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Disorderliness in Anambra State

Updated on November 7, 2014
Entrance to Anambra Government House
Entrance to Anambra Government House | Source


Anambra state is a state located in South-Eastern Nigeria, in African Continent. The state is currently under the leadership of Chief Willie Obiano of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA). He assumed office from the former governor, Dr. Peter Obi, who was in APGA when he ruled the state. When Obi stepped down from the drone, he did not waste time to jump into People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of Nigeria. His leaving from his former party to PDP pained the entire members of APGA, as it is a big blow on the face of APGA party that one who sworn to be faithful to the so called Igbo People’s party (APGA) has betrayed them.

Anambra as one of the major states in Eastern part of Nigeria with disorderliness as one of its major challenges. The state is so disordered and that is what makes the author of this piece to putdown this topic. A state which is addressed as the light of the nation does not show any impression that resembles the name given to it. The state has disordered roads, poor waste management, not rule on road driving activities, high number of touts that causes road traffics, dirty environment, just to mention but a few.

Anambra dirt and environmental challenges.
Anambra dirt and environmental challenges. | Source

Faces of Disorderliness in Anambra State

There are many faces of disorderliness in Anambra state of Nigeria starting from the small to the big, and the government of the state is not making good impact to curb this because of corruption in the state and weak law enforcement. Many faces of disorderliness in Anambra state are:

  • Poor waste management;
  • Disordered business stands; and
  • Disorderliness in transport business

Poor waste management

If not because of God, travellers that pass through expressways in Anambra state would have died from airborne diseases that come through wastes situated at the major roads in the state; Yet the government of the state and individuals are not making much impact to see that wastes are properly disposed, so that the wastes will not prevent the masses from having their comfort.

Along Onitsha-Owerri roads, close to National Metallurgical Training Institute, Onitsha (NMTI), there is a perpetual refuse dump located there. Whenever travellers and passengers pass through the place, it is hard to see any that does not cover his or her nose properly until the vehicle he or she boarded passes out from the place. Irrespective of the fact that the travellers are in vehicles which are usually on high speed, once they get to the refuse dump, the bad odour of the waste dump penetrates into the vehicles.

The refuse dump is not supposed to be situated at that position of the state because it is the major expressway of the state that leads to other states that shear boundary with it. This is number one disorderliness in Anambra. To tackle this challenge, the government should intervene to clear the entire place and make it free from any form of refuse dump.

Refuse dump
Refuse dump | Source

Disordered Business Stands

It is only in Anambra state that people who want to establish businesses do without minding the nature of the place they want the business centre to be. They do not care whether the business stand prevents vehicles from passing along the road or not. At the same time, they do not even care whether the place they erect their businesses is preventing the roadside passers from moving to where they want to go or not.

Even on the footpaths constructed by road construction civil engineers for pedestrians, Anambra citizens who are into business have their business stands on those places. As a result of this behaviour, this usually results to misunderstanding between the pedestrians and the business owners, and sometimes leads to open air fight.

Even when the government of the state gives order through the policemen in the country to go and drive away those who have their businesses in such places, do the policemen carryout the functions effectively? They do not perform the function properly because of high corruption in the state. The owners of the businesses usually bribe the police by giving them some money and they forget about the function they are sent to do.

Disorderliness in Transport Business

This subheading will cover a lot on the disorderliness in road transport of Anambra state. In Anambra State, Nigeria, there is no properly reinforced law on a particular bus stop where every bus drivers that are into transport business should stop. Almost all the illiterate bus drivers cannot obey to stop in a particular place known as their bus stop. They can drive recklessly and stop at any place where they like. Whether they are discomforting pedestrians from such attitude is none of their businesses. They are always ready to insult any person that corrects them on such behaviour.

As a result of stopping at anywhere that the driver wishes, this has resulted to many accidents in Anambra state. Such behaviour of drivers stopping their buses at anywhere that pleases them is not obtainable in the neighbouring state, Enugu state. Enugu is much organized than Anambra in all ramifications. Drivers that are found in Anambra state can fight any who tries to tell them that their behaviour is too bad.

The road network of Anambra state is nothing more than disorganized. A journey of 50 minutes on normal circumstances takes up to 3 good hours because the roads are not good. In Awka-Onitsha expressway, the passengers fell sad whenever they remember that they will pass through there when making their journeys. After travelling through the route, many passengers fell headache for the rest of the day as the drivers do not mind whether they are carrying humans or not and enter from one portholes to the other, because they want to make money for their daily breads.

Notwithstanding the nature of bad roads in the state, drivers overtake one another using high speed and through wrong side. Instead of overtaking through the right side, drivers in Anambra overtake through the left which results to accidents in few cases. Some of them even overtake without blowing their cars horns. The disorderliness in car users of Anambra state is too bad and must be stopped.


Disorderliness in Anambra State of Nigeria has been discussed in this piece of write-up. The behaviour of Anambra state government and that of the citizens which result to disorder in the state is nothing to write home about. Many faces of disorderliness in the state were discussed which cuts across dirty environment, transportation, and business stands in the state. Above all, the government of Anambra should work hard to put things in order.


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