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Detroit Michigan - Another great example of socialism and how it benefits society?

Updated on October 28, 2013

Another social experiment that failed

The fact remains, and I mean the fact remains that capitalism is THE ONLY method to produce a higher standard of living AND prosperity for the poor. There is no denying it provides the most efficient method of delivering goods and services at the best cost, which stimulates demand for the product. A socialist approach is that of non-incentive based biases, meaning a profit motive is not required to produce products that benefit the society.

The profit motive is very important to the expansion of an economy, because it gives incentive to the individual or company to develop and distribute a produce efficiently. By doing it efficiently, more people can afford the product, meaning more buying of the product, leaving more production and jobs = opportunity. Without profit motive, you don't have improvement of the product, innovation, with price never improving and a stagnating economy. There are some who have conspiracies that capitalism is HOLDING back these advancements, which cannot be supported by any is the market that most likely could not support the product.

First, the electric automobile which was supposedly around in the 70's, but the oil companies kept it off the market? Well, anyone who has any engineering background would tell you that it just could not be made practical. The weight of the batteries that would be required at the time to drive the power necessary, was just not practical. Advancements in batteries such as the lithium cell and absorbed glass matt technologies just weren't available. You need to have the capacity to drive an electric motor, AND you have to make sure you don't have 2,000 lbs of lead acid batteries to do it!

The problem with most socialist, is that they THINK they have the answers for everything, yet none have an answer on how to fund society with it. What is worse, is people who live in the United States, with the highest standard of living EVER in the world, are suckered into thinking they will make EVEN MORE if they let a socialist government rule over them. That is the fallacy that makes socialist such a crime...because it is all about distortion and lies. The incentive that a free market economy allows, is what creates actual wealth, not the government spending money on social programs that never provide the desired benefit. Detroit is the perfect example of social programs and who pays for it all...and what this does to an economy is an exact study of the economics of free market capitalism Vs. socialism and social know, to make it ALL FAIR!

Look at all the socialist countries that are changing their ideology on how a free market can benefit the people and grow the economy. Even the former Soviet Union had to admit this, and although they want to brand it communism, the fact is it is a social experiment in engineering society by the few while lowering the standard of living for the masses. If that wasn't so, why did the Soviet Union give it all up for capitalism? Because the government couldn't afford to have people sitting around not producing anything, and you just can't keep printing money to make payments for this....does that sound like something we are doing?

Lets take a look at Detroit Michigan, as the question is, do many people want to move there right now? It is cheap, houses for $500 so I ask my socialist friends, why don't they move there with the family? It is because no one wants to live there, that is why! Supply and demand will tell the tale here, after all, because without employment, there isn't anyone around to pay for operating the city, which leaves the police out, fire stations out, and no one really benefits. It is a hell-hole of a place, I visit the city every 6 months and would have to say, I don't see any reason for improvement anytime soon.

For all socialist that are getting fired up about this being a socialist problem, the truth is liberals and socialist are the same. They want equality at any price, incentives to perform work is not allowed, and we want to punish the rich, whether it is an individual or a company. Don't try and argue this point, I have you covered.

Detroit is an interesting study in why liberalism and socialism create poverty, because they try to sell you on the idea that the rich are the only ones getting rich, and the poor are paying the price. While true, the poor people in society don't deserve the credit for working and advancing themselves as they should, the opportunity to improve themselves, whether in education, smart thinking, and the determination to make a better life for themselves and their families, is something that liberals just aren't into. As I have stated, since the beginning of time dictators, Kings, and socialist governments have the method of exploitation as dumbing down the people, while telling them they have no chance because of the unfairness!

Detroit has all of the ideologies of social engineering built in, and shows how a true capitalist approach would have kept Detroit as the best city in the world to be living in. The fact is Detroit was at one time, the richest and most prosperous city to live in. It fell do an unspeakable armpit of the world by convincing everyone that you don't have to work that hard, that big companies suck and take advantage of you...and oh by the way, government can be corrupt and STEAL your money, but we are not going to let them know. Liberals take note...this will happen to your government if it already isn't happening now!

What is the end result? Well, since government was nothing but incompetence and corruption, they jacked the tax rates up to the point that business left for the suburbs, or manufacturing was outsourced to other countries with lower wages and taxes. This isn't easy to do, but was the only choice to be able to compete. For all you socialist that don't get the fact we live in a world economy, the truth is price yourself out of the market and other countries with lower labor costs will eat your lunch!

The city is a train wreck, with billions of dollar of debt and half the population left, the debt for each taxpayer still living in Detroit is approximately $25,000 per person. The fact that unemployment is 50% + doesn't mean anyone is going to be able to pay the debt off anytime soon. So what is the problem with all the debt? The city was spending money on pensions for people who were given huge salaries and long retirements, under the assumption that they could print money like the government. But seriously, who was going to pay for this? In the end, no one is around that can pay the debt, therefore we go into a bankruptcy with the plan of having a serious bailout to meet obligations.

The city cannot afford to pay the police, so wait 16 hours for these brave people to show up! That is the average, and I feel sorry for the police and fire departments who are serious about protecting people, yet don't have the manpower OR the courage to go out at certain times to help the people they need to. Liberals? Yes, nothing but a stack full of liberals since 1960 have been elected, promising the great society. And this is what socialism does also. Promises of a utopia that cannot be sustained, and what happens? Google Detroit, click on images and you can see what a waist socialism brings a society. To all the good people who love Detroit, I am sorry you bought a bag of excrement, and I warn the rest of you that without a free market economy and politicians that have an understanding of a free market economy, look out, we could end up in the same mess!


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