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Did you know, you may be contributing to human trafficking?

Updated on November 4, 2014

Help stop human trafficking by contributing to their habits

Did you know that human trafficking is the world’s largest criminal industry? Imagine a world where no woman or child goes missing due to sex trafficking. You may be contributing to the traffickers all around the world without even realizing it. It is also the second most profitable industry after drugs Geofferey (2011). You may be contributing by going to strip clubs, paying prostitutes, and watching pornography. This going on just in the United States, this is happening all over the world. Today I am going to persuade you to not contribute to sex trafficking through the use of strippers, prostitutes, and pornography by showing the need, satisfying the need and visualizing a world without trafficking. In addition, stripping is a bridge to prostitution. A lot of women strip as an occupation and there are strippers forced to strip against their own will. Sometimes people could never tell the difference.Megan McAdams (2010) stated that there are 12.3 million people who are currently being forced into the sex industry such as prostitution and stripping. There are 2.4 million people who have been trafficking already in the world. Majority of these victims are women and children. Can you imagine these victims being a relative or friend?In fact, 600,000 to 800,000 people get trafficked across international borders a year (Hodge, D, 2008). The largest set of sex trafficking is prostitution. Out of those being trafficked, approximately 50 percent are children and 70 – 80 percent are females. Some of the victims end up in the United States. In addition, in the U.S, there were nine and ten year old girls who were prostituted and forced to give service for up to 35 men and hour in terrible conditions. According to Geneva Brown (2011), “U.S Department estimated that sex traffickers bring between 14,500 to 17,500 people annually into the United States….various exploitation, including involuntary servitude and forced prostitution”.Indeed some woman use prostitution as an occupation, while another may be forced to do it. An individual may not realize that the woman they choose to get, may be someone forced to prostitute. While they pay the prostitute, they are also paying the trafficker, helping his money flow increase.At the same time, pornography is a way for traffickers to get their victims out there through the internet. In 2006, 89 percent of 270 million pornography websites were created in the United States. Child pornography in the U.S is the biggest pornography industry in the whole world.According to David Hodge (2008), Pornography is used to force victims into prostitution. “Victims may be asked to perform in pornography as a way of paying off their debts”. The traffickers takes pictures of the victims to use it against them, threatening to show their family what they are doing.In some cases, some young woman and girls are forced to participate in abusive and shameful sex acts. In particular (Hodge, D.2008), “woman may be whipped and then urinated on while others stand by and watch. Children may be handcuffed and compelled to have sex with dogs then forced to eat from dog food bowls and drink from toilets”. The United States is the home of pornography business, which opens up new opportunities to traffickers to expose their victims. One of the first use of pornography was a live act of girls being sexually abused. For instance (Hodge, D.2008), there was an operation found where woman were being trafficked from Japan to Hawaii, where they were forced into performing live internet sex acts for the Japanese. It was a broadcast that allowed the buyers of this live internet show to request certain sexual acts done by the victims

How do we help by not contributing to sex trafficking?

Do not participate in giving money to strippers, prostitutes, or buying pornography.As you do so, you are helping the traffickers gain their income through sex trafficking. The money you throw on that strippers goes to her owner putting money in his pockets. The money that prostitutes get from their customers is going straight to their johns. The money you wasted on that pornography is going straight to the producer. All of these people have involvement in the sex industry. You are helping their business succeed and that’s the problem, we need to help shut it down. We need to help but not allowing their business to succeed influencing them to get more woman and children. That’s more money in their pockets. Imagine a world where women and children are no longer threatened and being forced to strip, prostitute, and have being videotaped.Furthermore, there was an incident that was token place on November 25, 2010 (McAdams, M.2010) where police received a tip about woman who was being trafficked in the New York community. A man name Domingo Salazar went to Mexico and impregnated the woman whose name is not said. He then smuggled her to New York City where he and his brother abused her and forced her to have sex with 25 clients a day. The woman was being trafficked for two years before the unknown caller gave police a tip. She was lucky, some victims don’t make it alive after years of abuse. Imagine this happening to any one in your family. Any women being trafficked is a mother, daughter, cousin, sister, granddaughter, friend, etc. Can you imagine your daughter forced to do these things? Don’t you want to live in this world, worry free, without worrying about being kidnapped and disappearing with no trace? That’s a nightmare for you and your family. This could happen to anyone around us. Sometimes the traffickers are even our own family and no one knows it. That’s was so scary about this industry.


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