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Do You Ignore The Homeless?

Updated on October 6, 2010

Do You Ignore The Homeless?

There was never a time you remembered offering a homeless person one cent of your money; you always thought that they were lazy and good for nothing and that they should seek employment instead of begging you and others for money, food and shelter. There's nothing wrong with offering to help someone in need, its better than belittling them. You wouldn't want anyone turning their backs on you or calling you lazy. Unfortunately, there is a rise in crime against the homeless. It is a shame for anyone to lash out at someone or judge them because of their circumstances, the homeless are struggling daily just to survive and the last thing they need is insensitivity from others.

Statistically there is roughly around 750,000 homeless people in America and there's only about 250,000 shelters, which is not enough to put a bandage over the problem. It shouldn't hurt anyone to lend a hand to a homeless person. If you see someone out on the streets and they ask you for twenty five cents, why not spare twenty five dollars if you can afford it. Of course, there will be the drug addicts that might spend your money on drugs, but look at it this way, what if they really use the money you've given them to eat for a while. Giving the homeless the benefit of the doubt and not assuming they are up to no good with your money will help someone who really needs it.

"What's the solution? "Caring hearts." If everyone donate to organizations and charities that assist the poor with the very essentials it takes to survive, like providing can foods and non-perishable foods to food pantries, missions and soup kitchens, it will greatly benefit the homeless and the poor.

Volunteering your time to literacy programs and habitat for humanity programs are also a good way to help the poor. And it will help the homeless even better if you look at them as human beings instead of animals on the streets, they are vulnerable and the fortunate should always be there to befriend the homeless and show them that someone does care about them.

Ignoring the problems that the homeless face everyday will not go away and not one of us living is immuned to losing a job, being poor or becoming homeless. You can also imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes, imagine walking the dangerous streets day and night searching for a place to lay your head or grab a bite to eat. What would be even more harder for you to do is imagine you're going through this if you have children. So the next time you're out with friends and a homeless person comes up to you and ask you for a dime to spare, give him more than a dime instead of giving him hell and then thank God you're not homeless as well.












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