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Destructive Islam's Missing Foe: Saudi Arabia

Updated on September 2, 2014

It seems, like President Obama, Saudi Arabia has no policy of using force against the regional Facists under the destructive Islam called ISIS or Islamic State. Just where is the oil rich nation's military in the battle against ISIS?

Well, it's not helping much, some 30,000 troops create a barrier along the border to protect their interests. The Saudis seem not to be interested in joining America in conducting airstrikes using American-made aircraft sold to them. The Saudi airforce is the area's largest and ISIS is no friend of Saudi Arabia, birthplace of Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda, ironically. What is the point in spending billions on military equipment and never use them? If there was ever a time for Saudi Arabia to act it is now. After all, some 1600 ISIS members are from Saudi Arabia.

For 270 years, the Saudi kingdom survived by basically avoiding conflict and using other means to survive. Today, they rely on America for their security, which should not be the case, but is. ISIS would love nothing more than to rip through Saudi Arabia because both think they are real Islam protector. ISIS has done what al-Qaeda dreamed about and planned in a far quicker time through a combination of events that favored them. They consider the Saudi claim of being the "true" Islam heretic and would love nothing more than to cut off the Saudi heads. Of course, the House of Saud feels they are the true Islam. Yet, the Shiites think they are the true Islam. All this nonsense about who has the "true" Islam is just stupid to most Westerners. It makes it appear that this religion is "man-made" and not from God.

Many young Saudis who went over to ISIS are angry because their own government failed to do what ISIS has done, create an Islamic caliphate. Many wealthy Saudis actually give money to them and the government does nothing about it. The more successful ISIS is, the more support inside Saudi Arabia will come.

The Saudi airforce with 250 aircraft sits idle. Even using a squadron would go a long way to help Iraq. But since Iraq is Shiite, Saudi Arabia will not help. Meanwhile, ISIS grows and expands and America seems to be the only one trying to stem the danger after a long hesitancy. I guess with 30,000 men along the Iraqi border, Saudi Arabia feels safe from any danger.

Why get involved?


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