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Do You Know The Real Truth

Updated on January 20, 2013

The Real Truth

By Roy Blizzard III © 2011

Through the ages, it’s been true,

That evil is afoot,

The earth I know has had its share,

Of terror, death and grief,

But one good man is all it takes,

To stand up for the right,

Preferring life when faced with death,

A difficult choice they make,

Though few they’ve been,

In number strong,

They arose and fought,

Inhuman wrong,

The enslavement of our own.

Enslavement has taken many forms,

For power can corrupt,

The earth’s good men we’ve seen fall prey,

To the twisting of the truth,

Some may jeer,

“What is the Truth?”,

While living on their cloud,

But all men know and some do fear,

That Freedom is the Truth!

Though men may be enslaved today,

They must long for a tomorrow,

Where they can rise, and see the eyes,

Of their children, free and strong!

Lies and fear make most men slaves,

And keep them tightly bound,

Bringing death upon us all,

Who refuse to heed the Truth….

We are our brother’s keepers.

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The Gospel of John, An Actual Translation

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