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Do Pakistani men in the UK regard English girls as trash?

Updated on February 24, 2016
Pakistani man similar to the ones convicted.
Pakistani man similar to the ones convicted. | Source
Young girl similar to the ones abused in Rotherham and other places.
Young girl similar to the ones abused in Rotherham and other places. | Source
The northern English of Rotherham.
The northern English of Rotherham. | Source

Political Correctness.

With the conviction of the Hussain brothers in the northern English town of Rotherham in the UK who were gangsters involved in drug dealing and various other crimes one thing stands out more than their crimes or convictions.

It seems they enticed young girls with booze and flash cars into being sex objects and prostitutes. It seems this abuse of young impressionable English girls was going on for a long time in Rotherham with Pakistani men. It also seems because the abusers were Pakistani men the police and others did not intervene because of political correctness and were afraid of being called racist.

Had this been English men with Pakistani women what would have happened then? Well obviously there would have been an outcry and possibly the Pakistani community may have rioted and it would have been said that English men thought Pakistani girls were no good and cheap.

There have been case after case in various areas of England where Pakistani men have abused English girls and used them as prostitutes. Is there something in the Pakistani male psyche mainly UK born young men and occasionally older men that see women as nothing more than items to be used and abused as they see fit? Many Muslim women from the Pakistani community seem to live sheltered lives in communities in the UK and many cannot speak English where they just stay at home and look after the kids while a lot of the men just seem to do what they want. If they treat their own women like this in many cases it seems they regard English women lower on the scale.

Obviously not all Pakistani men living in the UK are like this and I do not want to give the impression here that that this is what I think. However, the subject of Pakistani men abusing English girls and the fact that in many cases Rotherham being an example with the Hussain brothers that the police or authorities did not intervene to begin with must be addressed and looked at. Also there must be stronger safe guards for vulnerable young girls and better education at what men to look out for of whatever ethnicity and also for the girls to have more self esteem in themselves and not be so impressionable.

Finally the Pakistani community itself must look inside itself and ask the question what causes men to treat women like this and also authorities should not be governed by the poisonous ideology of political correctness that so pollutes our society and do their job with out fear of retribution, if they do not they are failing those they are mean't to protect.


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