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Do My Rights Equate to My Beliefs?

Updated on May 6, 2016

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There were in the past and even today, a group of people who want the Ten Commandments removed from everything that might be seen in or by the public. This belief is held by a small minority of people, and it is definitely well within their Right to feel this way. If a society is to survive, it must have guidelines in which the people abide by and revere for the sake of others' in that society to live the a life that is free from lawlessness and chaos . In addition, a society must have some sort of ethical standard outlined for the people to follow in order for it to grow, thrive, and survive.

The Ten Commandments were given to the people to create order to a disorderly people. It has been proven that if you leave a person to their own accord without any guidelines, people can become unruly and disruptive. The Tower of Babel became one of these rogue cities in which they decided they would make a city and a tower that would reach into the heavens, and GOD had to scramble their language so they couldn't understand one another to finish this task. The infamous Sodom and Gomorrah whose whole city was filled with sexual immorality and had no sense of morality that GOD had to destroy that city. If a society has no common ground as to what's acceptable behavior, I shutter to think of what that society would become.

What's the Real Issue?

So my question is, "Are people against the Ten Commandments because it tells them what they can and can not do, or, Are people against the Ten Commandments because GOD wrote them?" Maybe it's both, because people have a hard time being instructed in ways to conduct THEIR life when they are set upon living it the way they want to even though it may hurt or hinder another persons' rights. Either way, the amount of monumental tribute to the Ten Commandments is minuscule, and placed in places where judgement is delivered. Once again, America must be reminded where the basis of our morals and laws were established.

If it's because it is religious, and they are set upon removing any and all aspects of anything that refer to religion, which is a set of beliefs that people choose to believe, then we would have to ban and dismantle America all together, along with the all the other religions including atheism which embraces a set of beliefs about the things it doesn't believe. What's going to be next, the ideology of capitalism which ensures that everyone has the right to pursue wealth and free trade, or democracy, which enables the governmental bodies to be run by the people and for the people.


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Examining the Ten Commandments

There are many opinions given as to whether humans are born with a natural inclination to determine right from wrong. While this may be the case for some traits, but surely couldn't be for all human traits. If you don't believe in a Creator who created, then you probably believe the theory of Evolution. I won't debate the issue, that's another story. But what I will do is, examine some of the Ten Commandments as it pertains to a standard of living.

1. To embrace the idea that GOD doesn't want you to worship any other GOD but him, keeps people within the boundaries that they are but a small part of this vast universe.

2. Don't keep trying to figure out what GOD look like, and worshipping an image instead of GOD.

3. To not use GOD's name as a pre-cursor to a negative derivative to pronounce a curse upon the one it's used against.

4. Observing a day that GOD has given to you to remind you to be reflective in the goodness of all that GOD has bestowed upon you and your family.

5. Giving people a promise that if you show respect and appreciation to the persons' responsible for birthing you in the world so that you may live a long fruitful life.

6. Declaring that it is wrong to purposely take another human life ensuring longevity of ones' life.

7. To expect that if you decide to get married, you will honor your vows and be faithful. Otherwise, don't get married!

8. To deter you from taking from others' what doesn't belong to you encourages you to be productive and get your own.

9. Wow, to discourage you from lying to one another. Teaching honor.

10. This is a big one-stop trying to get what belongs to someone else and pursue your own things.

While they may appear on the surface to restrict in some ways, it's really a healthy reality. Many of society's problems like, divorce, unwed mothers, children with absentee father's, welfare, corruption, and murder...etc. would continue to be at a all time low.



The point is, I have the Right to believe anything I want to, but that doesn't make my belief RIGHT! There are those who would want people to believe that there are no absolute truths, but there is! If a society start to change the absolutes, then everything else is a lie. The thing that is most disturbing is, "How can a society believe and promote certain truths and then allow itself to be taken over by an untruth?" Exactly, it's their right! But society doesn't have to believe or go along with it.

The Bible states that a double minded man or woman is unstable in all their ways. This is so true, because if it is remove from the public, then what would be the replacement regulate and govern that society. If the Sun rises from the east to the west, you can't convince me with a bunch of hypothesis and theory that it doesn't when my observation of that occurrence proves otherwise. My Rights, and your Rights don't always equate to my beliefs nor your beliefs, but rest upon the Rights of others' that may be involved . Many view the Ten Commandments as a one sided dictation of what you can't do, prohibiting your Rights to live the life you deem, but, if you look at the opposing aspect of the Ten Commandments, it gives us the Right live life free from those who exercise their Right to kill, steal, lie, cheat, be sexually immoral, disrespectful to parents, become workaholics, and worship the pleasures of life. Think about it, you can't appease everyone's belief, but we can make sure your Rights' don't violate my Rights!

Are we better off with or without the Ten Commandments-Why!

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    • FanettaHughes profile image

      Fanetta McCarley 19 months ago from Buffalo, NY

      Your welcome lions44. Sometimes we need someone to remind us that others need us just like we need them. More can be accomplished if we worked together as in times of old. Amen.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 19 months ago from Auburn, WA

      Always good to be reminded of their importance. Great principles to live by always. Thx.