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Did Aliens Create The Human Beings ?

Updated on August 4, 2020
are human beings a kind of hybrids from some aliens DNA?
are human beings a kind of hybrids from some aliens DNA? | Source

In the theory of creation, there are generally two sects: those of Darwin's theory (the theory of evolution) and those of God as the creator of all sorts of life, is that all what we have to answer the 'who we are' question?
In the recent decades many researchers, authors and scientists discussed the theory of Aliens as the creators of the first human beings or at least they have intervened to alter the genetic code of the primitive human beings to accelerate their evolution and increase their intelligence for unknown purposes.

The idea that Aliens were behind the emergence of human life or even have a connection with it seems frightening and it worries many thinkers, because simply it means that we are a mere robots for those beings with no unlimited capabilities as we were hoping for a long, and this is why you will not find many supporters for that obsession.

1- The Story Of The Human Beings In The Hermit

In a book titled The Hermit published in1971, the author Lobsang Rampa claimed that a Tibetan hermit gave him secret about the humanity.

First of all, you should know that Lobsang Rampa is the pen name of a British writer who lived for a long as a plumber with only a high school background of knowledge, then suddenly he started writing many books about the Tibetan culture which contain unique information about the Tibetan temples even the tibetologists know a little about it. He claimed that his body hosted the spirit of a Tibetan lama who had the name Lobsang Rampa after a sudden accident.

The Hermit narrates the story of a Tibetan monk who had been kidnaped and tortured by communists during their ruling for the Tibetan lands, they left the monk blind and almost dead. After days of suffering, the monk was taken by an Alien ship, the Aliens treated him and restored his sight with an unknown technique, they introduced themselves as the gardens who created the life of beings in many planets not just the earth.

As it was said to the hermit, the Aliens watched the earth for millions of years waiting the appropriate climatic conditions to transport many primary plants which will be the first step to alter the atmosphere and the soil of the earth. They transported to the earth many species of human beings, they exterminate some of them and left the others to create the ancient civilizations.

This is succinctly the story about the origins of the human beings as it was in The Hermit. You can notice when you read the book that the first human kind was transported alive from somewhere, and had been modified many times to find the appropriate kind for unknown purposes.

2- Aliens And The Ancients Sumerian Texts

It was about 1850, when the archeologist Austen Henry Layard found thousands of clay tablets in Nineveh, the capital of Assyria during an excavation. When it comes to the translation of these clay tablets, only Zecharia Sitchin was the qualified scientist for this as he knows many ancient middle eastern languages.

Zecharia Sitchin has published many books based on the information extracted from these clay tablets, one of them titled The Lost Book of Enki, it talks about the Anunnaki (an Alien race), those who came to the earth in the deep past before 450 thousand years to search for gold, they landed in Mesopotamia (Iraq now), and extracted the gold from Zimbabwe. When they found that they need more labors, they used their genes in some experiments to hybridize an intelligent beings from a primitive one that had been found in the jungles of Africa.

In the Sumerian language, the Anunnaki means 'those who came from the sky', and in some other clay tablets they had been named 'the good ones of the fiery rockets'.

We can note that the Anunnaki were somehow responsible for the acceleration of the human kind's evolution as the primitive one was already exist, and this can explain the fast evolution between the two human kinds: Homo Erectus and Homo sapiens, 200 thousand years ago which the scientists could not explain it, and they named it 'the missing link'.

3- Another Citations And Evidences About The Aliens Intervention

  • In the Gilgamesh saga which it's an 11 clay tablets written in cuneiform, there is a paragraph saying: "because when the gods created the human being, they make the death a part of him and keep the eternity for themselves". However, you can find in another paragraph that Gilgamesh, the king of Uruk, went on a trip to see the gods in some place in the mountains!!
  • In the old testament, you find this verse in Genesis 1/26: Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness". Why there is a plural pronoun? And why they make the mankind in their image? , it supposes that God shouldn't be like anyone, he is a mere supreme power, and only Aliens look like human beings.
  • Myths circulating among the indigenous people of South America said that the mother of the human beings came from Venus, and in some inscriptions on the sun gate in the archeological Tiwanaku site, the translation said that the human being must return to his origin in the sky, not after death but before.

is the Congenital anomalies a mark of aliens interventions?
is the Congenital anomalies a mark of aliens interventions? | Source

4- The Genes Flaws debuncked the aliens intervention

When it comes to the supreme power design of the human body (the God), the genetic diseases could be a big challenge. Many people suffer for their whole life from diseases such as Congenital anomalies, anemia, mental retardation and many other diseases, though they live in a clean environment, that's all comes from the genetic flaws during the formation of the fetus, it seems that the DNA copying process doesn't work well sometimes. This problem in the human body genes makes many think that the human beings are a mere work of a high intelligence (Aliens) not a supreme one (God).

5- Questions About The Beginning Of Life In The Earth

  • From where it came all that bacteria of prokaryotes and eukaryotes before billions of years, which considered as the origin of the oxygen particles in the earth.
  • Does it seem logical that earth became suddenly rich of organisms during the Cambrian period ?
  • How can we explain that the different races of human beings in the earth have different skulls composition, which clearly indicates that they didn't have a common ancestry.
  • Is it reasonable that some races of human beings in Africa and the south-west of Asia still primitive until now, with a very primitive language and tools of life, though we have one ancestor as it is common.


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    • Mariah Bruce profile image

      Mariah Bruce 

      10 months ago from Portland, OR

      We are always taught to see creation as a choice between evolution or God, like you mentioned. It's crazy to think that there is another option (aliens) to explain our existence. Thanks for the info


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