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Distrusting President Trump

Updated on January 26, 2017

I am a man who does not post every political thing I see on Facebook. I do not even watch all the debates. Politics isn’t really that important to me in general, although I keep up with it. But sometimes there is something to be said and now is the time to say it, but I need to make a few things clear before I start. I do not support President Trump. I also did not support Hillary Clinton. I thought both were poor choices to lead our nation. I do, however, want President Trump to do an amazing job as Commander-in-Chief because he is my President. He was elected by the American people under the system that we have in place and cheering against him does not serve my best interests or my country’s best interests.

I’m deeply concerned and I am one of those people who said that we need to give President Trump a chance. Only less than a week into his Presidency, I have gone from, “Let’s see what happens” to “Oh, shit.” It’s not specifically for the things he’s done (although he seems like he’s signing executive orders like Dolores Umbridge signed Educational Decrees as Headmistress at Hogwarts). When a President acts, there will always be pluses and minuses no matter what side of the political spectrum you are on. Although I think the idea of a wall is a bad one (as thoughts of Reagan saying, “Tear down this wall” filter through my head), I also recognize that the fence we currently keep at the borders is not adequate given the amount of area that has to be guarded with a scant patrol. This does not concern me except in the fact that years from now, some President will order the wall be torn down and we will be embarrassed it was ever erected in the first place. There’s also the fact that we are trying to make Mexico pay for it, which is like erecting a fence around your house to keep the neighbors away and then giving a bill to everyone on your street.

No, it is not President’s Trumps actions that concern me so much as the lies coming out of his camp and what it is he’s choosing to focus on at times. On his first day in office, the focus should have been on moving forward and detailing his agenda. Instead, he sent out (reported to be against his advisor’s wishes) Sean Spicer to talk to us about how the Inauguration was the most highly attended ever. This is despite the fact that the American public could clearly see in pictures and videos comparing the last two Inaugurations that it simply was not true and not even close to being true. So why did Trump demand to tell us that it is? Simple: the man is a carnival barker and always has been. He wants you to pay to see the two headed fish while trying his best to hide the lines where the heads were stitched together.

The whole thing was made even worse when Kellyanne Conway uttered the phrase “Alternative facts” in the age of the meme. The phrase was instantly torn apart on the internet as it should have been for the phrase means nothing more than “the truth as I want you to know it.” Trump has a big ego, that much is undeniable, but is it really so big that he expects the public to believe what our eyes clearly tell us is a lie? And what did it matter what the crowd size was? No one would have brought it up, except he decided to. After such an obvious lie, is the next step telling us that two plus two equals five?

If it were merely that one thing, I would be willing to overlook it as a mistake from a man who has had no political experience, but there’s more. Trump won the Presidency. No one disputes it and yet, it is not enough. It is killing him that he lost the popular vote by around three million votes and in the world of Donald Trump’s truth, that cannot be possible. According to Trump, the only way he could have lost the popular vote is if there was voter fraud at a massive level and there is simply no truth whatsoever to support this. This is a man who cannot just win, but has to bury the opposition. This is likely what made him a great businessman, but will not make him a great President.

And lastly, there is this that was reported by numerous media outlets today: Trump staffers are using private email servers. This cannot be real. My head is spinning at the fact that Donald Trump had people chanting “Lock her up!” at Hillary Clinton for having a private email server while Secretary of State and less than a week into his Presidency, is doing the exact same thing (or at least, his people are). This is hypocrisy at its finest.

My point is this: Whether you voted or not for President Trump, one must be feeling a bit uncomfortable in his communication and his focus this week. It is one thing to have a President who makes controversial choices. That happens with every Presidency. But in an age where Americans are increasingly mistrustful of the Government, we have a leader who is lying to us to fulfill his own ego. Every President has lied or held truth from the American public; that is part of the office and to think otherwise is asinine. But never before have we had a President who told us that it was sunny outside when he was clearly being rained on. This is egomania and we have literally given this man the most powerful position of power in the world.

Two plus two equals five. In the world of President Trump, it’s only a matter of time.


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    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 13 months ago from Auburn, WA

      I've been a Republican for 30 years. Trump is not a Republican. Anyone who is against NATO and wants to impose tariffs on imports is not a member of my party. Those are two lines you don't cross. Unfortunately, many of his supporters are just realizing what a weirdo/psycho he is.

      Has he done anything I like? Yes. Less regulation and approving the pipelines are important. Also, reigning in the EPA, which has been out of control for a very long time. But Kasich would have done that too.

      Why did we have to go to extremes? The answer is race. People began to get on board with him because of his support for a border wall. Sorry to be so harsh, but I've spoken to enough of his voters and race is their underlying issue. It's why the like Putin, he is the 21st Century Charles Martel fighting the "Muslim hordes." Even though Putin is doing no such thing.

      I hope people regret their vote. They should. He is completely unfit for office.