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Do You believe in the American Spirit and does it still exist?

Updated on November 24, 2013

The American Spirit began when individuals first started coming to our land at the beginning of our country. It was a time of pride for those who made the trip to this country to start a new life for them and their families. This country was founded by individuals of different faiths and nationalities. I do not pretend to know what their feelings were or what spirit they felt in their hearts however, the spirit that began in this country seems to be either dormant or non-existent today. It is the result of the current political and economic environment we now find ourselves.

The American spirit even began before individuals landed on our shores and involved the circumstances people were facing in their countries. Individuals and groups of individuals make tough decisions every day and starting a new life in a new country is one of the toughest decisions any individual will ever have to make. I wonder if those of us today were faced with the same situations if we would do the same thing. Granted the world is much different today than it was then but difficult choices must be made by individuals every day that affect their lives and the lives of their family and friends. Some of these can be life changing decisions. The spirit that developed in the beginning of our country shaped what our country became and took us on the road to where we are today. The events involved in the decisions made by those who were here at the beginning of our country also formed the basis for our present day constitution.

I believe the American spirit still exist today though it is not so evident in the actions or inactions we now see in the events shaping our country for the future. The reasons people came to settle our country helped to form the character and spirit that was rampant throughout the colonies. The spirit embodied in the first settlers of our country had a spirit that would not be denied and that spirit needs to be revived today. The spirit that developed or surfaced caused the Declaration of Independence to be written and signed.

The spirit in place at the time our independence was declared was an important milestone for our country. It is a spirit that I believe has to some extent lost its way in the society of today. The spirit caused people to believe they could change their destiny and they banded together for a common cause. This spirit helped to gain our independence. There are those who have tried to affect the conditions upon which this country was founded. Many if not all the reasons why people settled here can be found in the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Many of these rights have come under attack by those who would restrict these rights with different interpretations than has been in place for years. Their efforts can be seen in court cases.

There are some signs that this spirit is starting to revive through the actions of individuals and groups of individuals who believe they have a voice in the decisions being made through governments at all levels. The spirit of America affects our very fiber as individuals and as a country. The spirit of our forefathers is something of which we should be proud. Any efforts by others to restrict this right or others identified in the constitution will only engage this spirit more. Our country is made up of many ethnic backgrounds and the spirit of those individuals who helped to develop our country also developed the spirit of America as it was then. The spirit in place when this country began is something that needs to be regenerated today. There are many problems facing our country today that our forefathers could not even imagine. We in this country have, I believe, the drive, the innovation, resolve and determination to solve our problems if we work together.

Other examples of the spirit of America are exhibited through the industrial revolution, putting a man on the moon, natural disasters and the reaction to the terrorists attach on September 11, 2001. These events created a spirit which should never be forgotten. The industrial revolution changed forever the way businesses operated. The goal of achieving a man on the moon within a timeframe established by the President is an example of what we can do as a country. Natural disasters occur every year and actions by individuals and governments are generated in a spirit of cooperation to help those in need. The attack we experienced on our country on September 11, 2001 also identified a spirit and drive to make those responsible pay for their actions. The drive, innovation and resolve is something that needs to be energized again in resolving the present situation with gas prices.

Many individuals and/or groups of individuals today do not realize the scope of the American spirit that exists today as it did when our country began. The actions now being taken by some organizations to gain control of the path on which this country is headed are being attacked. They do not realize the American spirit cannot be denied and the evidence of this spirit may find exhibit itself in the upcoming 2014 election. Individuals who have been our elected representatives and senators will feel the power of the vote if the decisions they have made during their tenure is not what the people wanted from government. Those who are now serving as our elected representatives may not be in office after the next election.

All citizens of our country are hurting in the economic times we find ourselves in and the inactions or bad decisions/culture of Congress. There are good individuals who are serving us who have the right approach to address the problems facing our country. The American spirit will send a strong message to our elected officials of both parties as to what approaches they see as a positive effort to put our country on a sound financial path. In addition those who hold appointed offices will also feel the voice of the people in the votes cast. Our elected officials and our appointed officials must understand that they are working for us not their political party. They need to make the right decisions which benefit the country based on the impact of the decisions they are making. This includes regulations generated which may or may not agree with the principle in the laws for which they are responsible to enforce


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 4 years ago

      Thanks again for commenting

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 4 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      I pray that you are correct in your prediction. You are way more optimistic than i am.

    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 4 years ago

      Thanks for providing your input. I believe in the American Spirit and I also believe that the results of the 2014 election will be an eyeopener for this country.

    • d.william profile image

      d.william 4 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      I did believe in the American spirit, and still do to a much lesser degree. But if things continue much longer the way they are going, it will destroy what little American spirit is left.

      When the pilgrims came they had a positive attitude and a willingness to create a culture that was not repressed by governments or religious beliefs. And here we are today living with what those brave pilgrims came here to get away from.

      If they could see what America has turned into today, i am sure they would have much sadness in their hearts.

      It will take a miracle to overcome the damages inflicted on the average American people by the lust for greed of a few people who now control the monetary systems and the government itself.

      More people today are starting to feel the crushing effects of what has been done to this country, and are finally starting to speak out against these atrocities committed on the American people.

      The 'American Dream' is all but dead to anyone other than the grossly wealthy.

      I don't think you and i will see any significant changes for the positive in our lifetimes. It will take several more generations to undo the damages. Evilness like Monsanto, the huge monopolies, the greedy fossil fuel enthusiasts, the corrupt insurance companies, etc... will not be over thrown without a fight to the death.