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District Attorney Hungry for Blood in Molestation Trial

Updated on May 16, 2009

Local Trial National Attention

 I don't know, maybe it's me, but this case on its face seems totally inane and frivolous. Maybe the DA quota in the Sonoma County DA's office is dictating a need for prosecution for State funds (although, California is facing a deficit in the BILLIONS). All DA offices, in part, are driven by prosecution quota's for funding and political reasons. And this year is an election year for the DA's office.

Lillian Monroy, 22, is a activities assistant at a local program center. A minor, Jane Doe, a 12 yr old female, attended this center last summer. Lillian was in charge of supervising her and others. Last summer at Snoopy's Ice Arena in Santa Rosa, CA, they all went for a day outing. Afterwards, the 12 yr old gave Lillian a brief "peck" of a kiss on her cheek. Perhaps a "thank you"?

Many months passed, and on two occassions, the 12 yr old kissed Lillian on the lips twice with closed lips, no French kissing. Basically, "pecks" on the lips. There was no other additional touching except hand holding. Lillian was uncomfortable and told the preteen that the behavior was not appropriate and to stop it for it was wrong. The 12 yr old attempted to fondle the 22 yr old's breasts, Lillian stopped it. Lillian, however, told police she accidentally touched the 12 yr old breast. Perhaps in thwarting the preteen's advances?

The girl did not tell her parents until early this year and Lillian was just recently arrested for two counts of molestation of a minor!

The case revolves around the so called kissing events. It gets rather flaky by the woman prosecutor is forging ahead. The DA called them "make out sessions" based on the changing story of the preteen. Originally, the preteen told police that the kisses were only 5-10 seconds. This story changed when prosecutors drilled her on the it went to 30 seconds..yet, in the same testimony, the preteen returned to her original statement of 5-10 seconds. The DA, perhaps ticked off, pressed on and told the Court that the "30 second" make out session inferred Lillian's sexual intent. Excuse me, the girl said it was 5-10 seconds originally and on the stand, even though she also mentioned it being 30 seconds! The DA also indicated that Lillian was in a postion  of responsibility and trust and that she should never allowed it to happen or be alone with the girl. Because she did allow it, it infers some sexual attraction or interest.


Lillian is charged with two counts of felony molestation, which her attorney failed to have reduced to a simple battery (which can be just about any sort of touching if unwanted). The felony counts are from the kissing and accidentally touching the girl's breast, which seems to be mired in confusion. The DA has been allowed to go to trial over this! The Judge seems to be buying the "30 second" argument, even though the girl has said otherwise on two occasions.

Lillian could get eight years for each count and have to register as a sex offender! Let me repeat, it was the 12 yr. old girl that started it and continued it over a course of five months. The only thing that happened was the above. Lillian did stop the girl from touching her own breasts and told her it was wrong and to stop.

Lillian's problems are to explain why she did not go to her supervisor, why would she not push the girl away when the girl made advances, not asked to be inserted into a different group to supervise, why did she allow her to be alone with the girl.

The 12 yr old problem is what is the motive of not saying anything for over six months, and finally reporting it, was she in love with Lillian, does she think being Gay is cool and normal, is she seeking revenge because Lillian tried to stop it, was she just exploring her sexuality not knowing the behavior was wrong and now wished she has remained silent.

Is this case really that serious to ruin two lives? Lillian, if convicted, will have a different life and far worse. The preteen will have a guilt forever for her actions, something she thought probably would never have such consequences. Two simple kisses, an age difference of 10 years, and overly draconian laws ruin many lives.

The Judge was wrong to move the case to trial on such weak evidence. Simple Battery would have been the appropriate punishment, a year in the county jail. A far better place than a State Prison.


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