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Dialogues: a conversation on Interconnection and Density orientation in Exopolitics

Updated on March 12, 2011
"It is all interconnected.  No aspect is without consequence or influence upon all the other parts." ~ Cyrellys
"It is all interconnected. No aspect is without consequence or influence upon all the other parts." ~ Cyrellys

A Preface

The following conversation is a reprint from my records which are presented for contextual consideration. I have not represented the name of the person clearly with whom this particular dialog occured because it is the subject matter and implications of the dialog for the Contact Paradigm which is most important.

We have today in this world a growing population of individuals who are exploring the ideas which entail a spiritual advancement which may or may not include a physical relocation to what is collectively termed a different 'density' of existance. This may or may not also include a change in state of form. The conversation is discussing how these individuals in settling for this expected 'change' have removed or distanced themselves from certain interactions, participation, or even responsibility for the present human condition in a variety of venues. In this particular case the venue discussed in the dialog is the Contact Paradigm accompanied by its Sister, the systemic corruption. The point of the discussion argues that density, state of form, or particular lifetime is still subject to responsibility for the human condition and the problems of it and therefore subject to the effects or consequences of choice; action (participation) or non-action (non-participation).

This dialog was initiated by the Letter to the Exopolitics and Ufology Community March 2011 on the Contact Paradigm, published openly here at If you have not yet read it, you will need to read it first and listen to the music included which speak on the level of nuances, in order to understand what is being discussed. There were many responses to the letter. Not all advocated letting the mass of the problem carry humanity over the cliff: including one respondent who said, "We can either do this on our back or we can stand on our own two feet, empowered, and taking the initiative. Will someone other than us realize that corruption begets corruption and that the whole damn planet is now in on the game."  I very much agree with this sentiment and assessment.   I've advocated a cease fire between the exopolitics/ufology community and the USAPs (unacknowledged special access projects). These two powerhouses working together would be capable of pinwheeling a path through the systemic corruption surrounding the issues of Contact and the Human Condition, AND assisting with creation of solutions to mutual problems we face.  Those few who have acknowledged the dual problem of the Contact Paradigm's existance/history and the Systemic Corruption are often baffled and horrified by the weight of the aware public's 'unconcern' for those involved and for the state of Earth's affairs.

The reason this dialog is so important to understand as contextual contribution is that there are also others who for different reasoning would also opt out of attempting to remedy this collision course with disaster which we have allowed to occur on our watch. This particular dialog is presented to express that responsibility is UNIVERSAL. It is not bound by time, space, nor place. Every individual has a stake and an obligation here to fulfill....a geis laid at your feet to which a response or an action upon is necessary for the welfare of both self and peers.

The act of Being is never at the expense of others. The true levels are a subtle distinction expressed in the manner of participation in existence; how we interact, how we apply ourselves to purpose, our initiative, our acceptance of responsibility, the nature of our existential wake (water behind us), and the degree to which we express by action an unconcern for the condition of others, especially our peers.

IUFOC 2011: Richard Dolan Takes on John Alexander

Let My Eye Go To The Sun

The Dialog Re: The Letter - Part 1

March 6, 2011 - 3:25 PM: I think the world makes more sense when you consider that disclosure is a 4th-density society issue (~1 of 7 now but growing) and the corruption is a 3rd-density issue. DW.


Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 4:33 PM: I can see where you might perceive it that way. But it is all interconnected. No aspect is without consequence or influence upon all the other parts. The fourth density is intertwined with the third just as much as All Being is a profound part of both. It is unjust to walk away from the third's issues leaving them unresolved simply because the fourth is more appealing. This is diminishes your potential for it allows a question to be installed in opposition to your desired or assumed character. Every life matters. You cannot attain praiseworthy knowledge (advancement toward All Being) without the foundation of affectionate bounty and the act of producing loving manner. Where else would those function but among inequity or ill happenings, or difficult positions or among the foolish or the innane? Soul is more than reflection; it is profound virtue interacting, effecting, manifesting. The Strong are not inactive but rather participatory whereas all influence uplifts rather than divides. There ARE NO FORKS in this road. It is the journey of growth with its imagination, its purpose, and its endeavors. The third density as you refer to it is part of your being; part of a picture of you...therefore you cannot neglect it nor allow it to bring others to oblivion.

abiding respect,


Heal This Land

The Dialog Re: The Letter - Part 2

Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 7:17 PM: Karma is a part of 3rd-density, not the 4th, which will dominate the Golden Age.

~ The Prayer (enclosed).



Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 10:25 PM: Interconnection is not the same thing as Karma....there is no hiding the investment or lack thereof in one's being...if the investment is poor then so will the expression come as something which is diminished in form as opposed to what is possible. You do not lose your previous investments during or after any transition of state or local. Mind (Conscious Awareness of Self) is not limited by time, space (distance), or place. You are here because this situation you are not only uniquely situated and developed to deal with but also because there is a NEED for you to participate. That participation: your effort, your exchanges, and your personal resulting development is the Investment in your Being. If you stand back and do not participate in working with these issues you will have no resulting development and will gain no Investment to carry with you from life to life, state to state, or density to density.

~ Three measuring rods of every person: their Dreams, their Fears, and their Unconcern.  Celtic Triad.


Music by Tina Malia

Lyrics to Heal This Land

Song: Heal This Land
Artist: Tina Malia
Album: The Silent Awakening

The fires are burning

The fires are burning

So reach for me
Like the petals of a rose
Bloom in its season
Gentle and slow

My body is the mountain
The ocean, the river
The sand and the soil
The life giver

So come on now
My friend
Speak to me
Help me understand

Let us walk
Take my hand
And we will heal this land

We will heal this land
Do you hear the call
We will heal this land
If you could only believe

A Gaelic Prayer: Invocation of the Graces

Lyrics to Gaelic Prayer

~ The People of Earth already possess what they need to turn this around...if only they would believe in themselves. Cyrellys 2009.

Song: Gaelic Prayer
Artist: Lisa Thiel
Album: Invocation of the Graces
# song: 05

Thou art the joy of all joyous things

Thou art the light of the ray of the sun

Thou art the door that is opened in welcome

Thou art the surpassing star of guidance

Thou art the step of the deer on the hill

Thou art the stride of the steed on the plain

Thou art the grace of the swan in swimming

Thou art the beauty of the hawk on the wind


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