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Do You Know Nothing worth having comes easy?

Updated on October 1, 2016

Anything that is easy is worth nothing.

Human wants are unending so also life is all about quality, making a difference and aspiring for things that are worth having. Suffice to say, ''nothing in life that is easy is worth anything''.

We live in a competitive world where perfection and ingenuity are the order of the day – show us what you’ve got that is special!

Just like in the Olympic Games and in other competitive sports, talent and hard work are big factors.

A good example is the track and field event, where all the participants start the race at the same time. But through the course of the race the athletic drama is played out before the spectators.

Track Competition

Just after the ''go sound'' is heard signifying the commencement of the race, pattern begins to form. You see some of the very quick ones in front while the less quick ones fall behind. Sometimes, in a twist those who were running behind could up-their-game and overtake those ahead of them till they cross the finish line.

If they all played fairly then they are rewarded according to their performance. So also when some participants are found guilty of any foul play, they, therefore, face the stipulated consequences. Raging from being banned for life or for few years, to even being stripped off of their awards depending on the degree of the offence.

In the same vain, life is all about competition, as some would prefer to call it ''survival of the fittest''. In such environment, for one to be at the top, no stone is left unattended to. Hard work, lots of rigorous training, dedications and most of all sacrifices are needed because in this event, the best carries the day.

Unlike the lazy man, who always has big dreams but unknowingly to him he has a disease which pulls him back from working on his dreams. The day he becomes aware of what he has is called “lazy-man’s-sickness”, and begins to do something about it, that is when he starts accomplishing his dreams.

They say ''when something loses its value, it worth's nothing''. Everyone wants to be unique in what they do in one way or the other and to be different on that ground, invoke respect plus all that comes with it.

Let's take an essay-exams for example, no too people want to write words for words otherwise the implication will be that they have cheated, hence, their paper will get cancelled. In the end those with good grades command respect and the society honours them accordingly. Why, because their hard works have paid off and this attracts reward and applause.

Hard Work

There’s no doubt that hard work yields result, in a culture where such is worth doing such society is a breeding place for competition. Competition is the engine that propels the society to the next level. No hard work no success, no success no competition, no competition no hard work. It is like a vicious circle.

Values are that which have meaning to us and they don’t come easy. In the state of the union address in 2014, Barack Obama said “nothing in life that is easy worth anything”.

That is a fact, what come so easy to everyone is not counted as a success. Success is measured based on how much effort, passion as well as sacrifice you put into achieving it. Nobody seats around doing nothing and expect to make it in life or to be recognised in the society, or even to influence others positively! Just as the saying goes “every fine metal passes through fire”.

Fire is the hard work, the ingredient that must be present to get to the next level. Perhaps, when you finally appear from the other side, you wouldn’t just look different, there will be something to show for it.

Some people don't know that constantly striving for new things and achieving your goals are very gratifying, on the ground that in the end they worth something. The whole journey is a big experience which will not only make us feel better about ourselves, also making us aware of who we are and where we will be in the society at large.

Likewise, less or no value is attributed to the process of achieving easy things or the things everyone does with less effort.

Some people say, opportunity is like standing at the bus stop, patiently waiting for the one going your direction and if you happened to miss a bus, there will be another on the way. Unless it is the last bus for the day, in that case you just have to improvise.

The truth is, you can only get on the bus if you are at the bus stop. Wishing to be on the bus without doing anything worth getting you on it, in the first place is like daydreaming.

Again, opportunity is a chance that comes your way. It is only an opportunity only if you recognised it. By way of what you already know and be prepared to work hard, possibly make something tangible out of what seems to be nothing to other.

Nothing in life that is easy is worth anything, even-while-so, the road to achieving one’s goal is never straightforward. It takes perseverance and pain to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but, when you finally do, it's all worth the hard work.

Light at the end of the tunnel.


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