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Differences between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

Updated on January 16, 2016
Senator Bernie Sanders
Senator Bernie Sanders


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the leading candidates for the Democratic Nomination in the 2016 Election for President of the United States of America.The split between the two democrats politicians is due to the idealist population and the those others who approach governance by pursue of clear and achievable goals. Bernie Sanders claims to be a Democratic Socialist. His populist ideas include free college tuition for everyone, raising taxes on the wealthiest 1% and expanding state funded medical care. Hillary Clinton has tremendous experience as an international policy expert and has relations with many countries. Her policies often focus on foreign policy and raising entitlements.

Secretary Hillary Clinton
Secretary Hillary Clinton


  1. Political background = Bernie Sanders first rose to elective office in 1981 and holds an elected position to this day. Sanders has served as an elected official for a total of 34 years and counting, which is 19 more than the average 2016 presidential candidate (15 years) Hillary Clinton first rose to elective office in 2001 and stepped down from an elected position in 2009. Clinton has served as an elected official for a total of 8 years, which is 7 less than the average 2016 presidential candidate (15 years).
  2. Views on foreign entanglements = Bernie Sanders is of the idea that the country should avoid getting caught up in foreign countries woes while Hillary Clinton believes the country still has a role to play in dealing with foreign counties troubles. This largely stems from their different backgrounds and experiences with foreign politics.
  3. Fundraising = Hillary Clinton has raised a total of $101million so far across all affiliated committees (Clinton's campaign committee and super PACs, where applicable). This is $59.4M higher than totals for Bernie Sanders. When compared to the field of 2016 presidential candidates, Clinton raised far higher than the average (avg. $13.5M).
  4. Campaign committee contributions = Hillary Clinton draws most of her campaign funds from large individual contribution and self financing, while Bernie Sanders draws his campaign finances from small individual contribution and large individual contributions. Bernie Sanders, however, is raising money from more individual people, often with smaller individual donations. He touts his campaign as more of a "grassroots" operation.
  5. Campaign committee top cities = Bernie Sanders strong holds when it comes top cities are: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, Brooklyn, and Washington DC. Hillary Clinton's strong holds are: New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Brooklyn, Houston, Beverly Hills, and Bethesda.
  6. Campaign committee spending = Bernie Sanders campaign has spent most of their funds in Revolutionary Messaging LLC, Tigereye Promotions LLC, Peoples Bank, Act Blue Technical Services, and American Press. Hillary Clinton's campaign has spend most of their funds in ADP, Chapman Cubine Adams Hussey, Bully Pulpit Interactive LLC, GMMB, and American Press.
  7. Polling results = Bernie Sanders' poll results from Oct/11/2015 to November 2015 were consistently around 26%. Hist numbers started to rise in mid November to around 30%. Since the beginning of January 2016, his numbers have surged to around 38% nationwide. For Hillary Clinton, her poll during the same time have risen from an average of about 40% on October 2015 to an average of 55% on Nov, where the polls remained at that constant until Dec 6 of the same year,then began to decline slowly to an average of 49% on Jan 10/2016. Since the other candidates have largely dropped out, it is a two-party system.
  8. Net Worth = Hillary Clinton has a personal net worth that is $21.2M higher than Bernie Sanders according to Celebrity Net Worth and the Center for Responsive Politics. When compared to the field of 2016 presidential candidates, Clinton has a net worth that is far higher than the average (avg. $4M).
  9. Weeks of candidacy = Hillary Clinton has the longer running campaign by 6 weeks,making her campaigning period of 40 weeks compared to Bernie Sanders 34 weeks. However, it can be argued that Clinton has been campaining much longer. She was first lady to President Bill Clinton for 8 years. She ran for president in 2008 and she has been Secretary of State for many years.
  10. Age = Bernie Sanders is 6 years older than Hillary Clinton.
  11. Home Residence = Bernie Sanders come from Burlington, Vermont and Hillary Clinton comes from Chappaqua, New York.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Debating

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Despite their differences, these two democratic party candidates have notable similarities and both have a chance to be elected.

These candidates have agreed on many issues (Hillary Clinton's emails, Planned Parenthood, etc.), however, we expect to see those campaigns continue to take shape as we begin to have the first few primaries. The campaigns will turn a little nastier as we get further into the campaign. We expect each candidate to appeal to their respective bases and get dragged to slightly different policy positions.


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