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Do police really hate blacks?

Updated on December 31, 2014

For weeks I have been reading news that insinuates police are intentionally shooting innocent black men. Given, there will always be a few misguided or ignorant souls, but in our contemporary society, it is unfathomable that police in general are targeting blacks.

Not that long ago we elected a black president and it is reasonable to assume a lot of whites voted for him, some of them were probably even police officers. So what has happened? Police officers didn’t just start hating blacks and start shooting for no reason.

President Obama
President Obama | Source

If you’re angry, be angry without being violent. If you do not trust the system, work within the system to change it. There are plenty of things to fix in our America, but do not loot, riot, kill, and hate, like it is a just or reasonable response. It realigns the rest of us to be unsympathetic when we could actually be helpful.

Something else to consider is a society without enough police officers in our communities. Now many officers are likely looking for non-law enforcement careers and if not, their families are pleading with them to do so. Across our nation, I doubt applicants are lined up for entry into the Police Academies. Little else makes us dangerously closer to needing the National Guard for basic law and order, than an understaffed (or non-existent) police force.

NYPD Police Car
NYPD Police Car | Source

I have stopped watching Al Sharpton on MSNBC and stopped following him on my Facebook. He has done nothing but fuel the fire and prolong the pain. And what is up with President Obama? He is perfectly positioned to inspire and heal a nation, but he has recommended funds for cameras on police officers. Unfortunately what stands out in my mind is the news item where he describes being followed in a department store [because he was black]. How did that help us?

If ever we needed a new Dr. Martin Luther King, it is now.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. | Source

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