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Despite Brexit UK still a European country.

Updated on June 25, 2016
Boris Johnson:  One of the main faces of Campaign Leave and possible next Prime Minister.
Boris Johnson: One of the main faces of Campaign Leave and possible next Prime Minister. | Source
Normans. | Source
Vikings. | Source
Saxons. | Source
Romans. | Source
Celts. | Source
English flag.
English flag. | Source
Welsh flag.
Welsh flag. | Source
Scottish flag.
Scottish flag. | Source
Northern Irish flag.
Northern Irish flag. | Source
UK in its present form.
UK in its present form. | Source

Despite the fact that the UK voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union the UK is still a European nation and will always be. Historically, Culturally and linguistically our connections are with the continent of Europe whether you like it or not. Certainly geographically too as our island once again is connected to the European mainland by the Euro - Star train service that runs under the sea bed and comes out on mainland Europe. We were connected with Europe before the Ice Age and when that melted we were cut off by the North Sea and English Channel but that did stop invaders and migrants coming from Europe to settle here.

Boris Johnson on his victory speech the morning after the vote confirmed this when as has already been mentioned the UK voted out. London, major cities in England like Newcastle and others bucked this trend as did Northern Ireland and Scotland but England and Wales voted for Brexit.

Boris may yet be the next Prime Minister of the UK before the Conservative party conference in October an ambition he has not sought to hide and it is common knowledge he bases himself on Winston Churchill. David Cameron will resign as Prime Minister in due course as he backed the Remain campaign but Remain lost hence his going.

The UK will not be out of the EU yet and until that day comes and article 50 is enacted which will see the gradual withdrawal of the UK from the EU life for the UK as a member of the EU continues for now.

The knives in the Labour party are also out for their leader Jeremy Corbyn who seemed to run a very lacklustre campaign indeed. Corbyn never really seemed to have his heart in the Remain campaign as he was always opposed to the EU until recently. Where as UKIP's Nigel Farage was ecstatic and leaving the EU has been something of a dream for him for 25 years now it is done.

Once the UK is out of the EU what will happen to the UK and the European Union is unknown. It is possible the UK could break up as could the EU but that remains to be seen.

But going back to the crux of my article the UK is a European nation and does have to be in some club like the EU to prove it. Take the English language, a member of the West Germanic family of languages incuding German and Dutch. English also incorporates French, Latin and Greek and this identifies us as belonging to the family of Indo - European languages spoken on the continent of Europe.

Our ancestors Celts, Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans (also Vikings) came from the continent and there have been since many more European migrants to our shores over the centuries right up to the eastern European influx from 2004 on wards. I acknowledge also there has been non - European migration here too but the crux of this article is not about them it is about our European ancestors and those that have come from Europe since they are the forefathers of the majority white British population in the UK today.

The UK is made up of four nations: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland once being a member of the UK. Each of these nations is proud of its heritage and came together to make the UK which has been a powerful nation once the largest empire the world has ever known. But with Brexit things in the UK may alter forever if Scotland does get another referendum and votes for independence as most Scots voted to stay in the EU as did the Northern Irish and they feel they have been forced by the English and Welsh who voted overwhelmingly for Brexit out of the EU which resulted in a win for Brexit.

For all those in the past and now who thought and think we have nothing in common with Europe despite the evidence I have presented in this article time and again the UK has pulled up the draw bridge to use a phrase used a lot in this EU referendum but we have found ourselves back in Europe. Whether it be Agincourt or Napoleon or Hitler or the recent war against Serbia and now with NATO and an aggressive Russia the UK has been dragged back into Europe so it seems we cannot get away from this continent that our ancestors came from and still come from.

I am the first to admit that the EU has been a massive failure not democratic enough with a ruling elite and five Presidents even though you can elect your MEP to the EU Parliament. The EU if it wants to survive must change as the UK may cause an avalanche of Euro - sceptic parties to want a Brexit of their own in France and Germany and others and this could threaten the very existence of the block.

What the future will be for the UK now as I have said earlier I cannot say but even though we are out the EU the UK is and always will be a European nation for the reasons given in this article.


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