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Do ‘GOLD DIGGERS’ videos on video hosting sites are sexist and misogynist in nature?

Updated on December 7, 2016

Over the past few years there has been a surge in uploads and viewerships of ‘GOLD DIGGERS’ videos on video hosting sites. These videos are based on an opinion that unlike men, women are attracted to an opposite sex who exhibit opulence, in other words, possesses a large sum of money. Going by the content of these videos, a good majority if not all, these videos do shape us in believing that the opinion on which they are based is a fact and then ensues the unbearable shaming of so called ‘GOLD DIGGERS’.

All men must.....

But is this the entire picture ? Men are attracted to beautiful women and by beautiful, I mean fascinating facial features, curvy figure, long legs, ample bosom and butt, in short, physical features. This fascination of men toward physical features rather than the character of a woman does bear similarities with women who are portrayed as gold diggers in the videos, as even for these women knowing a man’s character takes a back seat to his deep pockets.

The shame game

People who are making gold diggers videos and the ones who are helping them make such videos week after week with their views, subscriptions and financial support etc., are neglecting the fault in men which is similar to women whom they have scornfully christened as ‘GOLD DIGGERS’.


So do you think these videos are sexist and misogynist in nature?

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    • profile image

      Shilpi Gemawat 14 months ago

      Men are as much Gold diggers as women.... Also for money( not just physical features) Also, what is wrong in going after money... If the indivdual is sure that it is what they need in life.