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Disproportionate Response

Updated on August 8, 2014

It is with amazement and awe that I watch how the world has turned a new catch phrase to cover blatant antisemitism. A phrase that suddenly appeared on the lips of almost every newscaster and practically every democratic politician. A calling card that resurrected the anti-Jewish stereotypes and cartoons that hadn't been seen in Europe since the days the Nazis storm trooped across the continent and infused their hatred into the people from France all the way across to the Ukraine. A phrase which can be shouted as Jews are attacked in the streets of Amsterdam and synagogues are firebombed by the revived Vichy French that have waited 70 years to unveil their true colours. Even more of a surprise to see the same Nazi era cartoons appearing in newspapers in Sydney Australia, but maybe not such a surprise when one considers this is a land where aborigines were still being legally shot until 1964. If anything characterizes Disproportionate Response, it is the manner in which the radical left and its terrorist allies has managed to catapult this new catchphrase into the mouths of those that seem to have little knowledge of the facts or whom were latent Jew-phobics and just needed an expression that didn't sound like blatant racism when they used it. How ironic that when one examines the fact that over the same period of time, the fanatical group ISIS or the New Islamic Caliphate, has overrun the north of Iraq and the east of Syria, slaughtering all that have disagreed with their jihadist policies and exterminating thousands of ancient Syriac Christians if they refuse to convert as the swords are held to their necks. Not to mention that our old nemesis President Assad of Syria, was still bombing and killing innocent civilians, killing them in the thousands during that same period to add to his already estimated total of 100,000 civilians killed. And did anyone dare mention the exercise of the Pakistani military over the past few weeks in North Waziristan to take on the Taliban where thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of civilians have been slaughtered. Of course no one says a word, taking to the streets, urging boycotts and spreading condemnation against the perpetrators because it is clear that these atrocities where thousands of civilians have been killed are the result of Muslim against Muslim and the people of the world do not wish to say anything bad against Muslim terrorists and radical Islam. Only when Jews dare to defy the wishes of the terrorists to be slaughtered in their sleep, to be exterminated as has been the policies of past racially motivated governments, do these Jew hating left swinging Zionophobics dare to come into the streets to protest and show their true colours. In their minds it is okay for children and women to be slaughtered in disproportionate numbers by Muslims, but how dare a Jew refuse to die and fight back to survive and restore a relative calm to a part of the world that sees nothing but turmoil and destruction. Where are the protesters shouting slogans such as, "Islamic State is Nothing But Hate," or "Jihadist = Racist" or even "Moderate Muslims Debate, Not Murder Like the Caliphate", I don't hear a single voice express any of these slogans and its easy to understand why. In their minds, whether they are willing to admit it or not, "The only good Jew is a dead Jew."

An Eye For An Eye

You will hear them say that the grounds for Disproportionate Response are based on our own Torah in Exodus 21:24 an eye for an eye, which on first appearance would suggest that one cannot exercise a punishment any more severe than what has been inflicted upon them. But that is very selective reading of the Bible to suit a purpose and failure to see what God had actually instructed. Several sentences earlier in 21:14 it reads, "And if a man come presumptuously upon his neighbour, to slay him with guile, though shall take him from Mine altar, that he may die" or perhaps Deuteronomy 19:21 is more appropriate where it states, "Show no pity, life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, foot for foot," clearly showing that those with evil intent must be punished, and that one should smite him down before he can perpetrate his intent to murder. As such, Hamas's own Charter is filled with presumptive guile in which it is clearly written that all Jews must die and Israel must be destroyed. If we were truly going to follow the Biblical instruction then the appropriate response by God would be to exact the same upon Gaza, that all Palestinians there must die and that Gaza must be destroyed. But unlike them, Israel will not perform what would be a heinous crime, but instead has gone deliberately out of its way to perform surgical strikes and the civilian casualties weigh heavily on all our hearts because all Israel wants to do is live in peace. It does not want over 50 miles of tunnels dug beneath the earth so that Hamas can inflict injuries and death upon its own innocent civilians. It does not want over 3000 rockets fired into its country indiscriminately. But clearly this is not the case of those that have built the tunnels and fired the rockets and those that wish to use the Bible as their justification for claiming Disproportionate Response should actually read it in its proper context and interpretation before they try to use the words of God. Look at the pictures of these leftwing protesters. Look into their eyes. Look at their snarling faces and see them not as the mourners of innocent children and civilians but as the rabid hate mongering people they truly are, for none of them cry out to Hamas to stop the tunnels, to stop the rockets, to use the cement and concrete provided by Israel to build houses and homes and a city to be proud of rather than construct an underground maze intent on destruction. And where are their cries to remove the rocket launchers from the schools and hospitals and let the people learn and develop and bring themselves into a the sphere of educational enlightenment. You will not see it on their faces, it is not in their vocabulary, the can only shout Disproportionate Response but the truth is they would never let any of those rockets fly above their own homes, or any of those tunnel entrances rise beneath the flooring of their home because they would defend themselves by any means possible but that is not permissible for Jews. What you see is the face of Jew haters. Look at them, engrave them on your memories, and recall that Exodus 21:14 was the prelude to 21:24.

In Conclusion

It saddens me that the moderate Muslims of this world have grown silent and will not challenge the terrorist groups among them in order to secure a lasting peace in the Middle East. Several of my colleagues and friends of Muslim faith will say to me that they're not foolish enough to go on public record against those that are militant. They don't agree with what is happening but they certainly don't want to bear the consequences. It is all too familiar a story to me. As Jews we have taken the same approach for almost two thousand years between the time that the Romans conquered our nation and the time we had our nation returned to us We silently accepted the pogroms, the genocides,the expulsions, the tortures, the Inquisition and did nothing to stop the spread of the evil that permeated the world, We are faced with that situation again. As Jews and Muslims (the moderate ones) we can let the world slip into constant turmoil or we can unite and try to resolve the issues. Unfortunately, I have already seen the horrific images of our failure. I know that we are rapidly approaching the deadline of 2017 should we fail. And I've witnessed the three and a half generations that follow should we not come together and find those good men to stop this fate that will be of epic proportions. Like Abraham, it is a matter of finding a handful of good men within our modern day Sodom and Gomorrah to avoid the terror that is on the horizon. Where are the ten, perhaps even five, that will raise their voice above the crowd and drown out their disproportionate response?

Peace upon all of us, Shalom Aleichim,

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana


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    • profile image

      BAR 3 years ago


      "There in lies my point, the Cohanim's attempt to push their way into the one whom God chooses."

      Interesting vantage Ovadiah, will you explain?

    • profile image

      BAR 3 years ago


      "the messiah ben David is probably the least of Yahweh's chosen servants"

      This is I know to be true.

      Hence the bloodline in the last generations is called Bar' Nafli,

      For it's said: only a "fallen" one must first be the least, before "returning" to the original status of "beloved".

      That messiah ben Joseph unites us all, and seems hidden, though in plain sight, is an enlighten matter in of itself. Truly.

      It follows what I was taught, that Messiah is all of ISRA'EL focused on ONE all at ONCE.

    • Kahana profile image

      Kahana 3 years ago

      Ovadiah, as the holy scriptures have clearly indicated, the messiah ben David is probably the least of Yahweh's chosen servants. The messiah ben Joseph would appear to be the one that unites us all and remember that he is also the one least known to us.

    • profile image

      BAR 3 years ago


      "standing along side everyone else and raising the inner spirituality of all mankind to finally adopt the path that leads us to our destiny."

      If ever the time, this is now. They very genetic code of man is attempting to be rewritten as we speak.

      Some understand this to be the second attempt at such blasphemy, that said, never again will the earth be flooded.

      I was told once in a dream" I will make it so burnt only the Righteous will withstand"

      Some say, the very water that carried our Father Moses, from its heads shall for Son's of Jedi'dah a Hekhal will be built flowing life to Sinai on to a Beit for the Son's of Arron, at these two terminus shall sit king and kohen and Life shall be between them.

      Those who see perhaps already see the corner stones.

    • profile image

      Ovadiah 1:21 3 years ago

      There in lies my point, the Cohanim's attempt to push their way into the one whom God chooses. It will never take place. One want's to bring the light of the Creator of All, the other want's to continue to feed a god with sacrifices, the same Sumerian god who brought the flood for example, the god who demanded to be fed and served by slaves. It is finished.

    • Kahana profile image

      Kahana 3 years ago

      Exactly my point Bar. There is something new under the sun. A different approach to our faith, where the messiah of David and the messiah of Aaron are not mythical beings with all encompassing arms that shield us from the world but instead flesh and bone, standing along side everyone else and raising the inner spirituality of all mankind to finally adopt the path that leads us to our destiny.

    • profile image

      Bar 3 years ago



      Yes, since the beginning of our history, I would agree you can in fact say this and not be incorrect. The corruption you point to has chained us all through many life cycles. There is indeed nothing new under the sun,

      except what I would call in english "potential".

      Each of us, embodied right now in the wondrous creation of this biomechanical device called body has a "potential" that has not been allowed prior the times of our father No'ah.


      When we seat a king with no crown a priest with no vestments and enough of the 12 bloodlines yield and genuinely "return", this corruption you point to is over turned, literally made as a eunuch to die and spread it's seed no more.

      In short its repent or die, is our fate. In truth it has always been.

    • Kahana profile image

      Kahana 3 years ago

      Ovadiah, there is something new under the sun. It just requires that you look deeper.

    • profile image

      Ovadiah 1:21 3 years ago

      Solutions, even if God himself stepped in, the so called Cohanim and religionists will stop and destroy it as they have done from the begining of time. Nothing new under the sun.

    • Kahana profile image

      Kahana 3 years ago

      Shalom Bar. All things must be in balance. Even a Hillel requires a Shammai to maintain the balance. We must seek that which ensure that the scales do not tip too far in either direction that they cannot be recovered. When I dichon, it is for all the children of Israel, religious and secular. They too must maintain a balance, because it is somewhere in the middle that lies our preservation. As Kohen, it is merely not the role to bless but to teach. And if you have seen the horrific images of what is to come that I have been shown, then the teaching can be no more important than it is now. We are standing at the precipice and there is the choice to either leap because faith tells you that somehow you will be caught, or you can push back and realize that both self-determination and faith must achieve a balance as well.

    • profile image

      BAR 3 years ago



      Why do you labor yourself of Monarchical matters? When so much of the Neshama of Humanity lacks congruency? What is the function of the Priest Class?

      I read a great literary work recently, in painful detail, the author displays a case doucumenting exactly why/how the Zionist highjacking of our people concludes to the very situation you lament.

      Perhaps you've read it perhaps not. The Tittle says it all.

      The End of Judaism: An Ethical Tradition Betrayed

      By Hago G. Meyer

      I won't recapture the contents of this work here , the Author deserves your time.

      I will say though, it is the background that for what I am about to say, namely that:

      As you sow, So shall you reap.

      Zionism is western nationalism. Period. It has zero origins in Eretz Israel nor Torah. This is simple fact. It's a rejected colonial model with humanism masking its fangs.

      What it is, a 19th century political contrivance, of secular "Jews" sent on the bidding of an oligarchical power.

      How then brother do you find the response disproportionate to the hearsay ?

      Teshuva, is all that can be done. Will it? It appears not until the tears of our Mother Rebekah are felt streaming down our blood soaked body politic you with to call the Israel.

      With all your displayed wisdom, why do you struggle so hard to justify the unjust?

      "That which is hateful to you do not do to your neighbor. That is the whole Torah" R. Hillel

      If even Hillel could see what has become of his usurpers, His Teshuva would shake the throne, his words are evidence.

      I love my people, each of them, all who find themselves treading my fathers land, how am I to say with you Kohen what you say? I can not justify the unjust against my cousin the actions of my brother. I do not know how much of war you have tasted Priest, but I've enough for a hundred lifetimes.

      I have no solutions, it is not my time to offer any if I did, rather it is yours, yours return us to congruency so that we may truly be Israel a Nation of Priests.

      Only a Ba'al Teshuva can return the THRONE. We all have our rolls, Son of Aaron do not confuse our houses.

      ‘Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying, so shall you bless the children of Israel, say to them: May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord cause His Face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord forgive you and grant you peace.... And I [the Lord] shall bless them’


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