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Dishonor and Duplicity A Parody in Rehearsal

Updated on January 14, 2015

Cleanup is needed and cannot be overemphasized. Luck is wished to impact society’s cleanup efforts. Deceit is the culprit and it reigns over civility in spite of the disdain for it and the tongues that wrestle it verbally, yet it enjoys the overall reality that society essentially has given in to its spill. In this knowledge, the main attempt of this writing is to express what lay eyes are aware of even if they do not report it and even when such awareness is denied by others; to aid in ending the relevancy of an age old unremitting disposition set to infest society by offering reminder of what it is and what its associated application means.

There are points of interest to this diabolical dysfunction others are to guard against if at all possible. This dysfunction associates scams and shams through deceit as most of us have been familiarized. Although most know deceit and what it inclines, oftentimes the wielder of such deceit hides, never peering past the damage they do. Those affected often can’t see who the deceivers are even in the knowledge of knowing what deceit and its damage means. Even though lay knowledge provides scenarios dispelling notions that deceivers are never found out, the truth is all do not go undetected. But those being untouchable façade everywhere in life and there is aptly provability of where to find their inherent nature, in families, neighborhoods, corporations and etc. but to often their spills are too slick for cleanup and resolve. Although warning against it is easy, it is often hard to be defining enough for what deceit means to transfer defenses to those needing saved. One should bear in mind when one deceives they are someone else, therefor one should not look to the deceiver to always be recognizable. Ironically the deceivers’ assault is more identifiable than the deceivers themselves. It takes personal experience equal to that of the deceiver to safeguard against the deceiver and the irreversible damage their deceiving can result.

One must keep reminded deceit often happens without rhyme or reason or more surely without heart. “This is your father.” “Your money is safe in this investment.” These are scenarios possibly causing irreversible damage when it realms in deceit.

Why discuss it? Some subject words should eternally be held in convoy continually replicating explanation of what they mean. These words should eternally require classifying for what they represent and what they do as they thrive through the eras because there is always a need to maintain guard against their power. Deceit thrives as our word of the hour. It is now time to edit and redefine it in figuratively means to relate its non-value for the damage it recompenses: It represents a stir in the mix; a blending infusing and continually churning trouble. It continually causes serious spills that roll about in undeterminable directions with propensity to make a mess and cleanup is hard. Its prongs are as irascible as its nature and just as scarring. Even when taken away the damage has already inclined deep and generally irreparable. Therefore it merits recognizing what its application means at all times. In the face of its actions of shame, if a parsing of what it means results in separating potential victims, it is possible it saves many. The challenge is, least we keep reminded deceit makes good actors and their production assure the worst outcomes of those it affects and everyone who engages it learns it from someone else and a bigger worry about it is because it exists on a continuum and with time it changes for its own good. It broadly threatens because of its uninterrupted nature representing itself through those set on succumbing as concealers of truth and honor. It is something hard to see because it has many hiding places, behind kind eyes, pretty faces, prestige and position, church and clergy, respect and acclaim, threat and violence, and children’s fears. It is nearly an absolute degradation of any human characteristic imaginable and contemptibly offending to victims and those with noble personas. It however has been disappointingly and reportedly observed that many fudge toward such a disposition and often it is surprising to know them and the lay community can verify it.

Additionally it is time to discuss it because it keeps itself noteworthy and keeps itself in the news of popular opinion and can be counted on to pop up at non-opportunistic times causing the damage many are yet recovering from. On the real path of life it is clear one is to always be reminded of its existence and remain forewarned. There is no better time than now for renewed reminding of that which should be discarded to nil but is replicating and continually renewing. Deceit tacitly trudges the gauge tugging at society’s band of good and it strangely can hide while permeating destructively. It has a normal face that produces abnormal visuals. It has potential to bring gain to the atypical producer and can cause a breakdown that brings the victim to a position as atypical too.

If and when deceit is to be excused it is only one time in life; it is the time of the child but nevermore. Following childhood its worded descriptors are endlessly inexcusable: fooling, lying, pretense, taking advantage, confiscating property and so. Actually deceit shamefully can register as enthralling as well as appalling and it can even amuse in some instance with silly scams until you find out someone actually fell for it. It can even be comical but as aforementioned one must keep reminded of what deceit means because even when the sham is ridiculous and one escapes the potential damage from what is deceitfully being pushed, it is really no laughing matter.

What is clearly understood of the deceiver is their effusive effluvium persona and Red knew it best.

“But, grandmother, what big eyes you have!”

Deceit often delegates to a power of want for wanting from non-entitlement. It endorses a syndrome that dangerously spurs inappropriate actions influencing things in ways that would otherwise not result. Victims may essentially not realize its power as the deceivers incline themselves to the spell of a will to garnish gain and redirect situations. Essentially Red Riding Hood did know deceit and with a propensity to be keen on chemosignals also and was smart too. She tested her deceitful assaulter to exposing the truth behind grandmother’s clothing. A bad actor he was and perhaps one of a few whose deceit has gotten interrupted. Yet deceit in its power did advantage itself as it sometimes does, however temporary or permanent, but not lasting through the huntsman care and skill. This ‘tailed’ diabolical dysfunction-er met his due. Where fairness is considered, the fairness of his demise may be debatable but reminds of something all deceivers need to know. Their demise lies in wait even if slowly it becomes as surly as they live or as quickly as they wrought in their dishonor and duplicity but ultimately they are caught.


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