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Do You Know Your Ambition Has Secret Power?

Updated on July 13, 2016

Ambitious Kid

The Power of Ambition

Ambition, as a kind of earnest desire for some type of achievements is a vital ingredient for making things happen # success. It is of interest to know that there are Secret Powers behind every success. No matter how small or big ones ambition is and without understanding the principles, one could hardly succeed in any projects.

Besides, some schools of thought are of the opinion that, anything short from reaching the desired goal could be termed as a failure in some respects. Whether that is true or not is still a subject for debate.

But one thing is for sure, that ambition does not consider age. Just as a child could discover his or her inner desire at an early age, a retiree could also be ambitious despite the fact that his youthful age is gone.

I have heard people say the following:

  • That it started as a Joke and a kind of hobby I never took seriously.
  • That I overheard people discussing it.
  • It was just the opinion I shared with a friend and he advised l should give it a go.
  • My teacher called me and said I should consider doing it because I might be good at it.
  • It was something I dreamt of.
  • I started it as a result of my Talent.

No matter what triggers your ambition, they boil down to the following goals.

Offering Solution

  • Solution-based: This can come in form of problem solving for the individual, society and world at large. Such as in health, fashion, technology, transport, education, business sector, even on humanitarian aspect such as charity, and so on. For instance, solution based technology are being invented on regular bases, even some have been in existence before we were born. And more are yet to come. I wonder what the world would have been like today if there was no mobile phone. That is just one item out of many.


  • Personal achievement: This is based on what you want out of life. Some want to be mega rich, there are those who just want to be comfortable. Funny enough, others simply want to be told what to do (employee). Where one wants to be on the social ladder determine the kind of will power he or she carries. Suffice to say in achieving the first point (SOLUTION-BASED) then, Personal Achievement becomes a goal.

Computer Virus

  • Problem creation: Whether we like it or not, some person's ambition is all about creating problems, instead of actually providing solutions to the numerous ones already on earth. Doing so eventually gets them rich, influential and maybe powerful. The likes of some big time criminals, some politicians, terrorists, etc. Even, few took to technology, specialising in creating viruses, which in turn creates antivirus to canter what they have made just to make money.

In achieving the above one needs these two principles (a) have a plan (b) execute the plan.

Quoting – Ralph Waldo Emerson “without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.”

Ambition is a wish, desire, hope or plan that has been in the mind incubator of a person, group for a while, or due to the current events, and when acted on, yields results.

Furthermore, it is like a key component to success but such component needs a key to open it, hence, that key is called 'belief'.

Sometimes I wish belief is tangible … it would have been much easier but it isn’t! However, it is a state of mind towards a particular thing in terms of faith, reliability, confidence and existence even in the absence of proof that it will work.

Again we can’t forget the contribution of Peale in one of his books … he believes the importance of belief as:

“a form of mental activity called imaging. It consists of vividly picturing, in your conscious mind, a desired goal or objective, and holding that image until it sinks into your unconscious mind, where it releases great, untapped energies. It works best when it is combined with a strong religious faith, backed by prayer, and the seemingly illogical technique of giving thanks for benefits before they are received. When the imaging concept is applied steadily and systematically, it solves problems, strengthens personalities, improves health, and greatly enhances the chances for success in any kind of endeavor”.

For perfect execution, ambition should be seen as a metal activity which needs concentration, strategy and a clear picture of the reward you hope to accomplish at the end. The reward serves as the attractive factor. Coupled with the innate power of dedication, time, energy and self-discipline, all things are possible.

Perhaps, with the following secrets, Ambition is achievable.


  • Belief – In other words it is an essential ingredient to Ambition. Without one it is like trying to make a snowman in the desert. The act of believing in yourself that you can do anything and achieve what you set out to do is the basic foundation you need. It is the pull factor that one requires. Some go to the extent of creating some encouraging phrases, which they repeat to themselves on daily bases, just as a reminder that there is a possibility in their ambition.


  • Dedication / Energy – Devoted to the course. Make time and energy to make your plans come to life. Nothing good comes easy but only with hard work. Time shouldn’t be a problem, because, if it is, failure will be on the fast track to you. Do what it takes to make it work per researching on all relevant researchable material. By understanding the dos and don’ts in other to be a master of your creation.


  • Positive attitude – Being optimistic in whatever you do is the key. Discouragement, setback or disappointment is always on the platform of success, and positive attitude is the antidote you need to fight off the virus on the part to your goals.


  • Patience – Patience is a virtue that should be on the back of everyone's mind on daily bases. It helps to understand and to be the master of our project in reaching our targets. Rome wasn't built in a day, they say. This third secret cannot be ignored.

If you dreamt big or small but with hard work, there is a great chance you will be able to bring those dreams to life. Ambition is only ambition when it's given life… so get up and give yours some lives!


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