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Deportation-when does it become a deflection for some other means

Updated on November 18, 2017

Departments of Home Land Security vs. Tom Fun

James Dubreze disputing in favour of Mr. Tom Fun

Tom Fun: Armed Robbery:

It could be said that if a person has lived in the U.S since they were five years old up until they are 35 - they should not be sent back to a country where they know nothing about. We can even conclude that the child did not enter the U.S as a badly behaved child, and that it is the new environment that has made this child into a criminal.


Well, for the above case, the counter argument proposed that the community by which the child is brought up under is not responsible for the child upbringing. And that it is the child parent responsibility to make sure that this child knows the differences that exist between what is right or wrong. And we can also go to the extent to say that if the environment was the problem then why is it that other immigrants who have immigrated in this country have no criminal records?


Ok, very well, if it’s true that it is sorely the parent responsibility to make sure that the child knows the difference between what is right and wrong , then what the prosecutor is proposing is that it doesn’t take a village to raise a child. My question to the prosecutor: your honor - what is the role of a society?


Well, I don’t see how this question can be relevant if it wasn’t society who committed the crime. Your honor it is not society who is on trial here, it is Mr. Tom Fun. It has become clear to us that society or the environment, whichever one you may choose is not to be blamed. If society was responsible for Mr. Fun incrimination than how would we have explained those other Vietnamese children who succeeded without having been arrested once.


Excuse me your honor, the prosecutor got is all wrong here. When we send our children to school your honor, do we expect them to be approached by gang members? Your honor as parents, our limit is outside the household; once we dropped our children to school they become the responsibility of the staffs that runs the school or the institution. In this particular case, it just so happen to be that it’s Mr. Tom Fun who got approached by the gangs, but it could have happened to any other children in that facility.


Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Well I guess we should just place surveillance cameras in all the class rooms and hallways to prevent gang formation in every high school of the United States.


I don’t see what so funny about that. As a matter fact that’s exactly what should have been done to reduce gang formation in all the high school of New York City. Had your suggestion been enacted 17 years ago, it’s possible that Mr. Tom Fun would not have joined any gang because the suggestion you proposed would have prevented it.


Your honor! Mr. Tom Fun has paid his debt to society. He is now a change man, not just any man but one who has received a bachelor’s degree as a convict and now works with the fortune society as a mentor helping ex convict making they ways into society. Mr. Fun is also in the process of pursuing a master’s degree in urban policy at Brooklyn College which he intends to work with once he is graduated.


Mr. Tom Fun has been submitted a final deportation order, the only reason why he hasn’t been deported your honor has more to do with his paper work. His paper work has not yet been finalized in his country of origin. He's only recourse now is a pardon from Governor Paterson.


If Mr. Tom Fun who has taken a big step into the future by educating himself to a level superior than most criminals that our laws have ever incarcerated is not worthy enough for a pardon, then we are not functioning under a system that promote progress or Democracy. We hope that Mr. Tom Fun documents finds its way on Gov. Paterson desk as one of the premier candidates who is rightfully deserves of a pardon.

A changed man is a legal man, if the laws oblige, he will follow, and so far he has proven himself to be conducting his behaviors in the right path of the law to the point of pursuing a graduate degree, if this is not change Gov. Paterson than we don’t know how change look like.


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    • electricsky profile image


      7 years ago from North Georgia

      Thanks for your hub. Yes I agree life is "very unfair" starting when you are born - healthy, rich, sick or poor and where you are born - in a castle in the richest nation on earth or on a park bench in a third world country if they can afford a park bench, Do the parents love the child or are they a slew victim (this is the worst case scenario but you get my meaning - it even makes the illegal immigrant feel better about their circumstances) and yes I agree school institutions make or break a person; if they like you; you usually do well in life. If they don't then - well one might end up senseless and impoverished earning a life as a criminal; who knows.But then again what if you don't go to school.??

      Like I said, "life is very very unfair" even though George Washington said, "all men are created equal" - and well you get the ramifications of what I am thinking. We are not necessarily equal. We have things in common, but there are vast differences to think about too.


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