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Denver International Airport Conspiracy: The "Symbols"

Updated on July 15, 2012

Denver International Airport Conspiracy

I will now attempt to wrap up this series of purported “clues” to the end of the world and the formation of the “New World Order”, headquartered beneath Denver International Airport. This installment of the series will be rather fragmented due to the fact that I will be looking at several small aspects of the airport that conspiracy theorists claim indicate the theory presented in the first line of this hub.

The "Pale Horse of the Apocalypse"
The "Pale Horse of the Apocalypse" | Source

Pale Horse of the Apocalypse?

The first symbol that I would like to address is the apocalyptic horse statue that greets travelers as they make their way to or from the airport along Pena Boulevard, the multilane highway constructed specifically for the airport. This horse has been referred to as “the pale horse of the Apocalypse”, the death horse as it were. It is a fact that the sculptor, Luis Jimenez, was killed during construction of the piece when a portion of it fell on him and severed an artery in his leg. Is it possible, and try to stay with me on this one, that the horse represents the fact that when many people think of Denver they immediately think of…the Denver Broncos. I don’t know, maybe it’s me that grasping at straws.

The "warning of Australian Antigen" or a mine car full of gold and silver?
The "warning of Australian Antigen" or a mine car full of gold and silver? | Source

Warning of Australian Antigen or mine car full of gold and silver?

One symbol that probably should have been discussed in the installment concerning the murals painted throughout the main terminal is the “warning” etched into the floor of the terminal near the murals of Leo Tanguma. Etched in the floor near the murals is a mine car that contains the warning “AuAg” which is believed to be the abbreviation for the deadly bio toxin Australian Antigen, the weapon the Illuminati intend to use to rid the world of their enemies.

Really? Now I have only lived in Colorado for 4 years of my lifetime, but none of the knowledge that I had acquired while there was necessary to determine the true meaning in this “warning”. As a student of history I am well acquainted with the history that gold and silver have played in the founding and establishment of the city of Denver and the state of Colorado as a whole. Anyone who has spent more than two minutes looking at a Periodic Table of Elements would notice that the symbol for gold is Au while the symbol for silver is Ag. In retrospect doesn’t a mine car full of the symbols for gold and silver provide a valid depiction of the state’s history of gold and silver mining? I believe it does.

Navajo conscription in the floor at DIA
Navajo conscription in the floor at DIA | Source

Another focus for these theories id the “strange” and “obscure” “messages” etched into the floor throughout the main terminal of the airport. One of these phrases is “DZIT DIT GAII”, which when translated from the Navajo language means “the mountain that is white”. The theorists believe that this in reference to Mt. Blanc or White Mountain in France where the Knights Templar signed their charter, a clear indication that the Freemason are hell bent on world domination.

Again, these people are taking symbols from the history of Colorado, not out of line to find this stuff in a Colorado airport, and extrapolating and distorting it to suit their intentions. The Navajo Indians have a long history in Colorado, the Navajo language is not out of place here, the reference to the “white mountains” is a reference to the sacred nature in which the Navajos hold the Rocky Mountains; it doesn’t help the theorists cause that the main terminal of the airport is built with white peaks to replicate the “white mountains”.

The Masonic capstone a time capsule within the airport.  The capsule contains the Masonic symbol as well as the words "New World Airport Commission".
The Masonic capstone a time capsule within the airport. The capsule contains the Masonic symbol as well as the words "New World Airport Commission". | Source

The “smoking gun” here is the a granite capstone concealing a time capsule is emblazoned with the symbol of the Freemasons, that is also emblazoned with the words “the New World Airport Commission”; oh my. The theorists insist that since this commission never existed that this is a clear coded reference to the New World Order, with a relationship with the Masons because it is clear; can’t you see?

Well believe it or not there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this “message” too, and it has nothing to do with global genocide or world domination. The construction of a new international airport is quite a big deal for any city, and the fact that a local Masonic lodge would construct a capstone for a time capsule of their construction is perfectly reasonable; there are similar stones in the White House and the U.S. Capital building.

Now a look at that ever frightening “New World Airport Commission” that the theorists claim never existed; well unfortunately for them it did. The commission consisted of several local and statewide business and civic leaders that planned and presented several events around the opening of the new airport, hence the “New World Airport Commission”.

The so-called "keypad" for entry to the bowels of the secret base below DIA.
The so-called "keypad" for entry to the bowels of the secret base below DIA. | Source

This capstone provides further fuel for the conspiracy theory fire because of an ornate brass plaque near the capstone that theorists believe, and I am in no way making this up, is a keypad which may provide admittance to the underground base of the New World Order’s HQ. It appears that the only purpose that this plaque represents is a braille translation of the message on the capstone, terribly mundane I know but I can’t help myself.


This will conclude my investigation into the theory that the Denver International Airport is somehow the headquarters of the Illuminati for their quest of world domination and a New World Order. Personally I believe that the theories are quite silly, but I invite you to make your own informed decision by visiting any of the sites that I have listed as sources for these hubs.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank god there is another sane person on this planet!

    • rlbert00 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      destinyysummerss...I dealt with all those other "clues" in other articles I wrote. One deals specifically with the murals and the other deals specifically with the airport itself, it seems you must have missed them.

    • destinyysummerss profile image


      7 years ago

      Of course the Illuminati are gonna make things seem "natural". But don't you just think its ironic though? Also, how can you explain the art work in the DIA? Also, the glowing red eyes of the "Bronco" so you say. Its very peculiar. AND, what about the space underneath the airport?? How come you did not include that information in your research?

    • rlbert00 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      I did plenty of research SAm maybe you should remove your head from your anus, not everyone is out to get you, as a matter of fact very few people probably care for you. You can disagree with my assertions all you want but before you ridicule me look in the mirror sir and see yourself for the fool you are.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I put up a BS flag to all your debunking,do more research.


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