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Do You Feel as If the United States Has Let You Down, the Father of a Victim of an Illegal Immigrant Was Asked

Updated on May 11, 2022
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Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


It is not the United States letting victims of illegal immigrants down

When the question, “do you feel the United States has let you down” was posed to the Father of yet another victim of an Illegal immigrant, I yelled, “no it’s not the United States of America that has let them down.”

It’s not the President of the United States, Donald Trump, allowing the potential for this to continually occur, that has let them down.

It’s not the Republican Party nor the American people, that are okay with any of this. We are not okay with any of this and we want no part in continually letting them down.

It is the far gone, fell off the left side, Democratic Party, along with their supporters {foreign and domestic} and all who carry their water {mainstream media} who has let them down!

According to this Father, members of the Democratic Party, have not reached out to him or to any other members of his family.

I seriously doubt, they reach out to any of these families, so greatly affected, many completely devastated, by illegal entry and all that represents or by the 'special provisions' they, the Democratic Party, have and work so hard, to keep in place.

These provisions are in place by design, they exist, in order to protect the best interest of this particular criminal element and not the law-abiding citizen, that's a fact!

I will take it even further, with each new devastating, heart-breaking, shouldn't-have-happened-here story to make its way into our hearts and minds, the Democratic Party has even more blood on their hands!

Angel Families

Angel Families is a national organization of relatives of victims killed by illegal immigrants. President Donald Trump has invoked the group from time to time. The mother of a deceased child in an Angel Family is known as an "Angel Mom."

Working against the best interest of this Country

How do the Democratic Party and left leaning Judges, handle each and every protection put in place or each and every attempt to put protections in place?

Well, look no further than headline news, 'Federal Judge....{and here is where the different news outlets get creative with their headlines}

Federal Judge blocks...

Federal Judge halts...

Federal Judge shoots down...

Federal Judge stops, Trump!

They are gleeful about stopping Trump, that's their mission and everything else be damned!

It matters not to them that Angel families are appearing on television or working to get their stories our there. So that they might appear in print; stories of their loved ones, killed by someone that shouldn't even be here and the stories are always similar, always heartbreaking, with the saddest possible ending

It is happening as non-ending caravans are working their way to our southern border.

These aren't caravans of people that have gone through the ten step application process to become a citizen of the United States.

These aren't people that have passports and/or green cards and/or a permission slip in hand, with their own personal Ambassador escorting them into their new home.

They are not legally returning home to the States.

No, they've done none of that.

They haven't completed any 'process'.

They do not have any papers in their possession and yet...they believe, (they've been led to believe) they are entitled to entry and that they are justified in doing so, any which way they can.

Even when that means, they bypass all others attempting to enter legally, all others doing it the right way and even if that means, sneaking behind the backs of overworked border agents to make it into a sanctuary city.

They will use innocent children, if that's what it takes, to bypass our laws, in order to gain entry, in order to get one over on us....and I don't just mean one over the wall

The Democratic Party and these Federal Judges; the latest, a Barack Obama appointee, stopping the President at every turn, are complicit in every single, heartbreaking story shared to date or that has yet to be shared!

Kick them while they're down

Here's the real kicker.....President Trump's administration, via Homeland Security Secretary Neilsen, brokered this deal, which was stopped, therefore stalled, by this latest activist Judge. There are {were} terms, an agreement. Mexico's President Lopez-Obrador agreed to and has allowed for, those seeking asylum in the States, to stay in Mexico, while awaiting their court dates.

And yet....with terms in place, an agreement worked out, attempts to have protections in place, for all people of this Nation, an Obama appointee, Judge Jon Tigar (San Francisco) [blocks,halts, shuts down, stops] kicks...Angel families, while they are down!

Aren't they really kicking every single law-abiding American citizen, when they do these things over and over and over?

If not Tigar, another radical Judge playing politics from the bench, in order to stop President Trump from performing his duties; an oath to protect our borders, this Country, all citizens, our laws, is waiting in the wings, just down the hall, to the left!

The Democrats allegiance, it seems to me, is to all but, their constituents, all but, the citizens of the United States, all but, those who've done things the right way to enter in, assimilate and become a part of the U.S.A.


Our family came much too close for comfort, to becoming one of those families speaking out, telling the story of having a loved one harmed or worse, by a person here illegally.

Too close for comfort....

My daughter and her friend were stopped at a light, waiting to make a left turn and a person, here illegally, driving with much more than a slight buzz and without an i.d., driver's license, registration, insurance....without a care of giving a damn about anything or anyone, hit the back of her truck at full speed. THEN, he did not see fit (probably because he wasn't fit to do much of anything) to check on my daughter and her friend....instead, he fled the scene!

He was caught, but only because his car was no match for the truck my daughter was driving, well, completely stopped in. His car was as trashed as he and so both were found, not too far from the scene of the accident.

Thank God, they were spared, but what passionate as I am, I'd never stop telling the story...I've shared this story, multiple times and I will share multiple times more, because these stories must be shared.

There are consequences to the actions of these people (not all) but too many, breaking our laws, entering in and not caring in the least about my daughter, your son, my Dad, your Mom!

Why should they care, they're given a pass and then they witness an entire political party, along with radical Judges and biased news reporters, continually "shutting down" our President as he works to protect us and this Country!

They are welcomed by the open arms of liberal Mayors, offering them sanctuary, with a living to boot, seeing to it that they need not care to care,because they take precedence over all others.



This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 A B Williams


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