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Directed Energy Weapons

Updated on November 11, 2015

Prototype laser equiped jet(YAL-1A-ABL)

Science Fiction meets Science Fact

A friend of mine told me a strange story about a woman approaching him on the street about the fact that he suffers from tremors resulting from a Brown Recluse spider bite on his right temple. The woman asked him if he was the child of military personal, which he admitted he was. She then told him that the military were conducting experiments on different military personal without their knowledge. She then showed a document that was supposed to be a contract for the development of non-lethal weapons. She went on to claim that she herself was a victim of these experiments because she was retired Navy.

My friend then gave me the “contract” that she gave him and asked me if I wanted to do a “hub” on this subject. His comment was something like “I know you like to write on wired subjects, so I figured this may interest you.” This is all I need, the reputation of “writing on wired subjects” but as they say, if the shoe fits.....After I did some research I discovered that the military was in fact doing a lot of research and testing on what they called “Directed Energy Weapons” (or DEW). Now the contract that I was given to me was a twenty-four page document issued by the Office of Naval Research located in Atlanta GA. The Contractor is the University of Florida Department of Sponsored Research in Gainesville FL. The “effective Date” of the contract was 01 July 2004.

Science fiction has long inspired the world of technology. Take Star Track for example; the “transmitter” that they use for communications is a clear forerunner of today cell phones. The “death rays” of the past are the weapons of tomorrow. Now what about the claims made that research is done on the unsuspecting public? Are there any facts to support these accusations? If you hunt though the videos on YouTube, you will find many videos made by those who claim that they are victims of the experiments of the military.

As I have stated in the past, I have difficulty believing much of the material I have found on YouTube and yet, I am not ruling out the possibility that there are not people in our society that have been used as “lab rats” by our government. After all, it has come out in the past that the CIA experimented on the unsuspecting public with LSD.

Now when we speak of such things as DEW, they can fall into several categories, these are...

  • High Energy Laser weapons (or HEL)
  • High Powered Microwaves
  • Nonlethal weapons such as Active Denial System (Microwave)
  • Plasma weapons (which are considered the less practical or unstable of all of the Direct Energy Weapons being tested).
  • Sonic weapons
  • Ultrasound as a weapon
  • Last but NOT least, is an interesting “weapon” known as “Voice to Skull Technology.” (Also a none-lethal microwave weapon). This concept actually received a Patten back in 1988.

As I investigated this subject, it did not take me long to realize that many university throughout the world have done or is doing research on DEW, and I found it interesting that many of these Universities are in Europe and other places besides the U.S.A. This includes Florida State, Arizona State, Bradford University and many others. I find it quite engaging that all these Universities would be funded to conduct research on both lethal and non-lethal weapons. In fact, it may be informative to find out how much money is spent on weapon research as compared to how much money is being spent on researching how to feed the world or resolving other important issues. I sad to say, that the amount of money being spent on weapon research would be much larger!

I am certain that most people are aware that lasers have been researched as a potential weapon since the 1950's and we have now come to the point that this research will be implicated in the production laser weapons in the near future if they are not already being utilized as is the claim of some of the videos I have embedded seem to indicate.

The main use of lasers as a weapon so far, is as a defense against missiles and yet, the day may come soon in which this form of weapon will become piratical. The Air-Force has been experimenting with a modified Boeing 747 with a laser mounted in nose cone. This is known as YAL- 1A ABL. One of the problems that have developed so far, is the inability to penetrate heavy cloud cover. Another form of laser is Advanced Tactical Laser that now has the capability to hit a target nine miles away. It can burn though still and produce a four inch beam. It can be mounted on the back or armor vehicle like a tank.

The there is the non-lethal employment of laser as with laser light being used as form hypnosis to rifles that have been developed which latterly blinds you by the light, for it firers a laser that does not kill but will permanently blind a person. This is known as the PhaSR rifle. Even using a combination of microwave and leasers as cloaking device has been explored with some intriguing results that make it appear that someday it will be possible to cloak vehicles or weapons

There is also some spooky technology that is being developed which could be classified as Mind control and many different methods are being explored using microwaves lasers and sound waves and ultrasound. One of these techniques is known as Voice to Skull Technology even though there others that uses ultrasound and other sound waves, which are heard only by the people that are being targeted by the sound “beams” being sent towards them. This method could be used to make a person think they are losing their minds. Another potential weapon has been dubbed Silent Communications System.

Doing the research on weapons that seemed involved in one way or the other to mind control lead me to discover technology that is being funded by the Army and was conducted by the University of California. This is something that is called “Synthetic Telepathy” and was given a four million dollar budget. This involved super computers and EEG machines being hooked up to a “volunteer subject” (also known as a “Guinea Pig” where I come from).

This technology is something that has been researched since the 70's and now has made some amazing progress. At first, it may appear as a different subject than Direct Energy Weapons and yet, the mind is the ultimate form of energy is it not? After all we only use ten percent of the power that are brains can produce. This technology has many possible uses under what has often been referred to as Brain Machine Interfacing. In fact I use a video that demonstrates how Honda has developed an interface technology that allows a person to control a robot by his mind alone!

Another connected technology that I found stimulating, is something called Brain Gate which is an interfacing device that is about the size of aspirin and will allow a person ability to control other devices such as a computer. It was created by a company called Cybernetics. Similar concepts have been explored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (or DRPA). They have partially funded Brown University in researching technology that would enable a “pilot” to control their aircraft with their mind alone! Yep, the reality of “The Matrix” is right around the corner!

This massive research into weapons only goes to prove what kind of world we live in, were the priorities seem to be killing. This writing has only began to touch on this subject, for the military seems to be obsessed with creating new weapons, and who is to say how much testing is actually being done on the unsuspecting public? One thing for sure, the military will not tell you!

New leatheal and non-leatheal "toys" for our Brave New world!

Using microwaves to effect the brain is just one way that the military is coming up with to control thea person's mind.
Using microwaves to effect the brain is just one way that the military is coming up with to control thea person's mind. | Source
Sonic sound gun being experimented with. It will create   a sound that will render the person who the weapon is aimed at while not harming the one using the weapon.
Sonic sound gun being experimented with. It will create a sound that will render the person who the weapon is aimed at while not harming the one using the weapon. | Source
Blinded by the light!
Blinded by the light! | Source
Taser 12 gage non-lethal weapon
Taser 12 gage non-lethal weapon | Source

Is this a cover up of leser or highpowered microwave weapon?

Honda takes on the futuer!


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