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Desperate for Unity

Updated on February 16, 2016

People often say the new generations are ignorant and oblivious. On behalf of the newest generation I have to admit that maybe we are ignorant and oblivious, but maybe every generation is and was. If you look at generations before us, there was much more chaos and hatred, much more violence and mercilessness. Slavery, the Holocaust, even the way the founders of America barged in here stealing the natives land and we do not really think much of it. People are still looking at what is wrong with the world now without realizing how gruesome the past was or noticing how much we have progressed. The world used to be survival of the fittest; there have been many people who have done nasty things for power or freedom, but the more we unite and put our knowledge together, the better we can live. It does not have to be a dog eat dog world any longer. We can survive together, and I say we not as a nation but as a world. We are just still too oblivious to see that we only further our problems and destroy vital resources by fighting. Looking back at our history, you would think we would have learned by now.

I believe history is one of the most important subjects, but I also believe that they are teaching it all wrong. When we think of history class, we think of some bland voiced dude lecturing a classroom about what George Washington did when he was a teenager but history should actually be taught as preparation for the future. If we are educated the proper way, maybe we will not let bad history repeat itself and we can let good history be built. Us as humans are becoming more aware of things but we are not realizing it quick enough. It was only a little less than 100 years ago when there were entire nations being manipulated by one mastermind to create a superior race when not even he met the credentials of his so called “Aryan race.” Not long before that, there were literally people who purchased other people as property against their will right here in America, the land of the FREE. There will hopefully never be another Holocaust or any form of slavery as bad as there was, but to a certain extent, we still see these in the world today. Thankfully, this world is beginning to fight these issues simply because weas humans are beginning to realize that we are allhumans. Though we are becoming smart enough to realize genocide and buying people against their will is a terrible idea, we still to this day treat each other horribly and bury our heads in the sand too often.

Our countries are still at war and we do not even know what we are fighting about anymore. We just spend ridiculous amounts of money on artillery,and then blame each other to be the reason why we are broke. If we live in harmony without violence we no longer have to fight over crumbs. Together we have enough resources to last all of us until this earth crumbles. Using all of our money and resources to fight war is completely contradicting the reasons why we go to war in the first place. The way our countries fight almost reminds me of a cafeteria full of kids having a food fight, and then watching everyone get pissed at each other because they are still hungry after launching burgers across the room. We have not yet realized that we still let our natural instincts get the best of us and fight for dinner that we can easily eat together.

Maybe one day my children, your children, or their children, or even our grandchildren’s children will have a history textbook that has an entire unit on when the world found peace, but if you notice, the only time our species unites is when the proverbial crap hits the fan for all of us. Why do we need something tragic to happen in order for us to not worry about what we do and do not like about each other? We never care about each other until we are in a life or death situation. Why can’t we just accept each other and make the world a better place now? When America was attacked on September 11th nobody worried about anybody’s flaws. Everyone moral prayed for each other all around the world. When Paris was attacked not long ago, every moral person around the world prayed for Paris. Now let’s look at the world as a whole:Is something horrible going to have to happen to all of us before we stop fighting like children? Let’s be moral without tragedy.

Spiders prey on insects. Lions prey on deer. Humans prey on humans.

Why though?


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