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Doing Crime Is Dumb

Updated on January 18, 2017
Crime.  What if i get caught?  I will lose my freedom and live like a caged animal.  Not worth it.
Crime. What if i get caught? I will lose my freedom and live like a caged animal. Not worth it. | Source

Ten Reasons Why Crime Is Not Cool

He’s doing time. What does that mean?

  1. Prison tells him when to go to bed and wake up

  2. Prison tells him when to have breakfast lunch and dinner

  3. Somebody might rape him in prison

  4. Prison tells him it is time to miss his girlfriend when he is watching movies.

  5. Prison tells him it is time to work in the prison laundry or kitchen

  6. Prison tells him it is time to put on his orange uniform

  7. Prison tells him it is time for regrets

  8. Prison tells him it is time to think about his friends who escaped from scene of the crime

  9. Prison tells him it is time to think about the future, with a prison record.

    10. No mobile phones in prison

Prison Cool?

Growing up. Having fun. Hanging out with friends or my boys. Getting into mischief. Trying things, like doing crime may seem cool, but is it?

Mistakes that end in prison are not an option. The movie Soul Food directed by George Tillman Jr. has Lem (Mekhi Phifer) who finds it difficult to get a job because of a prison record. Bird (Nia Long) finds him a job through an old boyfriend and Lem freaks out when he finds out.

Having a prison record is not cool. It cuts down your life in many ways. You might have a surprise if you drive to the U.S. border.

Canada and the U.S. share a lot of information, including people who have been in prison. U.S. border control will turn you back. You will not be allowed to enter.

It’s just not cool. If more people thought like that, very few will commit crime.

Teenagers Crime Experiments

You will be caught. That’s for sure. Nobody thinks like that. When kids want to experiment with crime, very few say, “Let’s do crime. It will be fun."

"The cops will catch us, torture us into making confessions, we will go to court, watch our mothers cry when sentences are handed out, wear pants without belts or wear orange overalls, experience gang rape in prison, get infected with HIV/AIDS and generally have a good time.”

About Prison

The legal system likes big words like being incarcerated but the man on the street prefers something more graphic.

  • He’s inside

  • Behind bars

  • Doing time

  • Lock-down

  • In the pen

Innocent People Wrongly Convicted

If you convicted of crime you will miss your bedroom at home and stare at prison walls most of the time. However, this does not overlook the fact that there are many people who are in prison although they are innocent.

Movie producers like doing films about people wrongly convicted of crime. The Hurricane, directed by Canadian Norman Jewison is one of them. Carter, an American boxer spent time in prison for crimes he did not commit.

He left the U.S. when he was released and moved to Canada until his death.

Romeo Must Die
Andrzej Bartkowiak
A man (Jet Li) escapes from a Hong Kong prison and goes to the U.S. also starring Aaliyah
He Got Game
Spike Lee
A man (Denzel Washington) is let out of jail for a week to convince his son, a basketball player to play for a state governor’s alma mater
Jag Mundhra
Woman (Aishwarya Rai) burns abusive husband (Naveen Andrews) while he is sleeping
Birdman of Alcatraz
John Frankenheimer
Man (Burt Lancaster) lives with his birds in Alcatraz, the notorious San Francisco prison that is now shut down
Ted Demme
2 men (Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy) wrongly accused by southern racists, spend whole life in jail
The Green Mile
Frank Darabont
Man in death row (Michael Clarke Duncan) has a relationship with officer (Tom Hanks)
Ramesh Sippy
two professional thieves (Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan) escape from prison.
Some movies where inmates are wrongly convicted or where they try to escape.

Prison Conditions

Most countries try to improve prison conditions but the ever growing crime rate makes it near impossible.

Not all countries can have five star prisons like Norway.

Canada is currently grappling with overcrowding in prisons, which results in two inmates in one cell, instead of one.

Correctional services calls it double-bunking. Putting two inmates in one cell was supposed to be temporary, but prison advocates fear that it has been become unofficial policy.

Prison Your Fantasy?

Canadian prisons are not the best, because prison is prison but prisoners in overcrowded cells around the world might think that Canadian prisons are Hyatt Hotels.

Inmates die, raped and permanently injured by both guards and other inmates. That should concern you if you do crime, so that you can fulfill the fantasy of spending time behind bars.

Rolex Criminals

The guy who sells drugs to school kids is not the only criminal. There are criminals that wear suits and ties, expensive watches and have full-time accountants.

What makes them dangerous is that they know the law in and out. They also have the exit option. They can fly to another country and hide there until the heat dies down.

Maybe not. Countries have extradition treaties where if I commit a crime in Canada then run away to South Korea, the two governments can have me flown back to Canada to face the music.

Rich men accused of crimes also plead mental or health problems. Most governments indulge them and are placed under observation to determine whether they can stand trial or not.

Extradition Treaty South Africa and United Kingdom

Shrien Dewani, British businessman accused of killing his wife Anni while on their honeymoon in Cape Town, tried to use the state of South African prisons as an excuse for not being extradited from the United Kingdom.

He even questioned the competency of the South African legal system. All that failed. He is in South Africa. He will stand trial for Anni’s murder on 6 October, 2014.

The Perfect Crime?

It is better to check out prisons where you will spend some years before you commit the perfect crime.

The Oscar Pistorius Court Decision

Do crime do time. That is what they do in South Africa whoever you are, as the Oscar Pistorius case demonstrates.

Pistorius made headlines in 2012 as the first person with both legs amputated to win in Paralympics.

He made even bigger headlines when he shot four bullets behind a closed toilet door killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. This happened on the 14th of February, 2013.

On 11 September 2014, he was found not guilty of pre-meditated murder, a decision that stunned organizations that work with domestic violence.

He was sentenced for culpable homicide on 21 October 2014, and sent to jail for five years.


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