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Discriminated Smokers

Updated on February 11, 2018

Getting Rid Of Smokers

Discriminated Smokers is a term that I never thought i'd ever use. In today's society however, smoking is becoming banned almost everywhere. Of course it is better not to smoke cigarettes but, life long smokers cannot just up and quit even though I know of people who just quit cold turkey. For most it is a tougher battle. It's an addiction and should be treated as such. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but what I experienced today was definitely a first in my life.

Locked Out Of Work For Smoking

Interesting enough, most smokers now have to smoke in designated smoking areas in and around the work place. Times have changed and now many areas and businesses are banned and prohibited for smoking. This is acceptable in my mind even though im a smoker however in my work situation i have a general manager who is against smoking and is vivid in expressing his opinions whether you like it or not. Bully? He hates that the smokers would rather go outside during scheduled brakes than stay inside close to their work areas. Usually at break times there will be one buzzer to let you know that break started. There will be a warning buzzer at the end of the scheduled break to let you know that the break is ending and then the final buzzer a couple of minutes to let you know that break is over. At this time you should be near your work station ready for work. In reality, most people will hear the first buzzer and this tells the smokers to but out and head back in. In most cases a smoker will finish the cigarette and return to work before the second buzzer. The GM being against smokers decided to take matters in into his own hands and decided that he is going to lock people out of the building at the scheduled break time if their not inside before the first buzzer and actually made an attempt to lock me out but I always return to my work area in plenty of time.

Now I'm Jobless

Now i'm jobless because when I brought my concerns to the company owner the General Manager barged into the private open door meeting and started screaming saying nothing can be done started cussing and became quite hostile when he was confronted with this situation. I'm pretty sure he cannot discriminate against me or anyone because they smoke cigarettes. Seems pretty hard to understand when an employee works very hard for a company and abides by their rules to be treated in this manner. That meeting got me more yelled at, and I was sent home. Now I'm unemployed because I was threatened to be locked out for physicality having a smoke. It seems to me that this is an illegal act and I'm convinced that a company owner or any part of the management team that is in an authority position cannot lock anyone out of the building because he or she goes outside to the designated smoking area during a scheduled break to have a cigarette because the General Manager hates smokers. As I stated I asked the owner in a private informal open door meeting what the problem was and if it was a problem with just me. As a result for asking these questions, my job was terminated instantly. Here I Am


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    • Phil Dapple profile image

      Phil Dapple 6 years ago from Ontario,Canada

      Thanks feenix. I have been reading up on the laws in my area and did come across the information that will help in the case of what seems to be an illegal dismissal. Perhaps I will investigate this further. Cheers!

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 6 years ago

      Hello, Phil Dapple,

      First, I am a longtime smoker so I am on your side.

      Second, I have no doubt that the action that your former employer carried out violates some kind of an anti-discrimination regulation.

      Perhaps you should file a complaint with the governmental bureau responsible for labor relations.

      Personally, though, I would not want to go back to work for that company.

      Good luck and I wish you the best.