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Updated on July 22, 2015

I've often wondered what it must be like to live in Israel, Iraq, Syria, or some Middle Eastern country where there are radical Islamists who will blow themselves up or set off bombs to take innocent lives just for the sake of it., What must it be like to fear going shopping or sending your children to school, not knowing if some individual or group has already decided to kill randomly, just because of the teachings of a murdering prophet in the 7th century?

Well, we who live in the United States have become no safer than those unfortunate people who live in other parts of the world who are under constant threat of being killed by Islamist nuts. It's their version of political correctness. Don't speak out and dont stand out.

There is no doubt in my mind who is to blame for our lack of security. There is one occupant in the people's house and 535 elected officials who are charged with keeping us safe from enemies, foreign and domestic. They, along with 9 old people who wear robes and define what is, and is not, legal to do in terms of surveillance, interrogation, profiling, etc., are responsible for our safety. One of their favorite ways to "protect" us is to try every way possible to prevent us from carrying our own weapons. (?)

Nineteen years ago, the occupant in the people's house decided military personnel would not be permitted to carry weapons while on military property. As Commander-In-Chief, Bill Clinton allowed an order to take effect which banned those we depend on to defend our freedoms to not be able to carry weapons to defend their own lives while on duty on their own turf. While Clinton didn't write the order, he could have nullified it. Of course, never having served in the military he stated he loathed, I'm sure he gave little consideration to this order.

Today, the occupant in the people's house refuses to even define our enemy, let alone allow our military to attack them from anywhere but in the sky over foreign soil. Where is the national rage in the mainstream media? Our current C-I-C is more concerned about forcing his idea of social justice on us than to protect us. The man has a plan to radically change your neighborhood, not one to defend it.

What was up is now down and what was right is now wrong. What used to be freedom is now cause for fear.
IF any of that rings a bell, chances are you have celebrated at least 40 birthdays and at some point had your ass paddled at school. Some younger folks may identify but not as often.

The Silent Majority are those folks who work way too hard to pay the bills for those who wont a result they dont have alot of time to bitch. They do so with their vote when they are lucky enough to get away long enough to cast one.
Those who dont work have plenty of time to cast votes, to demonstrate, to be in the face of the Evening News Cameras in an effort to convince the average Joe that their view on the world is outdated and has now become offensive.
Average Joe doesn't take all of this very seriously. There are more important things to worry about such as keeping their jobs. They figure if they bury their heads in their work and family that all of this nonsense will work itself out.
Problem today is.. the nonsense is taking over.
When you have a government that swings too far in one direction the result is never good.
Ask Poland. Ask Germany and ask your neighbor (assuming they have a job).
One thing that I firmly believe is: For every action their is an equal reaction.
When the left in this country has a voice for too long...pushes their agenda too far....the Right will respond.
Thats not always good. It may right the wrong but in the could unbalance the equation in the wrong direction.
Donald Trump for President a decade ago would be laughable. His commments would be dimissed as satire.
The left has had such a huge effect on our lives today that Trump actually sounds good. There is no middle ground anymore thanks to the current administration. They have taken over so many aspects of our lives that we used to deem so private that we are looking for a counter-weight.

The Government is YOU and ME. It's our money and both parties are battling each other over who gets to spend it and how.
Goverments dont create wealth. They take it....FROM US.
The guy you want to vote for shouldn't be as concerned about how to take your money and your guns as much as they are bout how to protect your freedom. Your freedom to live, to earn, Your right to privacy and to raise your family how you want.

What happened in Chattanooga last week wasn't some elderly person losing control of a massive vehicle they had no business driving and crashing into a military installation to kill 5 of our fine defenders of freedom. It wasn't anything but an act of terrorism, no matter what others might try to call it.


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