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Diamonds out of coal

Updated on March 20, 2012

I was watching a movie last night where there was this big fat man eating on a restaurant who vomited all over the place and ate until he exploded, making a huge mess. The employees were left cleaning after everybody left and there was this maid who was on her knees cleaning the floor right next to the table where the man was eating. There she was, right on the middle of that pool of vomit, picking it up with something that looked like a small shovel or dust pan. And then it came to my mind, isn’t it easier to throw everything out and replace it?

There is no need to fix when you can afford

Most people nowadays, and I include myself, opt for replacing instead of cleaning, fixing or saving things. Take for example this 'gal' with whom I used to work, who made a mess on her hand bag which cost more than I would ever pay for one in my whole life. She came to work one day complaining about spillig some soda on her hand bag. I told her to take everything out and clean it as she responded with a funny sarcastic look on her face, - Nahh, I’m throwing it out. I'll just buy a new one.- She was a typical teenager who was sustained by her parents and was working not out of need but just the fun of it, so you might understand.

Is it too much of a hassle or is it just lazyness?

Here is another case. I had a neighbor that at the end of every Christmas used to, not just throw out, but BURN the Christmas tree, the whole set of decorations, lights and everything that had to do with it. And why? Was it too much trouble for her to store? When that day came, it was like watching kind of a small scale, land leveled fireworks display. Look, I can understand throwing out a real tree. It dries up and it dies, period. But what about decorations and lights? Come on, who doesn't save them? After all, they are reusable and some of them are not cheap, specially the lights. Besides, Christmas comes every year, not once in a lifetime.

Look beyond that coal

We have to learn how to make the most out of things, how to get diamonds out of what at sight seems to be plain coal. Take this for example. There was once a man who was auctioning a violin which nobody liked. No one raised a hand to place a single bid. It looked old and tore up and its cords were loosened. Now this old man who was sitting at the end of the room, stood up and grabbed the violin, cleaned it a little, and tightened up its cords. As soon as he finished tuning it up, he started playing a beautiful melody with it. Everyone was astonished and couldn't resist the pleasure of hearing those amazingly beautiful musical notes. Now everybody wanted the violin and were willing to pay high amounts of money for the same object that minutes ago was worth nothing at all.

Having to wash the dishes on my younger days made me realize that things can be fixed while we tend to create a crisis over them and finally find a way to avoid them by disposing, burning, running away from or replacing them. I remember I used to hate touching those evilly dirty dishes. Specially when there were leftovers from a few days ago. Picture this, green or grayish mold on rice, still on the rice pan. Ohhh! Or how about little maggots on that soup mom made last week. Yuhk! My first thought was to run away or to throw them out and burn all of it. But that was really far from my reality. Imagine a house shared by 12 individuals, with only two of them providing for all others. Do you really think there was money to replace those dishes? There was no option of spending on things we didn't need. We already had dishes and pots and pans. They just had to be washed. And just after finishing there was that satisfaction that I did what no one dared to do, I solved the problem of providing clean dishes for them to be used again. And they were really clean and neat.

Oh, how wonderful was to know that things had a solution. And those things are not just objects they sometimes are problems, people, responsibilities, etc. I love to see my mother-in-law wash my white clothes. We do not have a washing machine so we wash by hand and there is no piece of cloth that gives me so much trouble to wash than white cloth. I try and try and really try my best on making them look the whitest, but that is something I really need to keep on practicing. After all the effort they always end up stained looking. Again, I just want to throw them out (and I have done it). But that woman is amazing. She makes miracles with it. Whiter than white. Wow! Could you imagine?

Fixing may also be done through adverse ways

I remembered how I used to dump or ditch people that I believed contributed negatively on my life. Here’s a resumed example, let’s see if you know your arithmetic:

Now hold that thought for just one second. Yes I ended up dragged onto bankrupt after sharing a roof with him for only two years. And now you may be thinking that I ran away from the problem, instead of fixing it, and that I may be contradicting myself on this point. But I’m glad to tell you that you are dead wrong. This time things were fixed by my absolute absence. Whaaaat! What is that nonsense you are talking about? You may say. Well, I’m going to explain this as simple as I can with what I love to use most, a fun and simple comparison.In case you don’t know, when a female horse, which I believe is called a mare (correct me if I’m wrong), gives birth, at that very instant the little colt touches the floor, it stands up and starts walking. Right? Now let’s say a colt is born at your watch, and instead of you letting that little horse reach the first achievement of his life, you instantly grab it and never let him reach the ground. How is it going to develop? Well reason on that and you will find your answer.

When there is no other choice but fixing

But yet it has come a time in my life where I have opened my eyes and reached to the conclusion that there are some people you are never going to get rid of no matter how mad they make you, or how bad they talk about you or make you look, or whatever the hell adds up. And these are family members. You can disagree, fight, fool, separate family members but you can never completely vanish them from your life. And since they are always going to be a part of your life, whether you like or not, you have no other choice than to fix, repair, restore, amend,…, whatever damn is getting on your ways.

Its really hard for nature to make diamonds from carbon chunks. There is a lot of pressure involved in that process and still, after tons of years, it does not give up on it. So why would you? Do not panic and run away, things can be fixed, things can be solved. Go ahead, take advantage, discover the wonderfull things life presents you. Make the most out of everything, whether is making a flower vase out of an empty recycled peanut butter and jelly jar or renewing what is now a broken, but what is meant to be a strong, not longlasting but lifelasting relationship.

Blessings to all of you. I wish you the best in life.

With love,



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