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Did Americans Dream of Democratic Republic or Political Monarchy?

Updated on September 1, 2016


American conservative billionaire Charles Koch gave a revealing interview on ABC News to “This Week” host Jon Karl last weekend, stating his disappointment in the National and Electoral politics lately. However, he observed some good things going locally and on state level, but not nationwide. He is also disappointed by all sorts of personal attacks observed during this election campaign and pitting one person against another, making the U.S. Presidential candidates “terrible role models.”

Koch agreed that American system is rigged to benefit big and wealthy companies like his, while preventing smaller companies from even getting started. When asked if he controls the Republican Party because of his multi-million dollars donations to various causes, he smiled and responded that if he controlled them, we wouldn’t have a two-tiered tax system that benefits the wealthy, while impoverishing the middle and the lower class. When asked about Donald Trump wanting to keep tabs on all the Muslims in the country, Charles said that making Muslims register, like Trump wants, would make our country to become more like the Nazi Germany. “That’s monstrous!” – he added.

Koch also stated that Democratic President Bill Clinton did a better job as president than his Republican successor George W. Bush or present President Barack Obama, who increased Government spending on restrictive regulations 2.5 times more under Bush than it was under President Clinton, and who was trying to do the right thing, but was “misguided” to start wars, trying “to create democracies in countries where that’s counter-productive.”

When asked if it was possible that another Clinton (meaning, Hillary Clinton) could be better than another Republican, he said: “It’s possible…“ When asked if he could see himself supporting Hillary, he smiled diplomatically and responded: “We would have to believe that her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric. Let me put it that way. And on some of the Republican candidates, before we could support them, we’d have to believe that their actions would be quite different than the rhetoric we heard so far.” He didn’t say he will support Hillary, but he stated a condition for his support, and yet, his words were taken out of the context all over major media resources who claims that this conservative mogul stands behind Clinton, who was fast to respond that she wasn’t interested in his support. This was quite an interesting statement, considering that it was coming from a person who craves for support of Americans all over Facebook with her anti-Trump sponsored advertisements and demand to sign up to show that we are with her…

What Koch may have hinted to us by mentioning Bush and Clinton dynasties, though, is that these choices may not have been accidental. With Bushes, we had a father and a son to become the U.S. Presidents. We also had cousins and grandsons serving as U.S. Presidents before. A husband and a wife, however, would be the first for this country, just as a woman President can be our first.

Unfortunately, an American political system that was initiated by the Founding Fathers as a Democratic Republic has since seemed to be morphed into a dynastic structure, where representatives of several political dynasties replace each other during awfully expensive election season. Do you think an outsider has a chance to get in between them? While searching for data about how many U.S. Presidents have been related to each other, I stumbled upon a shocking article about BridgeAnne d’Avington and her discovery that 43 out of 44 of U.S. Presidents have one common ancestor – King John “Lackland” Plantagenet, also known as evil King John of England, against whom Robin Hood fought! Her research and the relationship chart was so astounding that it got filed into the Library of Congress’s exhibit on the Magna Carta. Even though Obama is our country’s first black President, he, too, is related by blood to King John and is actually the 18th cousin of BridgeAnne herself, and so she wrote him a letter to let him know about her revelation. Somehow, this shocking discovery was missed by all major media outlets, and I would like to know why?

If America had been led only by descendants of King John of England ever since it’s supposed declaration of Independence, then who are we? A country of freedom with ideals of republican democracy or a colony with political monarchy ruling it till this day? If you think this was not shocking enough, there are hints that John Forbes Kerry if 16th cousin of George W. Bush, and so Mister Kerry himself descends from King Henry II of England and Richard the Lionheart. Before that, George W. Bush rand against Al Gore, who, rumors have it, is also a distant cousin of Richard Nixon and George W. Bush and a descendant of Edward I, Roman Emperors Louis I, II, and Charles II. Al Gove is also a direct descendant of Charlemagne. More than that, Bill Clinton and Bob Dole are also distant cousins and can trace their ancestry to England’s King Henry III and U.S. Presidents William Henry and Benjamin Harrison… Clinton, however, has more royal blood than Dole and is directly descended from the same bloodline as the House of Windsor, every Scottish monarch and King Robert I or France. No wonder our last Presidential races were so close! Is it all just about genetics? Was it ever about the will of American people?

I know that the American people are tired of politicians with the same family names ruling over them and this is manifested in mass support for alternative Republican and Democratic candidates such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. But wait! Some researchers have proven that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are also distant cousins, and that “their 19th great grandfather is King Edward III, so there is precedent for ruling a country, it’s in their genes.” Where does it leave Bernie Sanders then? You got it! On the outskirts of American history. So much for our illusion of the American Dream and our American Freedoms that we have sacrificed so many lives for…


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    • profile image

      Jon Dunmore 22 months ago

      Once comcast bought MSNBC the network has become a propaganda arm for the establishment. Back when they were owned by GE they were still corporatist but at least they were socially progressive. Now even that is gone. Turn off the TV.

    • profile image

      James Gray 22 months ago

      Money is still the deciding factor. That is a shame. One day someone LIKE SANDERS WILL COME ALONG AND CHANGE THIS. He will need everybody: black white and pink with purple spots.

    • profile image

      Raymond Gordon 22 months ago

      Bernie Sanders is a threat to the corporate power structure. Hillary Clinton is a part of the corporate power structure. That is the reason for all the corporate media propaganda. This country will be a third world power very soon if someone doesn't stop the corporate parasites from bleeding us dry.

    • profile image

      Xeng Her 22 months ago

      I can't think of a better near term way to awaken more people to the fact that the corporate media is trying to undermine Bernie Sanders and his attempt to return our government to the people

    • profile image

      Gerard White 22 months ago

      Here in the UK people can't believe that Donald Trump is in the eyes of so many American citizens a potential leader of the free world. America is always complaining about dynasties, but the American political system appears to be a dynastic system, the Kennedy's, Bush and now Clinton?

      Bernie Sanders, from this side of the pond appears to be the only electable candidate. What is so difficult for us to comprehend is that it appears ordinary American citizens seem to favour of a system which taxes the middle classes, the poor and the ordinary guy, rather than someone who proposes taxing the richest in society.

      Sadly, the UK seems to be heading in the same direction.

      I think a Bernie Sanders Presidency would elevate USA in the eyes of the rest of the world.

    • profile image

      Hunter LaLone 22 months ago

      It was an amazing experience to attend this rally at the Breslin. I've supported Bernie for a long time, but seeing him speak in person about the awful degradation of my home state solidified my support. Take it all the way to the White House, Senator. You've got my support and the support of millions of other Americans.

    • profile image

      Carol Mickelsen 22 months ago

      Bernie is addressing the issue of local control. This is a big deal for conservatives. I think he is very interested in giving states more control, rather than giving the feds more control. He's not an authoritarian, and he is not interested in having the feds control everything. This is big.

    • profile image

      Laurie Solomon 22 months ago

      Hillary is a LIAR. The Republicans are all NUTS. Bernie is a God in my opinion and the only person who deserves to be in the White House.

    • profile image

      Kyle Krzemien 22 months ago

      'You believe politicians rule the World? Oh no my dear boy, we the media do!' [sic] - from Major Barbara

    • profile image

      Terry Harrison 22 months ago

      Three choices.

      Trump - Kiss your ass goodbye.

      Clinton - More of the same.

      Saunders - A real chance at positive change.

    • profile image

      Levi Mendes 22 months ago

      It's unbelievable that even though I am not American I wish so much that Bernie wins this election. I think, this would bring better days for everyone. Come on America do it!!! #Bernie2016

    • profile image

      James Huey 22 months ago

      This is the reason why people don't take CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX news seriously. I get most of my news from Yahoo, BBC, and the Huffington post, and i listen to the Congressional Dish.

      If you don't know what Congressional Dish is, its a podcast by Jen Briney and she covers all of the bills that are up to vote, she breaks them down into an understandable form, says who voted for it (and if they have had contributions from companies that may be effected by the bill). She does all of this in an unbiased way, and if she feels strongly about something she's honest about it, and mentions the good and the bad about it, and if passed by whom

    • profile image

      Kevin Vesey 22 months ago

      Bernie's success despite the blackout is also a testament to how much social media has cut into the corporate stranglehold of conventional news sources.

    • profile image

      Jimmy Requa 22 months ago

      It's disturbing to see how many are willing to let their greed strangle democracy.

    • profile image

      Isaac Fratti 22 months ago

      Please stop complaining about the unfairness of the press, it does not help anyone. You should talk about how bernie sander's policies will help you personally. Then people who relate to your story will like him more. I wish bernie sanders supporters would talk about bernie's policy positions instead of the polls. It would be much more fun to have discussions with the you all if that was the case.

      I turn the news off once they start talking about the elections, so I cannot say weather or not you are justified in your complaints that they are unfair to bernie sanders.

    • profile image

      Michael Sinclair 22 months ago

      Senator Bernie Sanders does express good points but he is a little old.

    • profile image

      Brandon Quick 22 months ago

      I can't say I'm sold on any of these candidates. I feel like every year the ones that stand out just talk about the same things every year.

      I definitely wouldn't vote for Clinton tho. She supports one thing but then at another moment she doesn't. Inconsistency is not what we need right now or ever.

    • profile image

      Andrew Wang 22 months ago

      So, in that context, Bernie won the debate. That's what started all of this, right? If you see through the lies of the mainstream backing Hilary, it's clear the majority of people who would be voting in this matter are going for Sanders.

    • profile image

      Bruce Wayne 22 months ago

      CNN held a poll right after the debate, and Sanders had 81% of the vote. CNN then deleted the poll and wrote an article about how she won hands down.