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Do black lives matter only in the USA?

Updated on December 23, 2017

The Violence and Hunger

To start with let us understand that the USA is home to some 40 million blacks referred to as Afro-Americans. Deaths at the hands of the police are a minuscule and much less than the deaths of blacks with each other in internecine wars. Even much lesser than deaths by disease and other matters. I don't wish to recount figures here as these are easily available on the net but the fact is more blacks kill each other with guns than the police kill blacks. The ratio ? perhaps a thousand to one. So one cannot understand the rationale of marches all over the USA with the refrain " black lives matter" after 2 afro-Americans were shot dead by the police.Talking of the Dallas march, no sane person can comprehend why the marchers were carrying guns. I have read and seen that many in the so-called peace march were armed. they were certainly not believers in Gandhian philosophy of non -violence. Obviously, something is wrong somewhere and there was sniper waiting. He shot 11 policemen in the back, more like an execution and 5 died. How does this killing justify the refrain 'black lives matter'. Does this refrain only mean that black lives matter in America? what about blacks in Africa and other places?

Black lives DO matter

The marchers in Dallas wanted to make the Americans remember that black lives do matter. But as I have written lots of money and arrangements were spent and now more marches are planned all over America. would it mean more revenge killings/ If it happened in Dallas, why not again at other places? There are many who just want revenge because of personal problems. When such people talk of black lives matter, I wonder whether they talk of blacks only in America? After all, Blacks are all over the world with the biggest concentration in Africa. Out there thousands die of malnutrition and hunger and also thousands die because of internecine warfare, with one clan killing anther and vice verse. Do the marchers want to focus on their brethren, in Africa? They are getting killed and their lives matter as well.

I can recollect an interview by the famous star John Wayne to Playboy magazine( I hope I am correct about the magazine). John had said that tell me one place in the world where the black is better off than in America? So true , the black or afro-American is better of in America than anywhere else in the world. He has opportunities and one of the Afro- Americans is president of the USA.

The marchers concentrated on the deaths of 2 blacks at the hands of the police but thousands are dyng everywhere. What do we do for them.?

Last word

Dallas is a notorious place. John Kennedy was shot here and so many shootings have taken place. The Dallas march was in my view misconceived. Because it was taken over by a fringe element bent on destruction. There is certainly no excuse for carrying arms in a peace march and then we had the sniper, a US armed forces reservist who had been charged with molestation of a colleague in Afghanistan. He had pent up hatred inside and I don think it was only that 2 blacks were killed by police. It was deeper and there may be much more like him. People who agitate that black lives matter must understand that black lives matter everywhere and I wonder why they don't chip in for the thousands being killed in Africa. Many may not agree with me. I don't condone the act of the Police at all. These officers who shot dead two blacks ned to be court-martialed but by killing 5 white policemen the battle lines are drawn for no reason and I am afraid if it continues America will be under siege.


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    • emge profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Thank you Peggy, very same and erudite comment

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      2 years ago from Houston, Texas

      This is such a sad situation in every respect. Your statistics are correct in that most blacks are killed by blacks. That in no way excuses any police who wrongfully shoot a black person......or any other color of person for that matter. They should be punished severely and lose their jobs.

      For a deranged person to shoot police in retaliation is just plain ridiculous! We need our police and they cannot all be painted with the same brush stroke as being bad. Most are upstanding and go out there to do everything they can to protect us each and every day. One of the policemen who were recently killed was black and he and his wife had just had a baby. Now that baby will grow up fatherless as a result. Where is the justice in that?

      Black lives matter. So do all lives matter. These killings have to stop!


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