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Diana conspiracy: Was the Princess of Wales killed by the British Royal Family and MI6?

Updated on October 6, 2011

Theory: Diana was killed by Royal Family

There are suggestions that the British Royal Family organised by the death of Diana Princess of Wales. This theory is given credence by an apparent dislike of Diana by the Queen, an acrimonies divorce and a loveless marriage to Charles.

However, perhaps the most compelling piece of evidence is a letter written by Diana herself in which she wrote. ‘This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous - my husband is planning “an accident” in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy (Legge-Bourke). Camilla (Parker-Bowles) is nothing but a decoy, so we are all being used by the man in every sense of the word.’

Further evidence that Diana was disposed of by the Royal Family are claims that she was pregnant with her Muslim lover Dodi Fayed’s child. It is said that the British establishment would not tolerate having Muslims in their bloodline, especially as one day the child would be the brother of the king and would even have a claim to the throne.

Dodi Fayed’s father Mohammed, the owner of the famous Harrods store in London, says that the couple were due to announce their engagement on Monday after accident and that Dodi had even bought engagement ring on day of deaths. He points to how Diana’s body was embalmed before a post-mortem was carried out – against the usual convention - as evidence that her body was interfered with in some way to hide her pregnancy.

Diana and Dodi together, It is claimed that Diana was pregnant with his child which would have been born as a Muslim
Diana and Dodi together, It is claimed that Diana was pregnant with his child which would have been born as a Muslim

The coroner who led an inquest in Diana’s death was also very reluctant to call senior royals as witnesses, giving cause to suggest that there was a cover-up. The coroner claimed though that it would not be appropriate for Royals to be ‘put on trial’ in such a way.

The claims of a conspiracy by the Royal family are disputed by the authorities who point to the fact that Diana had previously had a long relationship with the Muslim heart surgeon Hasnat Khan from September 1995 until July 1997 and that this had never been a problem. They also point to forensic tests taken after death which appear to show she was not pregnant and also the testimony of close friends who say she had been on a period and that she did not want to get married at that point in her life.

A former secret agent claims that Diana's phone calls were being bugged by MI6
A former secret agent claims that Diana's phone calls were being bugged by MI6

Theory: MI6 were involved

A major secret service and government organisation would have to be involved in the planning of a death and subsequent cover-up. In Britain, this is the MI6.

Richard Tomlinson, a former MI6 agent who was dismissed from the intelligence services and later served time in prison for breaching the Official Secrets Act 1989, claims that MI6 were heavily involved in the death of Diana.

Tomlinson claims that MI6 were tracking Diana before her death and that they had been involved in leaking phone conversations in an attempt to discredit the princess. He says that Diana’s phone had been bugged by MI6 as they monitored her actions and movements.

Such as claim is not too far-fetched as the secret services have been known in the past to be involved with high-profile public figures that could cause a disruption to society. Other such people have been John Lennon. Diana certainly fell into this category as she was what Henry Kissinger called ‘politically and diplomatically unstable’.

A CCTV recording shows Diana leaving the Ritz Hotel in Paris moments before the fatal car crash
A CCTV recording shows Diana leaving the Ritz Hotel in Paris moments before the fatal car crash

Likewise, Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones was a preceding part of the split Parachute Regiment, one of the most unbelievably toughest in the British armed force. He additionally finished a few stints in Northern Ireland and served in the Royal Military Police, simply the sort of base level that could have perceived him gone into contact with parts of the secret aid.

Theorists say the fact that Rees-Jones survived the accident is confirmation that he was in on the plot to end Diana's life. There are moreover a considerable number of irregularities with the levels of alcohol in his blood. Some propose that he was sedated with the goal that he would be able to not avoid a collision initiated by the flash of shining white light. But some declare his sober demeanour which was caught on CCTV as he left the Ritz hotel proves he was not inebriated.

Conspiracy 'evidence': Anomalies in the crash and treatment

  • Bright white flash 'blinds driver moments before crash'
  • Seatbelts in Mercedes were 'tampered' with
  • Diana could have been saved with quicker hospital treatment
  • CCTV cameras in underpass and in streets did not record car

The bright flash

A bright white flash is alleged to have been used by MI6 to stun helicopter pilots was seen before Diana’s car entered the tunnel. This claim was made Richard Tomlinson, a former MI6 agent. Such a white flash would possibly have caused the driver of Diana’s car to lose control and crash into the concrete posts. One eye witnesses has said that they saw white flash but the report into the death claimed that the flash came from a paparazzi camera.

Princess Diana in the black Mercedes looks behind her just moments before the crash. The driver and bodyguard are in the front
Princess Diana in the black Mercedes looks behind her just moments before the crash. The driver and bodyguard are in the front

The white Fiat

A white Fiat reported to have collided with Diana’s car has never been found. Mohammed Al-Fayed claims that the vehicle was used to block the way and force the black Mercedes to swerve and crash. One driver suspected of being in the Fiat was French photographer James Andanson who died in 2000.

Shortly before Andanson's death there was a break into his home in June 2000 and nothing was stolen. The culprit has never been found at it is said that those responsible were government agents who were gathering information on Andanson. Al-fayed claims he died through guilt or he was killed by the authorities to silence him. The authorities claim that Andanson’s Fiat was not in a suitable condition to drive and that he was in another part of France at the time.

Journey to the hospital

The journey to hospital has raised claims that there was a conspiracy to ensure that Diana did not survive the crash. Theories suggest that those responsible knew that a car crash would not be enough to guarantee her death but by delaying the response it would.The theory is given added weight by pictures taken after the crash is said the show Diana still alive.

This picture caused a great deal of controversy when it was included in a documentary by Keith Allen called Unlawful Killing. Further medical evidence shown to an inquest into the death said that if Diana had arrived promptly at hospital then she could have been saved.However, the actual journey to take Diana just a couple of miles away took one hour and 43 minutes.

Furthermore the inquiry into the death has never interviewed or named people inside the ambulance. This is normally common practice in inquiries to hear evidence from paramedics. Critics say that the ambulance drove deliberately slowly to delay vital treatment and actually passed one hospital and stopped unnecessarily at the Gare d’Austerlitz train station.

Emergency services surround the black Mercedes that Diana was travelling in when it crashed in Paris
Emergency services surround the black Mercedes that Diana was travelling in when it crashed in Paris

The authorities claim that they did everything they could to ensure that Diana was treated promptly. They say that the first call to the emergency services came at 12.26am and the police arrived at 12:30 am followed by an ambulance with the Doctor Jean-Marc Martino, an intensive care specialist, arrived at 12.40am.

The establishments says that Diana was removed from the car at 1am and left the crash scene at She then arrived at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital at 2.06am. The doctors say that they had to stop at the train station to deal with a drop in blood pressure, passed the first hospital because it did not have the equipment needed for the injured princess, and drove slowly because sudden movements could make Diana’s condition worse.

Lack of CCTV recordings

There were 10 cameras along the route from Ritz hotel and more than 14 in the Pont de l'Alma underpass where the crash happened but none of these picked up images of the Mercedes travelling along the road or of the crash.

Conspiracy theorists claim that the cameras were deliberately turned off in order to avoid recording anything that could be used as evidence. The report into the accident said that the cameras were all facing buildings and that those inside the underpass were turned off at 11pm.

Issues with seatbelts

Sources close to Diana said in the wake of the crash that she regularly wore a seatbelt when she travelled. The emergency services said that if either of them had been wearing a belt they would have been able to be saved. This has raised suggestions that the seatbelts in the black Mercedes were sabotaged.

The Daily Express newspaper in Britain also published claims in 2005 that prior to the crash the Mercedes had been stolen and the seatbelts had been tampered with to render them dysfunctional. They said that this was done by MI5 and MI6 in collusion with the French government department the Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire. If the belts were faulty then in the event of a crash caused by a bright white flash then both passengers were likely to die.

The report into the accident cited people to close to Diana which cast doubt on whether she was indeed a habitual seatbelt wearer. They also said that all the seatbelts were in working order apart from Diana’s which was damaged after the car crash.

Theory: Diana faked her own death

Driven to the edge by consistent interruptions into her private affairs by the media, Diana, assisted by the enormous wealth of Dodi, might have organised a staged death from which she would have been able to withdraw into isolation. One form of the speculation asserts that the accident was an eattempt at a faked demise that went unpleasantly wrong.

Dodi's ordinary driver was not used on the date of the crash. Puzzle still surrounds Henri Paul, the security officer who ventured in at the final moment to drive the Mercedes S-280. It took several days for his name to be disclosed, for example. Co-specialists at the Ritz Hotel state he remained quiet about himself and never socialised with them. Theory has it that Paul basically did not exist, and that he removed from the mortuary following being pronounced dead by specialists in cahoots with the Al Fayed clan.

The theory is further supported by a conversation Diana had with Daily Mail correspondent Richard Kray. She said that she was going to withdraw altogether from the public.

Theory: Diana was Killed by business enemies of Mohammed Al-Fayed

Al-Fayed has not got to the top without making some genuine foes along the way. The possessor of Harrods battled an acrimonous fight for the top London store some years in the past and in addition he has been denied British nationality following concern raised regarding his business practise. His actions have also allegedly incorporated under the counter payments to Conservative MPs. As his eldest son and beneficiary, Dodi could be a conspicuous target for anybody needing to settle a score with Al Fayed.

However, with Diana included, the police operation is likely to been one of the greatest in Paris history so any murderer would have been taking a major risk by committing such a high-profile crime.

Hollywood actor Keith Allen, father of pop singer Lilly Allen, with his Diana conspiracy documentary


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    • profile image


      5 months ago

      Load of Bollocks..Watch something more Credible.Wrong Place,Wrong Time..With the Wrong Man and a Drunk Driver.Her Untimely Death,made the situation a Million Times Worse for Prince Charles and Camilla.Diana,Rest in Beautiful Peace.

    • profile image

      Sharon Puckett 

      22 months ago

      Yes,most all Americans believe that she was killed by Charles and the Queen.Charles admitted he never loved her he only used her. So how hard is it to believe the Queen ,Charles and all in on Diana's death.They have been killing people for hundreds of years in that mess what was one more. Charles last way to use her to get that ugly woman he is with. They deserve each other they both are ugly as hell. Read account the Queen calls Camilla a drunk. I want to be drunk if I had to look at Charles. Diana sons get there looks from there mother. Sorry for them they have been brainwashed about there beautiful mother.


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