelled 7.500 km to stand in front of the earlier govoners grave on Nørrebro.

To mark the day, when Peter von Scholten said the seminal words:

”Now you are free, you are hereby released”

Shame Of Denmark

”It is a big shame, that Denmark does not celebrate the day for the repeal of the slavery” is Shelleys oppinion, who is not further surprised over being the only one, who celebrate this day.

”The danes doesn't know their own past. The slavery and times of colonisation is hardly existing in the schoolbooks or in the danish history books” says Shelley Moorhead.

30 of june he moved to Copenhagen to spread the stories and knowledge about the 175 years, where Denmark sailed 100.000 africans from Ghana to slavework in the sugarplantations i Danish Westindia.

A story the danes doesn't know

The ritual in the Assistens Graveyard is the first of a number of activities, which will shed light on this part of danish history, which fill to little in the danish consciousness.

By education, culture exchange, festivals, meetings with danish organisations and establishing a danish ngo, he wishes to build a cooperative work with the danes about the recognision, wich ACRRA is claiming.

”The building here behind us, represents a good example on the history wich the danes doesn't know” says Shelley Moorhead, who 2 weeks after the ritual in the Assistents Graveyard, is sitting in the shaddow of an umbrella in front of The Admiral Hotel, wich earlier was a Packing house own by Pingel, Meyer and Prætorius. One amongst many companies, was trading with slaves for decades.

”They are responsoble for 17.000 slaves deaths, but theres no memorial to this story.” Says Shelly Moorhead.

Should recognize the contribution

Theres also no memorial by Amalienborg or Marienborg or the numerous danish mansions, wich slaveworkers in the sugarplantation was helping to finance,
”I feel pride, when I pass Amalienborg, wich was build with my peoples contribution. And now it is about time, that Denmark also recognize my forefathers contributions.

Most rasict state in the world

In 1917 Denmark sold the WestIndian Island to USA for the amount of 25 million dollars.

”Without asking the slaves descendants, if they wanted to be danish or americans, or if they wanted to travel back to Africa” says Shelley Morrhead.

The sale is according to ACRRA's president on of the worst assoult against his people, wich Denmark also should feel a moral responsobility towards. Denmark did not just leave behind them the ealier slaves with massive social problems, they also made them stateless.

”My forefathers where sold to the most rasict state in the world at that time.”

Created social diseasses

During the first 20 years after St. Thomas, St Croix and St. John was sold to USA, the black population achieved the same rights as the white. And the population still fights with massive social problems, Shelley Moorhead is telling.

The pride, wich Shelley Moorhead feels by the sight of the splended mansions, stand in clear contrast to the feeling he gets when he looks at the Virgin Islands today. The consequenses of the assoults done to his forefathers, is reflected everywhere on the Virgin Islands, he thinks.

One out of 3 women under 30 has been victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence is widespread and a pervasive problem. 3 out of 5 marriages ends with divorce.

”The social diseasses on the Virgin Islands is a direct result of the damages done to my people during the time of slavery.

The problems sticks. The slaves had no rights to marry each other and did not decide for them self who they wanted to bear children from.

The slaveowners moved the slaves from plantation to plantation, and many children never came to know their own parents.

”The famely structure was completely ruined, and its reflected everywhere in our society today” Shelley Moorhead is telling.

Ready for recognision His countrymen has a need to be meet with respect. And he thinks the danish people are now ready to show them.

”The danes are an understanding and tolerant people, who are open to dialog” Says Shelley Moorhead.

Hundreds of danes has approached shelley Moorhead, after he last weekend put word on his wish about recognision and dialog with Denmark in an interview done in DR 2's program Deadline. Politicians, scientest, university professors, students and artists has written to him and the organisation ACRRA and deckeared their support to the recognision.
Danish engagement

Two weeks ago 3 percent of the viewers on ACRRA's webpage where danes . After Shelley Moorheads arrival to Denmark the number has increased to 20 percent, he tells.

Shelley Moorhead hopes that more danish organisations will engage in the work with the recognition, wich ACRRA is firghting for.

At the moment he is in dialog witth he Institution for human rights, whom ACRRA has ben working with earlier.

Shelley Morrhead, president of ACRRA movement."

© 2010 C D Holmes Miller


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    • profile image

      Evangelist Black 

      6 years ago

      All of this takes a radial woman of courage, of divine power who stands on her truth against all odds... Let the truth be told! Amazing research! All I can say is wow and I love it!

    • profile image

      Dr Chenzira 

      7 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your story. Permission is requested to share this link within the VI Caribbean Cultural Center Facebook page. Please reply to or at

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Interesting Story.

      Even more for me since I recently did learn that one of my old ancestors made his money as one of the more important danish slave traders in the late 18th century.

      I will make this chapter part of my written family history now to pass this over to all following generations.

    • profile image

      Marina J Destouche 

      9 years ago

      I read your story and it is as if I am looking into a mirror. I feel as if you are writing about me. I know that this is God's way and He will give you clarity and peace.

    • profile image

      Milt Davis Jr. 

      9 years ago

      Awesome. Yours is a tale I've suspected for many-a-Virgin Islander. Can't wait for the book.

    • JeanieR profile image


      9 years ago from Sequoia National Forest, CA

      Bishop, I am gob-struck!

      You were born for a time such as this.

      Same grace go with you that accompanied Esther!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      @ Audrey Audi Sewer writes: I just read your passage and all I can say is wow. I can't wait to read the rest of your story once the book comes out. May God continue to bless you.

      @Audrey Audi Sewer writes: This story was a beautiful read and very informative. i can't wait to read the book. i have to thank both you and cousin Larry for sharing you research on the family with the rest of us. May God continue to bless you.

      From Our Facebook Page

    • profile image

      Nii Larry Sowah 

      9 years ago


      you have said it all. There is a God who guides our Ancestors, our fore fathers, ourselves, and our children Soul.


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