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Dinosaurs And The Hypothetical Life In Space

Updated on March 22, 2011

The concept of Life is as defined by Characteristics of living things adopted by Man. But Life might go beyond our scope so that the mission to find Animates in outerspace might eventually prove to be vague.

As depicted in de Broglie Wave Mechanics, the known animates and the In-animates vibrates at defined frequencies. Our senses can only detect that which falls within the range of reception. This assertion is fortified by certain organisms such as the Bat that could detect and utilise certain frequencies undetectable by man. And in Dogs and Cats, we claim their senses are more developed.

The inclination of the Earth in space is unique for our survival. Every planet have its unique characteristics that may never support the inhabitants of the Earth. Some scientists have seen this. Hence, came up with the imaginary life in outer-space.

They were able to use the characteristics of certain tools and machines indigenous to the Earth to recreate possible life in area that are evident cannot support Biological systems. Even as the quest is to discover higher intelligence or those who are in tandem with man, the result simply cannot be detached from common Toys.

It is a wonder then to wash well read men sitting in comfort, describing the behavioural attributes of imaginary organisms in far away Galaxies. Such features do not have anything strange as those Galaxies. But are defined according to the knowledge given by the Earth. And this is also true in the case of the dinosaurs.

The Anatomical approach is reasonable. But that it looks like a reptile does not mean it is a reptile. The Dinosaurs could just be another line of living organisms that cannot fit into the various classes of Taxonomy.

The discovery of the fossils of Dinosaurs is a plus to the quest for insight into the past for the present and future. The recreation of the possible physical structures also give man the credit. But trying to assume knowledge of how dried bones once lived, by imposing the behavioural characteristics of the crocodile (because it looks like it) is a very strong assumption that could be derailing. And that this is being fed into the minds of innocent children is rather lengthy.

Science is factual! Science is a product of experimentations. Yet, i don't doubt inferences based on common sense. For the Watson & Crick - DNA speaks volume. We may not be able to see the electron, but the truth is visible every-time we make use of electrical appliances.


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    • allergy1 profile image

      allergy1 7 years ago from United Arab Emirates

      Do you know what we are created for? considering whole universe we may an atom or a nano structure. but there is a definite reason for our life.

      Keep Hubing.

    • James Agbogun profile image

      James Agbogun 7 years ago

      Thank you SANDO5 for the nice comment.

    • profile image

      SANDO5 7 years ago

      You have made a good job.

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