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As Americans Celebrate America, Dems Sink Lower, Invoking The 25th Amendment (Questioning Our President's Mental State)

Updated on April 21, 2018
abwilliams profile image

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

Desperate Dems - Now they are invoking 25th Amendment...

Long before Donald Trump became President Donald Trump, there was a non-stop active movement that went far beyond just stopping him; many wanted him, his family and his name, destroyed.

Nothing has changed, that is still the case today.

With the help of the mainstream media, old stories were dug out of the mothballs and then drug out, to see the light of day once more.

With all of the dust and mothballs...please pardon me while I cough!

Cough, Cough, Achoo, Sniff Sniff

Trump's personal appearance was continually mocked, (we'll always remember, Trump doing his own unique brand of mocking his competitors) I'll not defend his actions at times, but I am not speaking of the competition, that's over and done.

I am speaking of the Democratic Party, the Media and their tactical maneuvering which has been set at high alert, ever since Trump announced his candidacy.

Next Up, new tactic; find some women, (any would suffice) and have them recall certain 'Trump encounters'.

Doggonit...that didn't work either!

With the first threat of proposed lawsuits, these women were quickly running away from the spotlight, with their 'recollections' and dreams of stardom and celebrity in tow, straight to the hills they ran.

{For the record}, I'd never dismiss legitimate claims of sexual abuse.

It made me sick when Bill Clinton's accusers were dismissed time and time again.

They did not run away, they did not head for the hills, disappearing overnight.

They fought for their good names, they still fight today!

A new generation may be hearing their names for the very first time as well as hearing what a former President of the United States of America, did to them, all due to the claims coming out of Hollywood.

Moving on and up next.. the accusations of Trump colluding with Russia, in order to take over the world!

Okay, so I have taken some liberties and I have slightly exaggerated....

They only colluded to take over the White House and D.C.!

No proof, No evidence of any collusion whatsoever, but so what?

The objective; End Trump, is all that any of this is about.

With New Revelations...these 'smoking guns', have been dropped by the Dems and by the MSM.

Yesiree, dropped like a hot potato!

We can have some fun with this, In honor of our Independence Day, forget the old-fashioned, tried-and-true, been there-done that predictable, 'hot potato' idiom.

Instead and in the Spirit of the 4th of July, let us just say...

these 'gotchas' have been:

  • dropped like a defective, short-fused firecracker
  • dismissed like Roseanne Barr's rendition of the National Anthem
  • tossed quicker then a spoiled hotdog
  • launched further into space, than a 500-gram cake firework

So now what?

Call him seriously!

Invoke the 25th Amendment, question the man's mental him crazy!

Seek an avenue, any will do, to have him permanently removed from the office of the Presidency.

Yes...giggles and high fives all around.....the Dems have a plan, a plan to destroy.

As if this is something new for them.

As if this is a first. (If only they had the capacity to get giddy about doing things beneficial to America and for the American People!)

Memories are flooding back of the greatest President in modern day history, in my humble opinion, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

He too had his mental capabilities questioned by desperate Democrats!

They were doing so long before his commission expired and long before this good man rode off into the sunset, entering nto his twilight years.

The most conservative candidate for President, leading up to Ronald Reagan, (Ronald Reagan's mentor), Senator Barry Goldwater, had his mental capabilities questioned as well.

There can be no denying that the Democratic Party has nothing in their arsenal, but.....pathetic and predictable strategies and playbooks and patterns.

They've shown that they have no problem with crossing any lines!

While we have desperate Dems insulting, strategizing and ganging up on the current President...the former President, Barack Obama, is (well, where else...but off in a foreign land unloading his true feelings about America)

Our former President apparently doesn't want us partying and celebrating too much.

Come Independence Day, what I and millions of others have always known and experienced as Patriotism, our former President describes as exclusionary nationalism.

This guy is a Real Blast, is he not?

He and this mindset, have a problem with displaying any pride in our Country.

Every other Country in the world has citizens that love and take pride in their Country.

Why not here?

Why is it so frowned upon, here in America?

Why should It be any different here?

It is said that Millenials experience little, if any, Patriotism.

That, along with the Democratic Follies, are about the saddest things that I've read about today.

Why is this the case and how did it happen?

- Anything to do with Progressivism, which has infiltrated schools and colleges?

- Anything to do with a former apologist President? He is still out...apologizing. Seemingly not capable of preventing himself from doing so.

Honoring America

I'll be at an Independence Day parade tomorrow morning.

My grandchildren will be at an Independence Day parade tomorrow morning, holding precious little American flags, in their precious little hands.

They'll experience a day like none other; starting with a parade honoring America, followed up with lots of good food all day long, ending up with majestic displays lighting up the night Sky.

If they don't have a flag or a rib or a cupcake in their hands, it will only be because something Sparkly is taking up that space!

Freedom is not Free

While we are out enjoying all the festivities and the fireworks, our Military, Police Officers and countless others will be out doing what they do best, putting themselves in harm's way, protecting our sacred freedoms!

Often times, we've become complacent, forgetting that Freedom doesn't just come...


Freedom is a blessing, which must be guarded.

God watch over the Guardians and keep them safe!

God continue to Bless the United States of America...

This land that I so love!

© 2017 A B Williams


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    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 4 months ago from Central Florida

      The Dems and the mainstream media are in cahoots to put the President in the most unflattering light possible and keep him there.

      By constantly questioning Trump's mental capabilities, they seek to make themselves relevant.

      Their continual tag-teaming escapades are as obvious as the worst choreography ever seen in the wrestling world!

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 10 months ago from Central Florida

      Out for a ride with the Grandbabies today, my 3 year old Granddaughter started counting American flags, when she couldn't count any higher, she started saying, "and there's another one!"

      There are definitely more in my neck of the woods than in the past few years!

      Love it, love seeing them all Wave!

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 10 months ago from Central Florida

      Thanks for commenting Susan.

      I initially had my doubts about a President Trump, but as was the case with President Obama, I kept an open mind.

      With Obama, although he had already told us the type of President he wanted to be and (turned out to be), I thought, maybe he'll get into the Office and it will change him.

      Lord knows that didn't happen!

      With Trump, the Office seems to have strengthened his Resolve. So far, so good.

      No doubt, he loves this Country. No doubt he has a spine of steel and no doubt he'll always put America's best interest First!

      It will be very interesting to see how his meeting goes with Putin today!

    • susieq52 profile image

      Susan Sullenberger 10 months ago from Lakeland

      I have to agree with you. The democrats and liberals alike are trying to destroy our President's image as one who loves the United States of America. I know more than one who are joining in on these crazy protests. One day, when they're older, much older, when they have children and grandchildren, they'll have a change of heart. At least I hope so.

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 10 months ago from Central Florida

      We just watched an awesome parade with Veterans and Cub Scouts and Bands, (some organized, some not so decked out Horses, smiling, waving children, Vintage cars and a million flags. Love it!

      Enjoy the Party Paula, I sure am!❤

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 10 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      a.b. Yes, I'm with you! Patriotism is alive and well in my family and throughout our part of the country. The celebrations, fanfare & fireworks began over the week-end and of course into tonight when the Grand Fireworks display will light up the skies.

      Luckily I'm able to enjoy it all from my back deck, with friends and family. The kids will be roasting hot dogs and melting smores over an open campfire, as we wish our GREAT Nation another Happy Birthday. We are blessed and we are proud. P

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 10 months ago from Central Florida

      Happy Birthday America!

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 10 months ago from Central Florida

      Wrench, you and Obama are two peas in a pod, always hating on America.

      Because you are in the greatest Country that God gave man, you have every Right to stay home, not join in on the Celebrations, close your eyes and ears to the fireworks and just continue to wallow in misery and self-pity.

    • gregas profile image

      Greg Schweizer 10 months ago from Corona, California.

      Ronnie, nobody expects you to celebrate, especially with your crappy attitude. I am of German decent too. There is no way I would even acknowledge the Nazis or Hitler. Nazis were NOT German, they were exactly that, NAZIS. No way I would celebrate them. But, I will celebrate INDEPENDANCE DAY 100% along with every other REAL AMERICAN.

    • wrenchBiscuit profile image

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 10 months ago

      No, it has to do with the fact that people are slowly becoming more educated and aware. No one expects my German relatives to honor Nazi celebrations. But because many Americans do not respect the humanity of the African and my Indigenous ancestors, they expect us to forget the horrors of slavery and colonialism. They also expect us to ignore the continuing racist oppression and to join in with the celebration. But educated people of color, and white people with a sense of morality will celebrate only when the evil that came to these shores in 1492 is less than a memory.

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 10 months ago from Central Florida

      Don't apologize...he just keeps on keeping on doesn't he?

      I'll never let him dampen my Spirits, never have before and I'll not start now.

      Happy Independence Day Greg!

    • gregas profile image

      Greg Schweizer 10 months ago from Corona, California.

      Sorry, but Obama is an SOB. Sorry AB, I had to say that. I will understand if you delete.


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