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Department for Work & pensions

Updated on April 18, 2014

A Comedy of Errors!

fooling about in Morecambe, not on tax payers money! -though i think the statue is!  (Eric Morecambe, much loved British comedian with day trippers)
fooling about in Morecambe, not on tax payers money! -though i think the statue is! (Eric Morecambe, much loved British comedian with day trippers)

Department Costs

Could The DWP be run better to save money?

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Department for Weird Pillocks!

DWP DSS DHSS call it what you want, it wastes tax payers money left right and centre. Here's one example I've just experienced as UK resident born and bred.

DWP should be cut to save money.

One worker is probably the equivalent of three persons on benefit.

Why are there three or four departments for one person?

Income Support for me is either halifax or leeds. Some months ago i gave hx. my savings details. Reluctantly because my christian beliefs state that no-one should ask for anything back from a gift. But this lot act as if they still own the money given to me, and me with it. This is an arrogant attitude among those whom only have work due to others misfortune, and what is more they are milking it!

People are often looked upon with scorn just for needing money to pay bills. I'm not just talking about alcoholic but certain attitudes of staff members, then if the claimant reacts angrily to their attitude no-one will serve them.

To make things worse, there are two departments in HX. This will be twice the rent!

Answerphones would be helpful if the indicated whether the lunch hour was 12-1pm or 1-2pm rather than just keeping claimants on hold. It all ads up to stress and shoddy service that perpetuates the stress.

My latest problem with them, and there have been many. From underpayments to their taking too much. As the only information means open to claimants appears to be citezens advice which is voluntary, and you can sit waiting for hours. No good when your ill, including social phobias, and in my case recently incontenance, and they've had to stop appointments!

I have dialysis three times a week, the social worker told me "they are unlikely to talk to me"! How do they justify their money??? She doesn't even visit the unit now!

I had several letters recently, this time from Leeds, demanding the same as HX. The confusion about income and savings arose in the first place from the careless way their form/s are written! Had I not pointed this out, the threat stressing my mind was prision, I've never purposefully done anything wrong in my life, and yet that didn't seem to concern that lot.

I had Hobson's choice to co-operate despite my beliefs. At first I tried to point out that I had recently sent them thieir precious information delving into my private affairs. It is no concern to them that there would not be an issue if it were not that my blood pressure is high and I cannot have the operations I want! Private lazer eye surgery a long standing dream of mine, I could've been a great goalkeeper had it not been for glasses, etc. That would solve the issue, surely some provision could be made for unspent on health grounds!

My money was stopped. On the day the letter arrived, a Saturday which gave me absolutely no chance to deal with it as everything was shut! Surely courtesy and manners, if they had any!, would dictate to allow at least a months notice.

They sent three of the same letter, not bothering to put their details on two of them. It was auto mail so they don't seem to care about the postage and packing costs, nor the environmental costs -particularly as the council haven't got round to recycling in my area yet and as a non-mobile individual I have been told they only let cars in. It is too much for me to bother with this considering everything else.

Having got the information together, and sending it at last, as there's clearly no talking to them! No-one invited a discussion, Leeds would be too far anyway. I sent it in post. Only to find within a week that the housing and council tax department have been told by income support that thyey'd stopped my money. They would have saved me alot of time effort and stress had they given that department the reason why my benefit was suspended, and point out as they do know that I am still entitled to DLA thankfully or I would've quit treatment/jumped off a bridge by now. Still my physio is threatened! This is serious as it adds stress by reducing my hope of ever living a nearer normal life, if it goes on I will be more ill and have to claim more money!

I phoned housing/council department told them what was going on. The nice person said she'd listed it, and reinstated it. They day after two more forms came in separate envelopes -from the same building!!!- saying the same is suspended awaiting further info. Now either I will have to fill in the form/s or perhaps two more SEPARATE envelopes will arrive saying it has beenreinstated. One senario shows lack of communication, the other pointlessness.

In the meantime I have contacted income "support" and have yet to be told why when it has been reinstated I have not yet been paid because it has been put on a backlog! This tends to mean I am being discriminated against, perhaps in a rush I wrote back in red ink or something, I did manage to stay polite and therefore declare myself a Saint if not a martyr!



They still need two of the up to date statements, despite my sending everything I could find! And also stating that nthing had changed with the amounts. They would not accept printouts from online. Though this sounds like the way forward, More letters have to be sent out, I am told I am getting a giro, when it normally goes to my bank. And another letter to tell me what is missing, with a time limit. Followed by yet another letter that will tell me whether I missed the deadline and get my benefit cut again, or to tell me how much I get, how much is deducted. I might even get two more letters for this one task!

What's worse they seem to think they justify their huge wages this way. I bet I get their demands again in another few short months and will have to jump through the same hoops! I hope the government sacks the lot of them and starts again!!!


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    • days leaper profile image

      days leaper 7 years ago from england

      The end result was another letter with Giro, as they'd missed the automatic and cheaper bank payment! Another letter saying they still required two things that barely fit in pre-paid envelope (I thank them for this!). And if that isn't enough two more letters in separate envelopes saying that 1. housing, and 2. council tax benefits are reinstated -the last two are sent from the same building, while there are two separate buildings for the other benefit. ...In the end I contacted The Prime Minister. We in need get stigmatised while there are people creating unnecessary jobs and making money from those genuinely in need -that is to say I can't have important treatments that nhs don't do without it. That is another scoop they have physio's but it is all hands off so you don't get all the treatment you need, yet they're on the same, if not more money!

      All I can do is say "pfff!" to the lot of 'em!

    • days leaper profile image

      days leaper 7 years ago from england

      msorenson. Thank You. Believe it or not, I used to have much trouble expressing myself. So much so that I am beaming at your recognition, and can now consider this blog a success!

      Oh! And it is nice to hear from you, again. I hope you are well. ...And not dependent/reliant on those prats!! And I hope you don't work for them (oops!)?

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      Thank you. This hub is more informational than you thought, because it states your feelings...Much appreciated.