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U. N. I. T. Y!

Updated on July 20, 2016

Martin's Dream Unfulfilled?

If Martin Luther King was here he wouldn't let these things happen to our people. I truely believe we would've accomplished so much more then just a dream and false promises built off of petty freedom in this country. Justice would have played a major role in his vision after the civil rights movement. A vision that his people are treated equally. That each and every race stand equally as one. However, we know thats not the case this present day. And the question is what will the African American's do about it? I think we should not give violence in return to the crimes committed against our people by law enforcement. We should unite and build our businesses, schools, neighborhoods and even finical institutions back into our community. However, this requires what we're missing the most... U. N. I. T. Y!

Fighting for not only freedom but justice was Dr. King's moral role in our lifetime against all unjust crimes committed because of racism. In order to achieve justice, hope and freedom we must start with ourselves as people. Then with each other we can stand as an nation. I see no greater man after his impact will follow because lack of understanding and unity. Many and most of us black, white and all other nationalities must continue Dr. King's legacy through the hearts and minds of our future. Who's willing to risk their lives for their rights, justice and freedom for all mankind? No one i see in this lifetime except for the return of Christ. And when that moment takes place it'll all be over. It's obvious there's no unity not only with the black community. But the entire United States of America. It's like that teach us to not trust one another because of your race or colour of your skin. No common bond that shows our generation its important to have unity, respect and understanding for one another. With that much of consideration for one is enough to turn thidls country around.

We must find unity somewhere or never have freedom or justice. The most important thing is for us to focus on creating a vision for matters that matters the most. Like investing knowledge into our communities about the importance of our rights and that justice is the is our key focus, not hate. Focus on issues that needs to be changed in order to better our people and communities as a whole. I feel in the coming years we will be forced to find it if we're not willing to form it. I do know there's a ruler who will not fail when he returns to this earth. I pray daily myself and my people will find truth and every decision we make to mend the broken piece's to our history overcoming mental depression and confusion. We must UNITE!

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Do you think African Americans lack unity?

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    • profile image

      Bessie Turner 

      2 years ago

      Lord knows this is true.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      This here is so true and filled with facts!


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