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Did Darin Routier Murder Devon and Damon Routier? Let the Evidence Speak for Itself.

Updated on November 13, 2018
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Darlie Routier Digging deeper on face book. Group started by Gina Howell Woodall

Darin Routier needs to be properly investigated.

Some believe the truth is in the new DNA testing. I believe the truth is in the evidence that is already staring them in the face. Darlie has no chance at freedom until Darin is properly investigated. That is something the authorities failed to do for 22 years.

Through my own research I do not believe the evidence proved Darlie Routier murdered her two children Devon and Damon, however I do believe the evidence proves

I would like to go through my research starting 20 years ago and explain why I believe Darlie is innocent and Darin isn't.

Darlie was introduced to Darin by her own mother when she was only 15 years old.

Personally I find it repulsive that Darlies mother had introduced her daughter to her boss, (Darin Routier) when she was only 15 years old. Through my research I uncovered things about Darlie Kee that convinced me her feelings towards Darin were much deeper than just mother in law love.

Darlie was a child in the body of a 26 year old woman.

Darlie never had a chance to grow and mature like most woman at the age of 15. She met Darin at 15 and married him at 18. She became a mother shortly after they were married and continued to have two more children throughout the 9 year marriage. Even though she was a 26 year old lady with three children I never viewed her that way. She always appeared to so child like in my opinion. Darlie was introduced to a family a completely different level than she was raised in. I do believe Darlie loved Darin and if she hadn't Darin's controlling manipulating mother would have spotted that right away. No way in hell she would have allowed Darin to marry she wouldn't be able to manipulate and control.

How was it possible for Darin to have gone from one extreme to another so quickly after starting up his own business? I wondered about this myself.

The big move from their small average home to their luxury house in Rowlett Texas.

Asking around.

I found it very hard to believe that Darin was off to such a great start after he decided to leave his computer job and open a business in direct conflict with him employer.

I began to ask around about Darin. I contacted a few people who knew Darin back in the day. According to Darin his old employer at the computer business was all ok with him starting his own business in direct competition with him. He wasn't happy and supportive from what I was told. According to some Darin had been building up his supplies while working at his job at the computer place. When he felt he had enough supplies gathered up he decided to quit his job completely and go out on his own.

In time at all the money was rolling in for Darin and Darlie. I am not sure if Darlie was aware of what had really been going on, but it was no secret she enjoyed the steady flow of cash.

By 1993 Darin made huge changes in his life. There was a brand new huge home that he put many upgrades into. There were boats, cars, jewelry anything and everything seemed to go.

From what I had been told Darlie was like a little Barbie doll for Darin, a play thing he dressed up and bought expensive clothes and gifts for. At first I think Darlie really enjoyed that roll she played.

That all came crashing down by the spring of 1993. Darlie did get used to and enjoy the finer things in life just like Greg Davis had said, but that was far from proving she was an evil greedy manipulating murderer.

Darlie spent a lot of her money on her boys and family. Her energy went into mainly building a beautiful home for Darin and they boys. That was very obvious by looking at the pictures that have been exposed to the public.

A downward spiral for Darin and Darlie.

According to people who knew the Routiers there were so many issues in the marriage by 1993 it was impossible to believe that Darlie stuck around as long as she did.

The problems in the marriage.

Just because Darlie was married to a monster does mean she was a monster herself or even knew about all his activities.

The first insurance scam Darin did was with his Jag car. They were having financial issues and his answer to the problems was to resort to insurance fraud. Darin admitted to some of his criminal activities years later in a tv interview.

Darin packed up his family and he went on a short vacation. While he was out of town he contacted his long time faithful employee Barbara Jovell and he asked her to report his Jag stolen so he could collect the insurance on that claim. He was paid out on that claim.

That payout seemed to put a temporary bandage on the problem but before long all the issues rose to the surface again.

Darin had other affairs while married to Darlie. It appeared that they were able to get past the worst part of those affairs but eventually things just began to snowball for them.

By June of 1996 Darlie had made up her mind that she wanted to separate from Darin. She didn't come forward with all the issues surrounding their marriage, but she did say she was fed up because Darin was not helping with the house and kids.

Premeditated plans Darin made prior to June 6th, 1996 that led to the murders of Devon and Damonn and the attack on Darlie.

Darin once again decided to resort to insurance fraud to get himself out of hawk, but this time Darlie heard about it and wanted no part of it.

The so called robbery plan.

Darlie did say she wasn't aware that Darin had been making plans to have their home robbed, but the truth is she did know and they fought about it.

Darin went to Darlie Kee and her boyfriend and told them he was thinking of robbing his own home and collecting the insurance money. This told me a lot about Darlie Kee and her boyfriend. I found it shocking that Darin viewed DK in such a way that he could freely talk about a huge insurance scam with her. Most families don't operate like that. The last people to know are usually the in laws or other family members.

When Darin brought this up to Darlie Kee Darlie left the home angry. It was obvious she didn't want to be part of his scam. I personally feel that she was scared of being separated from her boys if they were caught, obviously this wasn't something Darin was concerned with.

Many years after Darlie was convicted Darin did an interview and he admitted to many things. He admitted Darlie wanted out of the marriage and he had not only committed insurance fraud, but he admitted he was planning another scam.

The real truth behind Darin's robbery plans.

Darin claimed that he had been asking around to find someone to rob his home. He made up this story to make it appear that so many people knew he had valuables worth stealing and some stranger just came in and tried to rob them. Claiming this was a robbery gone wrong.

The truth

Darin never planned on hiring or asking around for someone to rob his home. He claimed he was planning the robbery for when he was on vacation with his family on the 14th of June.

The truth is there wasn't going to be any vacation on the 14th. Darin never would have allowed or even set a home robbery where he knew a stranger would be touching his personal stuff. Darin was the materialistic one, not Darlie. He prided in having everything and the best of everything. No way in hell he was going to let anyone go into that home and touch his property.

Darin was confronted about being broke, even in court under oath he still denied the fact that he was broke and was behind on all his personal and business bills. Even though Greg Davis had proof in black and white Darin still continued to deny everything..

Darin did bring up a possible robbery to a close friend and to DK and her boyfriend, but he didn't go asking around looking for someone as he claimed. He made up that story to try and convince people that this was a robbery gone wrong.

Darlie knew right after the murders that it wasn't a robbery gone wrong and she strongly voiced this out loud and clear to Darin on that 911 call but everyone chose to ignore this.

The motive for Darin to kill Devon and Damon Routier.

Darin had a history of cheating on Darlie. Just hours before the murders Darlie told Darin she wanted to separate from him. Darin was broke and desperate. He was facing losing his family, his home, and everything surrounding his so called lifestyle. Darin had all the motives and all the opportunity to commit the crime.


After going through Darin's many statements and interviews this is what I believed really happened that night.

Darlie could not trust anyone, including her own family members. How sad is that?

Darlie was betrayed by everyone in her life except for her Aunt Sandy. She had one true friend who she should have believed and trusted but didn't.

Darlie Kee could have come forward long before Darlie went to trial to expose Darin and she chose to go along with the hiring of Doug Mulder just to protect Dar

Copy of affidavit by Darlie Kee

Affidavit of Darlie Kee

In the Criminal District Court No.3

Dallas County, Texas




NO. 3 OF



BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared DARLIE KEE, who, being by me duly sworn on her oath, stated the following:

"My name is Darlie Kee. I am over the age of twenty-one years old and I reside in Wills Point, Texas. I have never been convicted of a crime, and I am capable and fully competent to make this affidavit. I have personal knowledge of the facts stated in this affidavit, and those facts are all true and correct.

"I am the mother of Darlie Lynn Routier, who was accused of murder by the State of Texas in the capital case of Texas v. Routier.

"I July of 1996, my son-in-law, Darin Routier, and I searched for counsel to represent my daughter in her capital trial. Over the course of my search, various individuals suggested that we retain attorney Douglas Mulder.

"Darin and I first met Mr. Mulder in July 1996, and we met with him again many times in August of that year.

"During one of our August meetings, Mr. Mulder told Darin and me that Douglas Parks and Wayne Huff, the court-appointed attorneys for my daughter, intended to blame Darin for the murder of my grandson, Damon. Darin then told Doug Mulder that one of the reasons we were going to retain him was because Doug was not buying into the theory that Darin was involved in this crime. Mr. Mulder assured us that, if he was in charge of the case, he would not do that.

"We decided to hire Mr. Mulder, and he became my daughter's lawyer on October 21, 1996. We eventually paid him about $95,000,00."

Darin did not come forward with the truth until years after Darlie was convicted.

Affidavit by Darin Routier

Affidavit of Darin Routier

In the Criminal District Court No.3

Dallas County, Texas




NO. 3 OF



BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared DARIN ROUTIER, who, being by me duly sworn on his oath, stated the following:

"My name is Darin Routier. I am over the age of twenty-one and I reside in McKinney, Texas. I am capable and fully competent to make this affidavit. The statement herein are true and correct to the best of my personal knowledge. I am the husband of the Petitioner, Darlie Lynn Routier.

"In 1994, I spoke to a person about my Jaguar automobile. In that conversation, I said that "it wouldn't bother me" if the Jaguar was stolen. That person then stole the Jaguar.

"In March or April, 1996, I asked my father-in-law Robbie Gene Kee, if he knew anyone who would agree to burglarize my home as part of an insurance scam. I said that I would arrange for my family to be absent from my house at 5801 Eagle Drive, that someone who I would hire would come to the house and take away the furniture and other items from my house in a U-Haul truck, and that I would then pay that person from the proceeds of the resulting insurance payments.

"Between March 1996 and May 1996, I told multiple people of my planned insurance scam.

"In the late evening on June 5, 1996, I had a verbal disagreement with my wife Darlie Lynn Routier. During that discussion, my wife asked me for a martial separation.

"I first met with attorney Douglas Mulder in July 1996. I met at least once a week with Mr. Mulder in July 1996. The subject of the meetings was Mr. Mulder's potential representation of my wife Darlie Lynn Routier and I in her criminal trial.

"I continued to meet with Mr. Mulder in August 1996. During one of the meetings I had with Mr. Mulder in August 1996, he told me that the court-appointed attorneys in my wife's case, Wayne Huff and Douglas Parks, had confided in him that they were going to try and portray me as the person guilty of the murder of my sons Damon and Devon because they thought that I had something to do with the deaths of my sons. I told Mr. Mulder that if we hired him, I did not want him to "go after" me. Mr. Mulder agreed that, if hired to represent my wife, he would not argue as part of the defense that I was in any way responsible for the death of my children.

"Between July 1996 and late September 1996, I continued to meet regularly with Mr. Mulder. On September 30, 1996, Mr. Mulder represented me at a show cause hearing before Judge Tolle where the State of Texas alleged that I violated a gag order in the criminal case against my wife. In September and October 1996, I believe, based on Mr. Mulder's comments to me, that he was my attorney.

"On October 21, 1996, Mr. Mulder became lead counsel in my wife's criminal trial."



Darin Routier

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me on this the 11 day of July, 2002



Notary Public, State of Texas


We already know Darin was never investigated. He wasn't investigated on June 6th and he has never been investigated since. We also know Darin had a number of reasons for wanting to rid himself of Darlie and boys.

1. Darlie told Darin on June 6th she wanted to separate from him, even though she kept this from the police.

2. We know Darlie suspected and caught Darin in a number of affairs, once being her own underage sister. Darlie was suspicious something was going on between Dana and Darin and there is evidence to back up this theory.

3. Darin had a controlling over powering mother who would not allow Darin to fair. she made sure to push Darin to always be better than the rest.

4. We know Darin had committed insurance fraud in the past as well as other criminal things just to keep his head above water.

5. We know Darin was broke and on the brink of loving everything despite his continuous lies to he police and everyone else.

6. We know Darin was looking at a huge support payment for Darlie and the boys after she left him.

7. We know Darin didn't just smoke pot. Cocaine was found in his room even though the police never bothered to drug test him.

8. We know Darin was suspected of stealing from his employer at the computer business and that being the reason he was so successful when he first started his own business.

9. We know the only people Darin told about his so called home robbery plans were a few closer criminal friends and Darlie's parents. We know Darin was planning to rob his own home and not hiring anyone to do it for him.

10. We know Darin was broke and was not going to be able to take that family trip he planned for June 14th, when he was claiming to have his home robbed.

11. We know there was no trip to Cancun for Darlie because Darin was broke.

12. We know Darin applied for a 5000 dollar loan and was turned down. Darin claimed that loan was to help Dana get a new car, but we all know that was not the truth. Darin was desperate for money at that time, if was going to borrow money it would have been to save himself from losing everything, it wouldn't have been to help Dana buy a car. For some reason the police never seemed to question any of these suspicious remarks Darin had been making before and after Darlies arrest.

Darin Routier's statement proving that his story did not appear to fit as the Rowlett police department claimed.

Darin's police statement written two days after the murders

Statement of Darin Routier

Taken by Officer Chris Frosch at the Rowlett PD – 4.45 pm, June 8, 1996

According to the Rowlett police department Darin told them on June 6th that he had been woken by the sound of Darlie screaming on the phone with 911. When you listen closely to the 911 call it appears to confirm Darins original statement to the police. Darlie is heard on the 911 call telling Darin to hurry 15 seconds into the 911 call. Proving that Darin was not already with Devon before Darlie went to the kitchen to get the phone to dial 911. This proves for a fact Darin did not have an alibi with Darlie to say he had been in his room during the attack. There was no possible way for Darlie to have known which room Darin emerged from, meaning he could have been the intruder that fled to the garage when Darlie first woke. This fact right here was crucial in changing the way the investigation should have been handled. Once it was confirmed that Darlie could not have known if Darin was that intruder or not, the focus should have stayed on Darin until the police could prove if his alibi was legitimate or not. We now know it wasn't, but the police should have realized that right away if they had compared his police statement to the 911 call.

Page 1

We were watching TV in the Roman Room (Living Room SW Corner of House) watching [illegible] movie on HBO (Satellite). Baby Drake had fallen asleep about 10-10:30. I took him up to bed in parents room. Put blanket on him and turned out lights. I went down stairs to talk to Darlie. We talked about the boys not being able to start base-ball yet because we were so busy with the baby right now.

We have a double murder of two children here and Darin starts out his police report by bragging how he had taken his son to bed covered him up and then went back downstairs to visit with his wife? Then Darin turns everything on Darlie. He claims the boys couldn't play baseball that spring because Darlie was too busy with the baby? He knew the real reason the boys weren't playing ball that spring because he didn't have any money. The guy was broke and was behind on all his bills including his credit cards, mortgage and rent on his shop.

We talked about the business, bills, and how Darlie was having a hard time with taking care of the baby’s (all) today. Darlie said she wanted to sleep on the couch because she would sleep better because the baby would keep her awake.

Again Darin has turned everything towards Darlie. She wasn't happy, the baby was keeping her up, she was having troubles taking care of the kids all day. We know now Darin had lied about the real reason Darlie had been sleeping on the sofa. They had been fighting for days prior to this and hours before the murders Darlie had told Darin she wanted to separate. She accused him of cheating and was fed up because he wouldn't and wasn't helping with the house and boys.

The boys were asleep with pillows and blankets on the floor. Devon was asleep face up in front of TV and Damon was asleep between couch and coffee table by the couch mom was.

At first I didn't understand why Darin kept bringing up where and how his boys and being sleeping. I didn't realize that he was making excuses as to how he knew Devon was injured before Darlie had told him. He needed to make sure he explained in detail how he knew where Devon was sleeping.

So I went upstairs to get her a blanket and pillow and came back downstairs to cover her up. We talked a little more about her going to Cancun with some friends across the street and I gave her a kiss goodnight.

Again Darin turns everything on Darlie. They didn't talk about her trip to Cancun. There wasn't going to be any trip for her. They were broke. He couldn't pay any of the bills in the home or even his boys in sports, but the police never bothered to even check any of this out. I don't think they even read his statement before Darlie was arrested.

Told her to dream about me and went upstairs around 1:00am.I went and turned on TV in our room and watched for 10 to 15 min. and took my glasses off and turned TV off. I could not go to sleep for a while but finally I fell asleep.

Darin quotes very specific words he claims he said to Darlie night to make himself appear to the loving caring husband. It wasn't until years later that learned the truth about Darin and what really happened between them just hours before the attack.

In other interviews Darin claimed he went to bed at 11pm and he fell asleep right away. Here he is saying he goes to bed just over an hour before the attack starts and he couldn't sleep so he watched more tv. I cant speak for everyone, but when I have an argument with my spouse just before bed, I know I don't sleep at all. Two children are slaughtered in his living room and his wife is brutally attacked shortly after he retires to bed and he doesn't hear a word until Darlie is screaming on the phone? How is it even possible for the police to have believed anything Darin had said up to this point?

page two

Uncontisly (sic) I heard a noise and then Darlie screaming loud. She was yelling Devon! Devon!! Oh my God Devon!

Darin had obviously thought this through for a long time before he went to the police station to write his statement. Darin claims here he first heard a sound and then Darlie screaming only Devons name. Why would Darlie only be screaming Devons name? In other interviews he changed this part of his story and claimed she was calling out his name and Devons name. Darin knew at this point he needed to have an excuse as to why he ran past his son Damon to go over to Devon. Darlie had not yet told Darin what was going on, so he needed to explain how he knew where Devon was sleeping, and why he ran over to him.

I woke up quickly and grabbed my glasses on the night stand and ran downstairs as fast as I could.

Darin specifically describes putting on his glasses, but he neglects to mention putting on his pants. This is because Darin knows already at this point he is going to lie about why he ran back upstairs when he heard the police pull up to the house. Darin had no idea at this point that Darlie and officer Waddell knew he already had his pants on when he first came downstairs.

Going into the Living Room (Roman) I ran over to Devon laying on the floor where he was when I saw him last and nealed (sic) down over him to see if he was hurt

Is it just me or does anyone else realize Darin again has brought up how or why he knew where Devon was when he fell asleep the night before? Darin has brought up at least twice already how and why he knew where Devon was laying.

In another interview Darin claimed that when he first came downstairs he looked over at Devon and said he ran over to him because he saw the glass table tipped over on top of him. Within minutes of the police investigation they already knew that the table in the living room had never tipped over. They also knew that the very delicate flower arrangement that was on that table had never fallen over or gotten damaged in anyway. They knew it was staged. Yet Darin is claiming right here that he picked that table up off of Devon.

and then looked at the coffee table to see it tipped over on him. When I looked again at his chest there were two holes in his chest with blood and muscle piecing (sic) out.

For what ever reason the police did not find this statement very suspicious. Why? Darin claims he picked the table up off his son and sees two holes? This just happens to be exactly how many times Devon was stabbed? All that blood all over his chest and Darin knew exactly how many times that knife went into his sons chest? How is that even possible that Darin could have just arrived on a horrific scene like that, yet he knew very specific details about his sons injuries? That alone should have been a huge red flag. He has not only lied about the table falling on his son, but within seconds he knew everything about his sons injuries.

This doesn't just make Darin look guilty. Darin describes Devon having blood shooting out of his wounds on his chest. If this was the case than this proves Devon was still alive. His heart would have still been pumping blood, so why would a man with 7 years of cpr training start to do cpr on his son who was clearly breathing on his own. Darin would have known by doing cpr on a victim who is breathing on their own was only going to obstruct that victim from getting air? We know by the 911 call Devon didn't die until 39 seconds after Darlie was on the phone with 911. Darin told Darlie Devon had died shortly after he got to him.

I slapped his face to get him to say or look at me.

This statement doesn't prove for a fact that Darin murdered his son, but it does show exactly how cold and detached he was from his children. To speak of his son in this tone anytime after his death, let alone two days later is just pure evil

page three

No response. I started CPR and when I blew into his mouth air came out of his chest. I blew 5 or 6 times and held my hand over the holes on his chest. Then when that didn’t work I blew into one of the holes in his chest.

When I look back at how many times Darin has gone publicly to brag about this so called cpr on Devon I want to scream. What most people don't know is Darin did cpr twice on Devon, but he has never admitted to that. He wont ever admit to it because he knows it proves for a fact that this proves everything he claims to have done to help his family was really done to obstruct any help to them what so ever.

I looked over at Darlie and she was on the phone calling 911.

Yes Darlie was on the phone with 911, not dialing 911, not running to get the phone, she was already on the phone with 911. In an interview Darin was asked who Darlie was on the phone with and his response was he didn't know, it could have been 911. Really Darin?

I ran over to Damon laying on floor in hallway between wall and side of couch. He had no pulse

This one remark right here should have opened the eyes to a complete investigation into Darin. The police, medics, prosecution, everyone knew that was an out right lie. Damon was alive, he was moving, breathing and looking around the room when Darin and officer Waddell walked into the house. Damon was alive for over six minutes after Darlie first dialed 911 so the police knew that Darin deliberately denied his living son any assistance.

but I could not see any injuries.

Really Darin? You couldn't see any injuries yet there would have been a huge blood puddle under and all around Damon but you claimed you didn't know he was even injured. In another interview Darin said that the reason he didn't turn Damon over to put pressure on the wounds was because his seven years of cpr training taught him not to. Really? So did his cpr training teach him to start cpr on his living son, but refuse cpr to the son he claims had no pulse? I am really not sure how the police were able to miss all these crucial details?

Police came in and I told them that my babys were stabbed

Here we have another red flag. Darin was asked why he didn't help Darlie or Damon. Darin gave three different excuses for that. He claimed he didn't know Darlie was hurt until after he came back from Karens at 2:45am after Darlie was off the phone with 911, yet a witness and Officer Waddell said Darin ran from the home when officer Waddell first pulled up. He was yelling someone stabbed my wife and kids. Officer Waddell noticed Darlie's injuries with in seconds after entering that home, yet Darin spent over six minutes with her and he claims he didn't notice the gaping neck wound even though Darlie claims she not only showed him her injury, but told him about it.

and she told them that he went out of the garage.

I ran upstairs to put my pants on.

Just to prove how closed minded the police were when they focused their attention towards Darlie and only Darlie. Both Darlie and Officer Waddell testified that Darin already had his pants on when he first appeared in that hallway. We know by the 911 call that Darin did not go upstairs as police were entering the home as he is claiming here. Darin went upstairs right after he heard the police pull up to the house. We know this because we hear Darlie's dog bark for the first time. Normally that dog was roaming around free upstairs, but on June 6th Darin had that dog locked up in another room. I believe he locked the dog up so it wouldn't wake up Darlie and the boys.

I looked over and Drake was crying and I felt [illegible] he was ok.

Page four

I noticed my wallet left on the floor

So Darin says he goes into the room where baby Drake was, noticed his wallet was laying on the floor, yet he turns his back and flees that room leaving his baby alone in the crib not knowing if that intruder was still in the room or not. Seriously? The police didn't question this behavior or action at all? I don't believe any of the officers ever bothered to even read Darin's statement.

and all I could think to do was to go [redacted] holler for help. I needed someone to help [illegible] and [illegible] the paramedics when they arrived.

So we have Darin claiming that as police were entering the home he runs upstairs to put his pants on. We know for a fact by that 911 call this never happened. Then Darin claims that all he could think about was getting help? He just said help was coming in the door before he ran upstairs. We know for a fact that Darin did not go over to Karens until after Darlie was off the phone with 911. Darin didn't go over to Karens until after 2:40am and she testified to that in court. There was also a witness who testified to the same story.

I went downstairs ran out the house and ran across the street to [redacted] and [redacted] door. I banged 5-6 times as hard as I could until [redacted] comes to the doors 1st and when I told them that Devon and Damon were stabbed they were in shock and ran over with me to the house and that was when they were putting Damon on a stretcher.

This if very interesting. Darin claims he ran upstairs just as police arrived. The first officer arrived at 3:33am, we know for a fact that Damon was not removed from the home until long after Darlie was already off the phone with 911. This proves for a fact that Darin not only lied about the timeline as to when he went to karens, but he lied about when and why he went back upstairs before police ever entered the home.

I knew that Devon was dead before I ran across street and Damon had no pulse

Darin did know Devon was dead before he went over to Karens. That fact that he has brought up again Damon not having a pulse just proves he is trying to confuse the timeline here. Darin did run out and meet officer Waddell in the front yard, but because of the fact that Darin claimed it was the intruder who fled the home and ran past officer Waddell he has not been able to admit he was that intruder who fled the home at 3:33am when officer Waddell arrived.

The interview on the Leeza show done in 1999 just proves that Darlie Kee and Darin both knew Darin was that intruder, but Darlie Kee sat there in that interview and bare faced lied to the entire world accusing officer Waddell of allowing the intruder to run past him and get away. The truth is officer Waddell didn't allow that intruder to run away. He stopped Darin right there in the front yard and made him go back into the house with him. To this day Darin has denied this and public has chosen to turn a blind eye to all Darin's lies for over 22 years.

but the paramedic carried him out in a blanket out the front door. I ran out yelling that we have to find who did this and [redacted]

Darin did run from the home yelling and screaming several times, this is why he was able to confuse everyone about the timeline of his actions. Mr. Gorsuch was a witness who watched everything right from the time officer Waddell first pulled up. Darin had been putting on such a show that it made it almost impossible for people to make sense out of his statements.

Through the years I kept going back to Darins statements and interviews and I finally realized that Darin didn't just leave the house yelling and screaming once or twice. He did it three times. He ran over to Karens yelling and screaming knowing for a fact that medics and police were already there helping his family.

Karen Neil made a comment once about how she didn't understand Darin's behavior when he ran over to her house. Darin was told by the officer to go over to Karens just to get him off the scene and Darin knew this, but Darin used this opportunity to throw more chaos into the scene hoping to be able to get back into his house somehow. It worked. Darin came back to his house with Terry Neil. Terry stayed at the front door and waited for Karen, but Darin ran into the house and turned off into the dinging room to get back to the kitchen and the garage. Darin himself said he went back into that house to look over the evidence even though he had been told not to go back in.

What was most disturbing about this is Devon had been left in the home as evidence and Darin didn't go anywhere near that living room. Darin announced Devon dead 39 seconds into that 911 call, yet he used that boys dead body to trick and deceive officer Waddell into believing he was trying to help his family.

told me that Darlie was cut too! I never knew that she was hurt yet she had blood all over her from the neck down to the bottom of her nightshirt.

When Darin ran out that front door at 3:33am when officer Waddell arrived he knew Darlie was cut. He was heard yelling my wife and kids were stabbed. He is claiming that he didn't know Darlie was cut until after 2:40 am. Darin seemed to have an answer for everything He made up this lie because he was asked why he didn't try to help either Damon or Darlie and he just kept making up different excuses to cover his tracks.

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She was standing in the door way with the paramedics said she needed to go to the hospital. So we helped her onto the stretcher and she said “Darin you have to promise me we will find this man! He killed our babys.”

According to the officers Darin was just sitting on the curb, he didn't help put Darlie on the stretcher. Darin claims she asked him to find out who did this, but according to Darlie and Karen Darlie asked Karen and not Darin

I walked back into house pushed my way through the police and saw the knife on the bar in kitchen w/blood all over it.

Darin did not push past any officers when he went back in. Officer Waddell was the first officer assigned to watch the door and he hadn't even gotten to the door to start doing that yet. Darin came back with Terry Neil and Neil stayed at the front door but not Darin. Darin quickly turned off into the dining room and went right to the kitchen and then to the garage to look over the evidence. Darin was told to stay out of the home because it was under investigation so he tricked his way back in by telling Karen and Terry his family needed help. Karen herself said it was very strange how Darin was behaving and asking for her help when he knew help was already there.

[illegible] went to garage and door [illegible] to look at the window that the police had said he entered and I went out of the house and walked across the street and neighbors were there to comfort me

Seriously to comfort him. He was the only person in that besides the baby who wasn't attacked. And he brags about how they comforted him?

and ask me about what happened. I sat for a minute on a curb and walked over to the ambulance where Damon was and asked paramedic was he alive and they said no.

There were several medics in that van with Damon and every single medic said Darin never went over to ask about Damon once.

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I was in shock.

Really? how does a person in shock calculate, manipulate and plan every detail as Darin did that night. Once Darin realized Darlie didn't know he was that intruder he just continued to stage and plan just as if nothing had happened.

[redacted] told me to with Darlie in the ambulance. So I got in and they threw me outand said they needed to work. So then they asked me questions (fire dept) (SS# + address + name) and I asked what hospital and no one knew. So found out where Darlie went (Baylor Dallas) and drove over to the hospital. At hospital I was questioned by Det. Frosch for hours.

Darin wasn't questioned for hours and hours later at the hospital. By then he had already destroyed most of the evidence on himself by washing up at the neighbors house. He doesn't mention any of this in his statement.

I believe this was a premeditated plan from the start and I would like to explain what I believe happened in that home that night.

The Routiers were broke, that was cleared up through Greg Davis in court. They were behind on credit cards, mortgage, shop rent everything. Darin admitted himself towards the end he wasn't even getting out of bed until after noon, after the mail came in.

His so called planned robbery

Darin was openly talking to a few people saying he wanted to rob his own home for the insurance money. Darin later changed his story by claiming he had been actively asking around to find someone to rob his house. Darin needed it to look like some stranger had over heard him and decided to rob the home themselves.

We know he only asked a close friend and Darlie Kee and her boyfriend. Darin went to his long time employee just as he had when he stole his own jag car. He asked Barbara Jovell to report the Jag stolen,then Darin collected on the policy.

Darin went to Barbara and asked her if she would find someone to stalk his home. She did,she got a friend of hers to drive around the Routier house making it look as though they were scoping out the place. This was all a smoke screen for when Darin actually did the crime.

Darin started making plans for this night weeks or maybe months in advance.


Darlie had an insurance policy for 250.000 and the boys each had one for 5,000 dollars. Darlie's policy had a special clause. If she had died that night in the home, the accidental clause Darin added to the policy would have paid him double He would have gotten 510,000 dollars on the death of his family. Strangely as it is Darin didn't have insurance on baby Drake. According to him he didn't add him as a rider after he was born.

Darin himself had a policy of 350,000 dollars. He was the parent who was supporting the family, yet the payout on his life would have been less than what he would have gotten paid out on Darlie. Police didn't seem to find that suspicious.

When the insurance company tried to contact the Rowlett police department they couldn't be bothered to even call them back.

Weeks before the murders Darin goes to his long time employee and asks her to stage a car around his home to make it appear they were scoping out the home.

In Darin's last interview he even mentions this so called suspicious black car again. The whole time Darin has known that the black car was not a so called stalker scoping out his home. He knew that Barbara Jovell sent that car to his home to make it appear someone was stalking the house.

I personally spoke to Barbara Jovell myself. Through our very long conversation she cried and admitted that the black car belonged to a friend of hers. At one time she was asked about that car but said she sent him there to look at landscaping at the Routier home.

Weeks before the murders Darin had been speaking to neighbors about this black car. He wanted to make sure there were witnesses to back up his story that someone had been stalking his home.

Darin only spoke to a couple people regarding his plans for a robbery. He was not actively asking around trying to find someone to rob the home.

Darin also stated that this robbery he was planning was supposed to happen while he was on his two week vacation that they were supposed to take leaving on June 14th, but Darin knew they were not going to take that vacation because they were broke.

Darin tried to get a 5000 dollar loan so he could take his family on that vacation but he was turned down. By June Darlie was at the end of her rope with Darin. He had been cheating on her, he wasn't helping with the house or kids. She was talking about separation from Darin and he knew his days were numbers.

June 4th, more premeditation.

For the week leading up to the murders Darlie's younger sister had been staying in the Routier home going to work with Darin. I found this very suspicious just because Darin was broke. He couldn't even pay the 543 dollars on the rent for his shop let alone pay another employee to work for him. Darin denied being broke when he testified in court, but Davis proved through his research Darin was broke and desperate at the time of the murders.

Darin doesn't just hire Darlie's sister to go work for him he also hires his employee's mother to come into the house to help Darlie with the house and kids. We know for a fact Darin had to have a different motive for bringing this woman into his home.

I realized through my research that Darin and Dana were suspected of having and affair and I do believe there was very strong evidence to prove this was true.

Darin was taking Dana to work with him every day when he knew he couldn't afford to hire her. He also knew Darlie needed help at home with the house and kids, yet he still took Dana to work with him every day. To make matters worse Darin claimed he had to use Darlie's pathfinder because his Jag was broke down. First he said the repairs were going to cost over 3000.00 dollars but as time went on he claimed the car was fixed with a three dollar part.

Personally I don't believe the car was ever broken down. I believe Darin was taking Darlie's car just to make sure wasn't able to drive to the shop to check up on him and Dana.

Darin then hires his employees mother on June 4th to help Darlie in the home. I found this very suspicious because Darin claimed the shop was slow and he wasn't even going into work until after 10 am.

I later realized that this woman was there to be a witnesses for this so called suspicious black car that him and his employee had set up to stalk his home.

According to Jovell's mother she was looking out the kitchen window and just happen to see this black car parked out there. A man was looking into the windows of the Routier's garage. Then she describes how he speeds away.

This wasn't the only suspicious sighting of that car that day. We already know the car was set up by Darin and Jovell, but Jovell and her mother testified in court about seeing this suspicious black car on June 5th. Jovell claimed when her and her mother were leaving the Routier home on June 5th this black car sped past them on the road.

According to Jovell's mother she left the Routier home very upset with Darlie. She accused Darlie of making fun of her and also abusing her kids. I found it very odd that Jovell never brought up any conversation regarding this so called abuse. She claimed they only talked about this suspicious black car.

Then came Darin's sighting that day. According to Darin when he was driving home this black car was speeding past his home in a very dangerous fashion. For what ever reason neither Jovell nor Darin ever warned Darlie about these so called sightings of this suspicious black car.

Darin claims this black car alarmed him yet he went right into the house leaving Damon and Devon alone outside riding their bikes on the sidewalk. He doesn't bring his boys in, he doesn't stay outside to supervise them and he doesn't say one word to Darlie to tell her about this suspicious car.

Darin then comes in and he grabs baby Drake and him and Dana take him to a room out of the view of Darlie. I found it very suspicious that Dana came home with Darin yet she doesn't go into the kitchen to help Darlie. Then Darin makes up this ridiculous excuse as to why him and Dana took the baby to the living room out of Darlies view. He claimed he was concerned about the baby playing on the hard wood floor so he took him to a room with carpet.

I think by this point I was convinced that something was about to happen in that home. I don't believe at this point Darin was planning a murder. I do believe he was planning to rob his own home.

Greg Davis brought up a suspicious phone call Darin made in the early hours of June 6th, but he wasn't specific as to who Darin called. I assumed he was talking about the call he made to Dana right after the murders asking her to call Jovell to get her to come to the home to give the police a statement about the so called suspicious black car.

June 5th, downward spiral.

On June 5th Barbara Jovells mother came to the Routier home to help Darlie with the house and kids. I couldn't wrap my head around this at all. Here we have a man who is absolutely broke, behind on all his bills and knows he doesn't have the money to take that family vacation on the 14. I noticed Darin didn't even bring up that trip in his police statement. Darin only brought up this so called trip that Darlie planned with her friend. Anyway, her mother comes in to work and we learn that Darlie's sister Dana had been staying at the home and she had been going to work with Darin. Why? I had to ask. Darin couldn't afford to pay the employee he already had, yet he hires her sister to come and work for him? Then he spends the money to hire an outsider to come in and help Darlie when she already had her sister staying there who could have helped her with the house and kids. None of this really made sense until a few of us began to research what was really going on between Darin and Dana.

My friend Belinda had been researching the case for many years also and she found this article on the web where Darin and Dana were at six flags after Darlie was arrested. They behavior was so sickening that some of the people had to leave the line up because they couldn't watch them anymore. They wrote an article describing their experience.

I then learned that Darin, Darlie and the boys moved in with Darlie Kee after the murders, but after the arrest Darin didn't move out. He stayed living with Darlie Kee and her girls, while his mother took Drake to come live with her.

I then learned that 12 days after the murders Darin and Dana showed up at the house to get rid of the gifts and toys strangers had bought for the boys. They were seen laughing and tossing the toys about. At one point Darin was climbing up the fountain trying to plant a flag. Their behavior was shocking in my opinion. This just confirmed to me that there was something going on between them.

Belinda then found another article where the Plano police were called to Darlie Kee's home over a domestic fight between her and her daughter. Apparently Darin was right there to stop the argument. I had been told by several people that Darin and Dana were having an affair, but I also heard rumors that there was something between Darlie Kee and Darin also.

I then looked back on June 5th and read what Darin had said happened when he came home from work that day. He said he came home and that black car sped past his house. He said they went into the house and they grabbed baby Drake and took him into the living room. It shocked me that Dana went to that room with Darin rather than help her sister in the kitchen. All things were just adding to my suspicions.

We already know that Darin and Darlie had a huge fight on June 5th. It was so serious that she sent Dana home late that night and told Darin she was separating from him.

I was convinced right then the fight was about Darin and Dana. If they weren't fighting about her then Darlie were have kept her there for support, but she didn't she sent her home. Darlie had been sleeping on the sofa for several days before the fifth of June, so it made sense that what ever they fought about included Dana.

Hours leading up to the murders.

We now know things were not as Darin had described. They didn't cuddle on the sofa and exchange loving words before he went upstairs. Darin had asked Darlie if he could sleep downstairs with her and she said no. The fact that he was forced to take Dana home and was being rejected by Darlie had to have him feeling furious at this point.

Though Darin never mentions it, he did give her a glass of wine just before he went to bed. I always suspected that he had drugged her. She was taking sleeping pills that should have had her bouncing off the walls, but she said she suddenly got tired and wanted to go to sleep. That just confirmed for me he did put something in her wine that night.

I also believe that the only reason only one glass was broken in that home was because Darin smashed that glass to destroy evidence.

This is what I believe the evidence proves happened on June 5th, 1996.

Play by play details of what the evidence proves really happened before during and after the murders.

Darin goes to bed after 1 am, just shortly over and hour before the murders began.

We now know that Darin and Darlie had a huge fight just before he went to bed on June 5th.

In one interview Darin said he went to bed at 11 pm and fell right asleep. In other interview he claimed he went to bed after 1 am and couldn't go to sleep right away. That story made sense because most people who go to bed mad don't fall asleep right away. Some don't fall asleep at all.

There was cocaine found in his room. Being that he was so upset that night it would have made sense he would have used drugs to maybe better the situation. Cocaine doesn't make you tired, nor does it make you happy. It is known to increase the sex drive and to also cause severe mood swings. On top of already being furious who knows how that drug would have or could have effected Darin that night.

What was shocking to me is even after the police found the cocaine in his room that morning during their investigation they never drug tested Darin.

They did drug test Darlie but it came back negative. That never convinced me he didn't drug her wine the night before. Unless you are specifically looking for something not all drugs show up on a drug test. Not to mention the hospital was so negligent they lost over 2500 rape kits. They weren't found until many years later and Darlie's was one of those tests.

We know Darin made recent changes to his insurance policies so I don't know if his real intent at first was to murder Darlie. It may have started out as just being a home robbery, but when she discovered what was going on between Darin and Dana I believe everything changed. Darin knew the only way he was going to get out debt and get out of all that support for Darlie and the boys was to rid himself of his problems. No family, no support. Then he is rewarded by collecting over 500 thousand on the insurance. There was a clause on her life insurance that would have paid him double if she would have died that night. I believe Darin thought this through and he decided that was the way to go.

We know the dog was locked up in a separate room because he wasn't heard barking until Darin went back upstairs at 3:30am just as officer Waddell pulled up. Darin had opened the door to the room where the dog had been locked up. This might not seem like a very important fact here, but that dog was never locked up at night. He was free to roam the halls all night long. He couldn't go down stairs because he was too small to go down the stairs on his own. He was upstairs that night as always was, the only difference was had been locked up. I believe Darin locked the dog up so he wouldn't alarm or wake Darlie and the boys.

I believe Darin went downstairs and was planning to stage a rape. While he was assaulting Darlie I believe Devon woke up and that is why he was attacked first.

I believe Darin washed the weapon off that he used on Devon and put it back. He then took another weapon and used that on Darlie and Damon to make it appear there was more than one intruder.

Just like Barry Fyfe said Darin was walking away from the living calming believing they were dead. When Darlie sat up and he heard her he knew he couldn't afford to have any physical conflict with her at that time so he ran.

I believe Darin ran into the garage and he waited for them to bleed out. When he heard her go back into the living room where the boys were he removed his cap, shirt and jeans, hiding those jeans in between the boys pants. This was the only time anyone could have hidden those pants in the utility room. I believe Darin took the other path to get to the dining room which is only a few feet from the stairs. When Darin heard Darlie yelling and heading for the kitchen he ran the few feet to the stairs and within 15 seconds Darlie was back with the phone speaking to 911.

Darin claimed when he came down Darlie had not yet called 911, but the call itself contradicts that. Not only that, if Darin did come down when he claimed he wouldn't have seen Damon in laying position, he would have seen him standing.

Darin also said that Darlie was standing at the foot of the stairs screaming, but the blood evidence proves she never stood at the foot of the stairs. The evidence backs up the fact that he appeared on those only after she returned from the kitchen with the phone.

According to Darin he said he came down and immediately ran over to Devon because he saw the glass table tipped over on top of him. He even describes how he picked the table up off of Devon. If this were the case then that table would have had blood all over it from Devon, but instead it only had one single finger print on it. Not only that through the police investigation it was proven for a fact that the table never fell ever nor did the delicate flower arrangement ever hit the floor. Darin testified to this in court during questioning with Doug Mulder. Doug Mulder tried to get Darin to change his testimony, but Darin didn't realize that the police knew the table had never fallen over. They knew the flower arrangement had been staged. To further prove my point. Darin would have little to no blood on his hands so if Darlie staged that floor arrangement and table then there would have been blood on both the table and flowers but there wasn't.

Within 39 seconds Darin had told Darlie Devon was dead yet he stayed with only Devon for another 2 and a half minutes until he ran back upstairs. We heard Darlie scream out on the 911 call at 39 seconds into the call saying Devon was dead. She also said Darin told her he was dead.

Instead of racing over and trying to help Damon Darin made up several different excuses as to why he never tried to save Darlie or Damon. Over and over Darin kept saying that Damon had no pulse, then he said he didn't know Damon was hurt, but yet in another interview he says while he was giving cpr to Devon he looked over at Damon and he was barely moving. He knew he was hurt. Then Darin claimed his training taught him not to turn him over. If he didn't know he had been stabbed in the back, how would have known not to turn Damon over? I couldn't believe the police had never investigated any of these stories Darin had been giving.

Darin bragged about his 7 years of cpr training so he would have known by giving cpr to Devon he was obstructing his breathing. Then he claimed Damon had no pulse and that is why he didn't help him. Darin would have seen the puddle of blood under Damon. He would have known Damon was bleeding out and he needed pressure on his wounds. Darin never touched that boy and he never tried to instruct Darlie on how to help Damon. It was so obvious what Darin was doing here. How was it possible for the police to have missed these details?

This is where things get very interesting. To this day Darin has never admitted to going upstairs when he heard Waddell pull up. He claims he went upstairs as the police were entering home. He goes on further to say he went up there to put his pants on. Darin made up this story to cover up for the fact that he not only went upstairs before police entered the home, but he already had his pants on when he first came down both Waddell and Darlie testified to that.

What really happened after officer David Waddell arrived?

David Waddell has been slandered by the both Darlie Kee and the Routier family claiming he was a liar and that he allowed the intruder to flee from the home after he arrived. The evidence proves officer Waddell was telling the truth.

Officer Waddell

Officer Waddell was only 1.9 miles away from the Routier home when he heard the call on the radio. He did use his lights and fled towards the Routier home. He said he arrived at the Routier home within 2 minutes and that timeline appears to fit the version of the story that Mr. Gorsuch gave. Mr. Gorsuch was a neighbor who lived just to the left of the Routier home across the street. He apparently was woken by the sound of officer Waddell pulling up to the home.

He said that Darin came out of the house screaming and yelling. He said Waddell stopped him they spoke for a second and Waddell told Darin to go back into the house. They both went into the home together, but according to Darin he claims he went over to Karens at that time, but Mr. Gorsuch, officer Waddell and Karen Neil all contradict what Darin said. Darin didn't go over to karens until 2:40am that was after the police and medics already entered the home. The medics and officers version of the story matched Mr. Gorsuch.

Basically all I can say about Darin's police statement he wrote on June 5th is it was not true.

We know by Darin's police statement and interviews that he immediately ran over to Devon as soon as got downstairs. This puts the timeline at 2:30:15, fifteen seconds into the 911 call.

Officer Waddell describes in detail how Darin comes back into the house and he runs past Damon who is moving breathing looking around the room and goes right back to Devon. This is almost 4 minutes after he had already done cpr on Devon and announced him dead to Darlie.

I personally spoke to officer Waddell and found him to be very honest and credible. He had no reason to make up this story of Darin doing cpr on Devon. Darin couldn't switch things around and claim he did cpr on Damon because the evidence proved he never touched Damon.

I saw an interview that officer Waddell did where he was describing what happened when he arrived at the home.

He said he pulled up and Darin came out screaming. He said he stopped him in the front yard and Darin told him his wife and kids were stabbed. This is exactly what the witness across the street said.

He said he told Darin to go back into the house with him even though Darin said he was going over to Karens. Darin has tried to claim he did go to karens at that time.

Officer Waddell described in this interview how Darin rushes in and he runs right past Damon and goes over to Devon. Waddell clearly states he never asked Darin to do this at that time. He didn't ask Darin to go over and help until after Darin came back into the house.

Officer Waddell explains in his interview that he was with Darlie trying to help her and Darin disappeared. He wasn't with either boy. He assumed Darin had gone over to Karens to get help. I always knew the chair that was tipped over in front of the sliding door was caused by Darin coming or going from the home. Darin did leave the home, but we know for a fact that he didn't go over to Karen's at that time. We also know that those sliding doors take you to the back yard and by jumping the fence you can get to the back alley.

We now know Darin had the opportunity to have lost or planted that sock in the alley.

I asked Waddell why the jury wasn't told about Darin leaving the home. He explained to me that he understood they were told and they knew he left the home right after he got there. I explained to him that the jury didn't know.

I was shocked to see that interview they did on the Leeza show where Darlie Kee tells the whole world how this so called intruder had ran past officer Waddell and got away. Darin sat there white as a ghost knowing the whole time he had lied to everyone about who that intruder really was.

Conversation with Officer Nabors, one of the officers on the scene.

I personally contacted officer Nabors many times to ask him why they never investigated Darin.


I contacted the Rowlett police department many times. I wanted to share my info and explain to them how Darin's stories had been changing through the years.

The first thing I wanted to bring up was Darin's interviews where he claimed that he was woken by glass breaking. I asked the officer if Darin had told them that he was woken by the sound of Darlie screaming to 911 and he said yes. That appeared to be what the two detectives also believed. I asked him if he was aware Darin had now changed his story so that he had an alibi in Darlie? I explained to him how Darin was now saying he was woken by glass breaking putting the timeline much sooner than when he actually appeared on the stairs. I explained to him that it was impossible for Darlie to have seen which room he came from because she was in the kitchen getting the phone completely out of his sight. I explained how Darin was now claiming he was woken by the sound of glass breaking and appeared on the scene before she dialed 911. I told him the 911 call proved his first version of the story was the correct one because Darlie is heard on the 911 call telling him to hurry 15 seconds into the call.

I explained to him that Darin never mentioned this so called glass breaking in his police statement. Officer Nabors asked me where I got my information from. When I told him from an interview Darin did, he told me I watch too much tv. He told me she was guilty and they waiting for the execution date to be set.

I asked Nabors why Darin was never investigated? He told me that Darin's version of the story appeared to fit the evidence. He went on further to say that Darlie said it wasn't Darin. I asked him if he had even read her description of the intruder? She described Darin exactly. He just blew me off like I didn't know what I was talking about.

I fought with so many people on the internet saying Darin was never investigated and the Darlie haters argued with me for years. The program the last defense proved that Darin was never investigated. They said Darins story appeared to fit the evidence. How is that even possible? His police statement was not consistent with anyone or anything.

The truth about Doug Mulder

Doug Mulder didn't have a clue about the case before he took it on. He was hired only three months before the trial

court appointed lawyers tried to help Darlie before she went to trial

To avoid all the boring details I will just get to the point. Doug Mulder was first hired to represent Darlie Kee and Darin regarding a gag order. He learned that the court appointed lawyers planned on implicating Darin in the crime. Doug Mulder was confronted by the courts and he denied any such deal was ever made. Once the trial was over it was obvious that a deal had been made. Doug Mulder knew Darin left that house and had the opportunity to plant that sock and he said nothing. He also caught Darin in many lies and instead of confronting him or charging him he tried to get Darin to change his version of the story while he was on the stand.

Doug Mulder knew that Darin didn't park his car on the street to help protect his boys. Other neighbors had asked Darin many times not to park on the street at the corner because it was obstructing the view of the traffic. It was as though Darin was hoping to collect on insurance from his children because he knew that the vehicles driving that corner were normally speeding. Darin kept saying or bragging how he parked his car there because he would rather they hit his car rather than his kids. Really Darin?

The smoking gun. I have said before and i will say it again. That second cpr Darin did on Devon was proof of his guilt.

To this day Darin has never admitted to doing cpr on Devon after officer Waddell got there. Instead he slandered the officer so badly that anything he did say wouldn't be credible. I did research Waddell's version of the story and found him to be very credible.

If Darin really did everything in his power to help his family, why lie about the second cpr he did on Devon?

Officer Waddell did not make up that story about Darin doing cpr on Devon. He had no reason too.

I found it very suspicious that Darin ran past his son Damon to get to Devon. We know he lied about the reason he ran over to Devon first. That glass table never fell over and he never picked that table up off Devon's body. Darin ran over to Devon before Darlie had even told him what was going on. Darin also claimed that he didn't know Damon and Darlie were hurt until after he came back from Karen's but he was heard yelling outside not once but twice his wife and kids were stabbed.

Even after Darin came back into the house he could have gone over and tried to help Damon, but instead he walked over to the officers and he started to make his claims of a robbery.. Darlie is heard on that tape getting angry with Darin and telling him it was intentional. She knew it was no robbery. She told Darin at least twice nothing was taken.

Darin used his sons dead body to deceive both Darlie and officer Waddell that is clear. Darin knew when he came back into the house with Waddell that Devon had passed. He also knew that Damon was in desperate need of pressure on those wounds but he never touched that boy or offered to explain to anyone on how to help him.

Darin never mentions in his police report how he goes over to Karen's and washes up in her bathroom while his family is dead and dying.

The sock


Testing the sock in the alley

I had contacted Darlie Kee many times asking her to test that sock for evidence. I believe the sock was accidently dropped in the alley. I believed the sock was in Darin's pant leg and fell out above the drain in the alley when he was disposing evidence. According to the police they never searched the drain in the alley because it had a difficult angle on it.

For us to believe that someone other than Darin had hidden his bloody jeans in the utility room is just nonsense. He is the only one who had the motive or opportunity to do it. I don't believe they tested that sock on the outside for DNA. They found Darlies DNA in the toe of the sock but that would make sense because she did the laundry. Darlie haters argued that she had a housekeeper but she went for a long time without one. Darin only hired his employees mother two days before the murders.

The cap and the piece of black clothing laying next to the cap


The police went back to the Routier home to get the black cap 14 days later.

The cap was later tested and the DNA on the sweatband couldn't exclude Darin. There was never any mention of the other pieces of clothing laying near the cap. This intruder Darlie saw was wearing a black cap, a black t shirt and jeans. It never dawned on them that Darin just happen to have only jeans on when Darlie first saw him but there was a cap and a piece of black clothing just laying in the middle of the room on the floor in home that was in perfect shape with nothing out of place. Not to mention the housekeeper that worked that day spent the day doing laundry in the utility room. That black piece of clothing was never taken into evidence, Why?

The second cap


The second cap

There has been many rumors going around about the caps. When I look at the pics taken by police I see two different caps. Some say the police took a cap on the first day they entered the home, but they returned 14 days later to retrieve the second cap.

I am not sure as to what the truth is, I only know the police should have taken all the items into evidence and tested them.

After 22 years there has been no evidence of an intruder

The rumor of a planned robbery never came up until years later. Darin didn't ask around trying to find someone to rob his home. He was bragged to copy of family members and a friend how he planned on robbing his own home.

No intruder

The Routier house was well lit up. The fountain out front lit up the whole yard. The big tv was on in the living room in front of the big windows. Anyone from the outside of that house would seen three people in that living room. It makes no sense for a stranger to come into that home knowing he would be confronted by at least three people. This so called intruder didn't appear to be worried about a husband or male making any appearance to stop the crime. There is absolutely no evidence of any intruder being in that home.

Detective Cron tried to interfer with the investigation

Within 20 minutes of being on the crime scene Detective Cron decided it was an inside job. He not only asked officers to move and lift evidence but he took it upon himself to tell the forensic experts that he had already checked the garage and there was no blood. They did their own investigation and they did find blood in the garage. Darlie never entered that garage.

The so called black car Darin has continued to lie about for years

Darin did an interview on the Last defense program bragging how he searched for that black car for a whole two weeks after the murders. Really Darin?

Barbara Jovell admitted she was the one who sent the black car to the Routier home

Darin had gone to his employee Barbara Jovell and asked her to help him stage a stalker so he could rob his own home. She asked a friend of hers to do this. As part of the staging Darin hired his employees mother to go into his home and help Darlie with the house and kids. On her second day in the home she just happens to have seen this guy in a black car parked in the alley looking into the window of the garage.

Darin made a phone call to Dana shortly after the murders. He called Dana to get her to call Barbara Jovell to go to his home and give a false statement about this so called black car. Barbara showed up at the house right away and spoke to detective Patterson giving him a statement about this car. While she was there this car had driven by the Routier home.

Darin has no shame. Doesn't he realize that people are starting to seriously look at him? Doesn't he realize people are starting to talk now?

In that same interview Darin brought up that affidavit he signed about the details of what happened before the murders. He actually tried to accuse Darlie's lawyers of forcing him to sign that document just to try and help Darlie. This guy has no shame at all.


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  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    21 hours ago from Canada

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    8 days ago from Canada

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    13 days ago from Canada

    When Darlie Kee, Darin, Dana, and Darins family is constantly slandered it is because of remarks and behavior such as these that prove who and what they really are. For 22 years they have made this all about them, no care or respect for Darlie or boys who were brutally slaughtered. Obviously none of them feel any shame or guilt what so ever

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    13 days ago from Canada

    This isn't about you Darlie Kee and or Dana, this is about Darlie and getting Darin investigated and charged for what he did. You really are evil.

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    2 weeks ago from Canada

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    2 weeks ago from Canada

    I thought this article was about Darlie, not you slandering a woman who died of cancer. Do you even realize Drake has been fighting cancer himself. Why don't you grow up you are hurting everyone here including Drake. I am trying to expose the truth here so grow up and stop the evil slanders. Pathetic, really pathetic

  • Jo Douglas profile imageAUTHOR

    Jo Douglas 

    3 weeks ago from Canada

    Darin immediately went after Waddell slandering him. He used him to cover up his crime. I know Darlie didn't do it and the evidence proves to me Darin did.

  • profile image

    Cordia Green 

    3 weeks ago

    I have followed this case since day one and have always believed Darlie is innocent. They have never even considered her injury, which I believe would never have been self-inflicted. She almost died of her injuries. The cops had it out for that poor woman, they decided almost immediately that it was her and stuck to it. She never had a chance, there is no way she did this, it does not even make sense, when something does't make sense it is not true.


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