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Derren Brown

Updated on December 12, 2013

Derren Brown - Mentalist & Entertainer Extraordinaire!

Mentalist and magician Derren Brown hosts the series Mind Control, which airs on BBC and America's Sci-Fi Channel.

Brown is a skeptic of paranormal activity. He uses suggestion and psychological science to anticipate and command human behavior to make himself appear to have paranormal powers.

Three Things You May Not Have Known About Derren Brown

  • Derren is also an artist who has many different artworks including caricatures of famous people.
  • Derren was once a devout Christian but has since changed his opinion and now considers himself an atheist.
  • In the Independent on Sunday's annual Pink List - the Top 100 powerful and influential and openly gay - Derren was a new entry at No. 20 in 2008.

Derren Brown

Derren Brown
Derren Brown

A Quick Look at Derren Brown

Brief Derren Brown Biography.

Derren Victor Brown is an English magician, psychological illusionist, mentalist, painter and self-professed doubter concerning paranormal phenomena. He was born on February 27th, 1971 in Croydon, South London, and studied the practice of law and the German language at the University of Bristol.While there, he went to a show by the hypnotist Martin Taylor, which enlivened him to address illusion and hypnosis as a career.

While an undergrad, he embarked on working as a magician, exercising the conventional skills of close-up magic. In 1996, he embarked on performing stage hypnosis appearances at the University of Bristol under his then stage name of Darren V. Brown.

Brown has also afforded public presentations relating to mind-reading. Before long, he was commissioned to do a pilot for his Channel 4 television series, Mind Control.

It's nice to bother the psychics by saying

it's not psychic!

What Derren Brown Has to Say

Derren Brown Quotes

"I'm not remotely superstitious about performing. And I don't get anxious. My natural response to anything emotionally demanding is to detach."

"I think scepticism is a perfectly natural reaction to a lot of what I do, especially if it's seen on the television. But when you think about it, I can't be using actors or editing tricks. Because if I did, I'd have any number of people who could sell their stories to the newspapers and tell everyone that my tricks are all rubbish."

"Part of the unspoken philosophy behind the show is shaking up any kind of true believers. It's nice to bother the psychics by saying it's not psychic, and nice to bother the scientists who can't quite explain it either."

"Laugh at me at school, would they? Soon they will all pay. The fools! I'll teach them, I'll teach them to mock me. No, I'll teach them not to mock me. Yes."

"I want what I do to have some sort of edge to it, some drama. I certainly don't cause controversy for its own sake, but I'm also aware when I'm doing certain things, that I might upset some people. I think it's fine that that happens, it's a sign that I'm doing something right. Having said that, I hope that all the controversial things I've done also have an intelligence behind them, that's important."

Derren Brown Demonstrates NLP - Derren Brown uses NLP to influence someones selection of a gift.

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Derren Brown's Infamous Russian Roulette Broadcast - Since been deemed a hoax.

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      How does he doing things like this?! :) He is amazing.