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Diesel the Police Dog Killed by ISIS Suicide Bomber

Updated on November 24, 2015



The Raid

Police news 18th November 2015 reported they have raided a flat in Saint-Denis, Paris, France believing Abdelhamid Abaaoud aged 27; the mastermind behind the Paris terrorist attacks killing 129 people on 13th November 2015 – with six other terrorists.

The armed police with secret services had watched several flats in Saint-Denis believing their suspects were inside. Diesel the seven-year-old Belgian Shepherd got sent into a building where several people got arrested and held; they could have been held in the flat or the rubble inside the building of flats when bombs went off. Two more suspect terrorists were held near by: Diesel that morning died just doing her job to sniff out booby traps; being sent into the building where ISIS militants were hiding, a woman firing her AK-47 at the police came out and set-off her suicide vest blowing another innocent life to pieces the Heroine police canine.

A 50-year-old man named Lotfi, who would not give his surname, said “I heard police officers talking to a woman with long blonde hair. I think she was the kamikaze. They told her not to lower her arms, to keep her hands up in the air, and then there was a massive explosion. I think that's when she detonated her bomb. It really was a very loud explosion. Lots of windows on the street were shattered, and then the firefight started and it was going on non-stop. I saw Diesel blown to pieces.”

Abaaoud's Wife/Cousin

The reports of the Paris massacres have been going on all last week since it happened. The police received information about a new attack to happen in city’s business district. The efficiency of this procedure had become more important to catch these terrorists’ assailants to stop them. It is known by media reports that a female suicide bomber was Abaaoud’s wife or cousin.

It is now reported; of 18th November raid where Diesel gave her life to save the lives of the police officers before entering the buildings in Saint-Denis, Abdelhamid Abaaoud got killed in this bloodshed of a fight that should never have happened. People like Abdelhamid Abaaoud, Extremist Terrorists need to be stopped, but to what cost of innocent lives.

Since writing this article it has been reported that it was not the Cousin/Wife of Abdelhamid Abaaoud but another Suicide Bomber, the Cousin/Wife died in the raid.

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