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Diane Downs 30 years later My Arrested Development

Updated on October 4, 2013
This picture was represents the struggle of life that we all go through every day.  Please take a moment out of your day to be kind to others and to help others that are not as fortunate as you.
This picture was represents the struggle of life that we all go through every day. Please take a moment out of your day to be kind to others and to help others that are not as fortunate as you. | Source

The Story

How would you act if somebody pointed a gun at you with the intention of killing you???? Fear - Bravery - Aggression - NONE of your answers are correct unless you actually have had it happen to YOU

When you go through life you make decisions some good ones some bad ones; do you ever wonder what if? What if I had made a different choice? What if I had been there? What if we had not moved to Oregon? What if I ran from fear instead of attacking fear? What if the State did not withhold 4700 pages of evidence? What if I had not been cut from the baseball team? What if my sister was not Diane Downs? What if we did not move from Phoenix to Chandler? What if somebody had confessed to murdering Cheryl? I knew I was good at having babies but what if I had been a better mother? What if I had been there for my children?

On March 4, 1998, The Federal Public Defenders returned to the Lane County Sheriff's Office and spent a full day copying the material from the three boxes, amounting to about 4700 pages of Withheld documents... The Federal Public Defenders were told by the lead Detective Doug Welch the records had been destroyed.

In 1983 Diane and her family were attacked by James Claire Haynes Cheryl was killed, he tried to kill Christie with two gunshots but she survived, Danny also survived but sadly was paralyzed from the waist down. Christie and Danny have not seen their real Grandparents since 1983 they were snached by the state away from all family they knew LOVED and needed to help them get through such a tramatic time. I know the public perception is that Diane committed these crimes the strange part is that the public does not want the truth; Is it so hard to believe that the state convicted an innocent person? It happens every day court decisions are being reversed only to find out the prosecutor lied and fabricated evidence. If you are interested in the Truth and have an open mind in finding the truth see this site has amazing court documents that show diane did not commit these crimes and more important could not have committed these crimes

Martyr or Murderer this blog about Diane is full of lies, I attempted to contact the writer to have them correct it but my post was erased and my request was denied.

This is the TRUTH Christie and Danny had Grandparents who wanted to take them home and love them but were denied, Christie and Danny were taken away from ALL family 13 days after she was brutally attacked, RIPPED AWAY from their Grandmother I remember my mom telling me I remember the last time I saw Christie. Christie asked When can I come home Grandma?" to which MY MOM answered "Soon Christie, soon"

They had ZERO communication with their own family the people they loved and that loved them FOREVER.

From Ann Rule's book

Fred Hugi’s heart broke. It was clear he loved the child and detested having to question her

I ask of you

Who will love them more Fred Hugi or her own family? Fred Hugi knew that Diane did not commit this crime Murder, Diane could not have committed Murder she never even held a gun..





DIANE HAD NO BLOOD SPATTER ON HER but there was blood spatter on the inside of the car.


Murder On Old Mohawk Road

There have been many words to Describe Diane

I was watching a replay of the 20/20 program in which Elizabeth Vargas said "the Courts assessment that Diane was a Psociopath a narcicist with a histioronic personality" none of this is true, alongside of Elizabeth there was also a Dr Barbara Ziv that diagnosed her a Physchopath just by watching a video.

There was a court appointed Phychologist Polly Jamison who never said any of this. Actually after Diane and her family were attacked Polly did diagnose her as having Major Despression what a shock, I believe the medical term is "Cyclothymic disorder" The way this story was propegated was by Ann Rule repeating what the prosecuting attorney Fred Hugi said in court when he ask Diane why the Phychologist would diagnose her as a Deviant Sociopath but this is not true. There were multiple lies told by the Prosecuting attorney. Do you really wonder why he adopted the families children over 2 years after the trial ended.


The number one piece of evidence against her, were bullets were found in her house that at some point been in and out of the murder weapon. Meaning they matched or had the exact same rifle marking as the bullets that had been removed from her children's bodies.

That is a lie, Perjury? This is sadly true take a look at if you read the Detective's OWN writing you will see that what he said on the witness stand is NOT what his notes show.


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    • JamesFre profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      thank you Siriuscat Christie and Danny were used and abused by the state. I hope some day somehow to get justice for them. appreciate you

    • JamesFre profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      KayKay you can e-mail me directly at If possible I would like to talk to you.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      This is not a simple case and there are no simple and convenient answers. I've followed this case since it occurred in 1983, through thousands & thousands of pages of lengthy court documents and while I believe Diane Downs is guilty of this crime, I do not necessarily believe her trial was all that fair. It's easy now, thirty years later, to second guess evidence and make sweeping generalizations but I don't believe anyone is served by doing that.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      The only thing wrong with the trial is that she is still alive That piece of shot should be killed like the animal she is

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Her own daughter TESTIFIED that her mother is who shot them. I'm sorry, but I was the same age as Christie when I first watched the movie and I remember thinking that no one could make me testify against my mother unless she did it. And how hard it would be to testify if she did do it. But I would have gathered the courage to do it if it meant keeping me and my little brother away from the very person I was terrified of.... And if my aunt was insisting I was making it up, I'd choose to live with strangers than to go back to a family that supported my mother's claims she was innocent and that I was lying. My relationship wasn't that great with my mother when I was a kid and I ran away once because her husband at the time was physically abusive. Even then I couldn't bring myself to go to the authorities so that I'd be removed. Even though it meant that I could go live with a really nice family that would have taken care of my and spoiled me because they couldn't have kids if their own.

      So, no I don't believe she lied so she could go live with a nicer family. I believe that little girl told the truth, despite being terrified that her mother would be found innocent and they'd be forced to go live with her. And her testifying would give her mother a reason to finish the job.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I agree but how can we get that accomplished

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Why can't people look at the evidence before spreading bullshit? What does it matter what people believe if the "evidence" that put her in prison was wrong? She deserves a new trial.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Your obviously in denial, that woman is a sociopath and she

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Get over it. The "kids" are now in their Late 30's and early 40's. The reason they haven't contacted you is simply because they want nothing to do with your disgusting family. They watched their mother shoot them, and they read you defending the evil murderer. HELLO!


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