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Different Types of Children Charities

Updated on August 1, 2010
The Smile Train
The Smile Train
Child Focus  Everlyse Cabrera, 2006
Child Focus Everlyse Cabrera, 2006

Where Do You Donate?

There are so many ways to make a difference. Giving your change to the pets fund at Petsmart, Jerry's Kids at the grocery store or even dropping off your unwanted items to Goodwill are good ways to start giving. All of these are ways to donate and to help those in need. The ones I like the best are the ones I know are staying in our own community. For instance, a note will arrive in the mailbox with a plastic bag asking you to fill it with non-perishable items for the local food bank. Knowing that the local grocery store gives their nearly outdated items to the hospitals and nursing homes, knowing there are churches you can walk into and receive assistance. Those are the ones I like the best and tend to drop things their way.

However, there are so many other kinds of charities out there. Ones that do have a higher profile, like "Doctors Without Borders", "The Smile Train" and help for Foster Children that sometimes we tend to think: they have so much money already, what good will my few pennies do?" On the other hand, cynically think the money we send will never reach its intended victim. It is easy to feel that way. Here are a few big children’s charities that are not as well known as the Shriner's but are worthy and working hard to make a difference.


Different Kinds of Charities

·         The Smile Train Based out of New York, New York this charity focuses on worldwide charity cases of children with cleft lips and palettes

·         Child Focus is a charity set up on behalf of young child who was abducted from her foster home in 2006 and was never found. her biological parents set up the fund to help with in home education and training for foster children

·         It seems that all Children’s hospitals in every large city have its own website and request for funding. The one in Arizona is Phoenix Children's hospital Perhaps the one with the most publicity is the Ronald McDonald house. Perhaps the one child with the most publicity in 2009 is the Afghan Orphan that received new glasses and is back again in the news 2010.


Just Do It! To borrow a phrase

The best way to start out giving is with doing small things like the ones at the start of this article. Start small and it will give you such a feeling of well being that you will want to keep on doing it and working at finding out about other charities.

The more charities you search out the more likely, that the ones closest to your own community will raise the best awareness. Your own animal shelter for example or the boys and girls clubs in your area needs your help.

In this horrible time of recession/depression it is even more of an imperative that when we see a need and if we are able that we reach out our hands and hearts and say

"Here! Take this, I love you"

Do you give to a charity at home, work, school, church?

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