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Disrespecting Property What I Think About What Happened To Donald Trump Star In November 2016

Updated on January 10, 2017

The Star

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Smashing Of The Star

Lately, someone was said to smash Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

It happened in November. I didn't know what to think about it at the time. This is very strange to me.

I am against violence. I am someone who would forgive right away.

This is just someone acting out. They are hurting inside. I am sure they need more love in their life. This is very sad.

People go to see the stars on the side walk. To some, they might be only stars. To others, this an achievement that makes others happy.


In the past a wall has been put around the star. That is alright by me.

This might block traffic a little. But, not so much if people learn to pick up their feet. Adults should learn to pick up their feet as children.

I saw the wall as a political statement saying that the wall was a bad thing for America. We want to love our neighbors to the south.

There are times when it is not easy to except them. Yet, we want them to feel at home in their own back yards.

How Other Countries See Us Though TV

My option of people coming to the country from Mexico.

Many people are trying to escape a harmful environment. They want something better.

Propaganda on television and word of mouth is telling them that America is going to be a better place.

This people do not hear that there will be problems here. In the recent shows there is little talk of people without money or homes. Mexico and other countries see everyone with a job and living alright in America.

Most sit-coms show a family that has a home or an apartment. Most have loved ones staying with them. Or, the person is rich enough to afford said home.

The people in the program do not change their job for years. This is seen as a stable job to others. They see the problems as being petty.

They don't see the real problems. In, The Big Bang Theory, the people in that series can always afford to live in a home. They are never homeless.

Even the character Penny can afford her apartment working at The Cheesecake Factory. She comes in whenever she needs money. No one ever fires her. In resent seasons she is given a job that is far better than she could get.

This is fantasy. But, this show is on so much. It will be on in reruns when it is over. People will think this is the way people live.

Other shows, IE CSI. This is a cop show where the citizens are always protected from future crimes. The people in that type of show makes other think that the American police force can protect them from potential criminals.

They see crime in their neighborhoods. They want it to stop. Also, they see America solving crimes on screen. This is fake.

There are still many crimes left unsolved. We have drug trafficking. We have prostitution. We have slavery.(Oh, no!!! That is was supposed to be gone in the 1800s.) Yep.

Don't believe me about slavery Read the stories about woman who are trapped in the sex trade. Or, read about families that are trapped by there own religion. The woman are slaves. And the families are brainwashed into thinking that they are not slaves.

The bad things are talked about in a ... this will never happen to me manner. I will never have this happen to me. This people are bad. They should be in jail. Or, these juveniles are learning to be better people.


- Lots of people get away with their crimes.

- People that go to jail met others that they would never have met out of jail.

- Some people get a high doing bad things to people.

- This is only a star. It is not a person.

-There is no way Penny from The Big Bag Theory could pay for her apartment. Sheldon did not help every time she had to pay her bills. This is an unreal show. And, if she smashed a Hollywood Star on the walk of fame ... she would go to jail.

Smashing A Star

What does all this have to do with smashing Trump's Star?

We as a people need to veiw this as a out-cry that something is wrong. We need to educat people that we can be heard without distroyign property.

In a world were distroying property is sign of confusion and a needed punishishment, we need to start understanding what is really going on.

This is a cry for help of some kind.

I am not saying to fall in love with Trump.

I am saying to teach people to be respectful to other in general. He is a human-being. This star was given to him at some time. Just let it be. If you do not like this star being there... there are plenty of other stars.

Real Life

We should also create more realistic television. This may be scary. But, life is scary.


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