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Do you ever wish the world could be one? No countries... No borders.... just Love..

Updated on September 13, 2017

Why is it that everywhere I go people have to ask me where I am from. Is that the only way of making any sort of connection to me ?.

Being an expatriate, this usual conversation of "where are you from...oh even I am from there..." didn't actually get the conversation going with me because honestly I don't really care where you are from.

To be honest, I don't know why, but I don't get it why some people support only their own country. Neither do I get it why people should love a country only because that is your nationality, that is where you were born. I mean if people didn't create borders in the first place, we would be loving all the countries in the world just as equally as the place we were born. I believe that every person is unique and that your place of origin shouldn't be a factor in my decision to be friends with you.

I wish the world was one where all people loved each other. But then they would call me a dreamer...but am I the only one?

Here is a poetry I had written quite some time ago....

Borders ~by me

Looked down from the sky
The world looked like one

Looked up from the earth
The sky looked like one

When I looked around me
There were none who were one

Rich and poor
They called each other
Black and white
I heard them say

Borders they created around them
Cracks they made within them

They lived their lives along
Fighting across them

What they didn’t notice
Was the stars above them

They were shining together
Right above them.

~ by me

Wouldn't you like a world that was one? :)

© 2017 AngelaJJ


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