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Did Eric Trump think Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres are part of the Deep State?

Updated on January 3, 2018

What do you think that Eric Trump's Tweet about Obama, Clinton and DeGeneres actually mean?

This article was inspired from a forum discussion on the same topic.

Another Forum topic that takes something and twists it just to make president Trump and his family look bad.

This time it is based on a very cryptic Tweet from the president’s son Eric Trump.

The Tweet says

Twitter suggestions of who I should follow #deepstate.

This is followed by the three people they suggest.

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Barack Obama
  • Ellen DeGeneres

This is where the forum and the web cites that they copied this Tweet from make it look like Eric Trump thinks that Ellen DeGeneres is part of the Deep State.

  • Looking at the article the three people listed are given a mini summary of their positions.
  • This alone should give you the idea that this is not the idea coming from Eric. The list of positions for them doesn’t give anything associated with Deep State.
  • So all the anti Trumpers jump onto this cat nip and make all sorts of accusations about Eric Trump.


We the people don’t know much about the so called government within a government but we have seen the smoke so there could be a real fire. For example, when Trump became president there were all sorts of leaks coming out of private, classified and other conversations from the White House.

These leaks could only have come from people embedded in the White House and other governmental agencies. So is this an example of the Deep State. The probably is very high when we are talking about breaches involving National Security information.

Ex President Barack Obama

  • Is he a part of the Deep State today?
  • Well we know that when he was president he didn’t stop Hillary Clinton from having a private email server that was getting and sending classified information.
  • He didn’t use the Department of Justice, the FBI and other United States Intelligence agencies to investigate Hillary Clinton, the DNC concerning the breach in national security that allowed any hacker to access this classified information.
  • Recently, it has come to our attention that Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s top aide was using her private yahoo account to send government passwords. And we also find out that many hackers got this sensitive information. All Yahoo members had been hacker by a Russian person who collected over five hundred million user accounts and their contents.
  • President Obama didn’t prevent, and in fact may have been instrumental in getting FISA warrants to spy on Donald Trump and his team.
  • Since Obama left the presidency he has done everything he can to try and make president Trump’s job difficult. From going around the world as if he was still president and still representing the United States, continuously mocking the president.

Ex Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

  • She along with Barack Obama did many things together including Benghazi, and the Uranium deal with connections to Russia.
  • Also, look at all the opposition that the Department of Justice, the FBI and the State Department gave to congress during their investigation of Hillary Clinton.

Ellen Degeneres – Talk show host

  • Does Eric Trump really think that she is a part of the deep state.
  • It may be possible that she could contribute her financial backing to it. But, Oprah Winfrey would be better at that job.

What one writer of the link said.

  • Apparently, (As this Tweet is very terse, and there are no real statements as to what Eric means here, the writer uses the word “Apparently”. This makes his further statements a conclusion based on his personal opinion.)
  • Eric Trump believes
  • Ellen DeGeneres, Hilary Clinton, and Barack Obama (one actress and two people currently not in office) are part of the "Deep State."

Conclusions on whether Eric Trump meant what the author of the forum implies

The Eric Trump tweet doesn't really give much in making the connection between Eric Trump and his belief.

  • The wording of the Tweet looks more like he is repeating what some tweeters think these people should be looked at by him and the Deep State.
  • Putting words together, but not having any context to make them link together to form any kind of factual connection is missing here. That is why the writer used the word :"Apparently" instead of using a direct statement to the effect, that Eric Trump actually thinks these three people are part of the Deep State.
  • We don't really have any details on the Deep State, other than its hash tag. Eric Trump has not made any definitive assertions, or connections between these three people and a Deep State.

The readers of the Tweet Infer what they believe the tweet is saying, but unfortunately they seem to be using their prejudice against the Trumps to make any connections.


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